SUMMER LEAGUE  2022 Key dates

LEAGUE START WED 11th May 2022

The Summer 2022 League is upon us and
the Committee have been working hard to get ready for a new season… WE STARTED on 11th May!

Competition Entries close 30th May. 
8s Competitions will be played on THURSDAYS in June/July (TBC)
Founders & Legends (Over 50s Only) is on 14th Sept – turn up and play.
FINALS NIGHT 21st September    —   PRESENTATION NIGHT – 4th November 2022


  • Week 6 Round up
    Well here we are Midsummer, a third of our way through our season and savouring al last some warm evenings and some high scoring across all sections. Clearly  some of us like warm, dry Wednesday evenings because double figure scores were recorded by 17 players last week and that included players in almost every section. Pride of place though […]
  • Week 5 round up and draw for the Team 8’s update
    Well , tonight we play our week 6 fixtures which means we are already a third of the way through our league season! Don’t want to depress everybody, but after next week’s fixtures the nights will start to shorten and we are still waiting for our first really warm and dry evening of this Summer, but tonight promises to […]
  • Newsletter
    And so to Week 4 results round up…………… Well it the run up to the Jubilee and the extended holiday at least the weather was both drier and warmer last Wednesday and that led to some higher individual and team scoring in every section. Topping the scoring charts were Paul Longford of the Plum Pudding and Alex Chamberlain late […]