AGM Resumes – Tuesday 9th Feb 8pm at Abingdon United FC

Here we will elect new committee members for the roles we need to continue the league. Please attend and remember one team one vote !


Important Announcement: Summer League – Thank You!

Firstly, thank you, for the overwhelming support and concern you have shown about the Abingdon & District Aunt Sally League. The response to help has been fantastic and we are pleased to announce that we have volunteers for most of the roles we were seeking to fill meaning it is certain we will continue with the League into its 57th Year!

The volunteers will be meeting with the Committee on the 8th Feb to explain how we run the league and what we all need to do to make that successful.

In order to conclude the business of the AGM (Election of Officers) we are going to arrange an AGM continuation on the 9th Feb (details to follow) so that proper nominations/elections of these new committee members can be done officially.

If you are still thinking you have something to offer us to help running the league please do email and state your interest. You can come along on the 8th Feb to learn more about it. If we can split down some of the work to make it light work for all we will. Take a look at the link below to see how much work there is and what roles are available.

Descriptions of the jobs/roles are here ( AASL Role Profiles 2016 ) along with what your Committee does during the year. Even if you’re not interested in serving on the Committee take a look and you’ll appreciate better what we do to make your game the success it is and how much work we all put in on your behalf.

Once again, thank you for your response and concern. It’s heartening to know that even in these difficult times we can all pull together to keep a local ‘institution’ going.

Here’s to our 57th season!

The Committee
29th January 2016

AGM Resumes – Tuesday

After the curtailment of the AGM on the 25th January having failed to obtain volunteers for committee roles we are now in a position with some volunteers to resume the AGM to elect officers onto the committee.

The AGM will resume at 8pm on Tuesday 9th Feb at Abingdon United FC.

Please send team representatives for the one team one vote method.



Committee Roles published

You’ll find a link on the website homepage showing you the roles on the Committee (should you want to join it) and some diagrams showing the work that they put in to keep this game going.

You know it’s good when you hear the wood !



2016 Annual General Meeting (Resumed)

The Adjourned AGM from the 25th January was resumed at Abingdon United FC on 9th Feb at 8pm.

Chairman Barguss opened the meeting with apologies from S.Humphries and J.Simmons.

The Team Register was taken with 15 teams represented.

Election of Officers

The Chairman mentioned that some were challenging that you cannot serve on the committee without being a signed on player. He challenged people to find a copy of the rules with that in as it isn’t in the current rules. He did say that he has signed on for Abingdon United. He was questioned why he didn’t sign on for his previous team. The Chairman replied that although he was going to attempt to be there for some games it wasn’t fair for his average to affect the position of a lower team if he wasn’t able to play.

There was a proposal for Chairman so this was left to the end.  The Chairman identified the following volunteers for roles:-

Treasurer Keith Clarke, Competition Secretary Den Cross, Dolly Recorder Scott Humphries and Geoff Lee as an extra committee member with John Simmons, Roy Taylor and Paul Stone (webmaster). It was explained that the Dolly Recorder would be shadowed by Paul Stone, Competition Secretary by John Simmons and that League Secretary issues would be handled by the Chairman and committee members.

The Chairman proposed that these roles were voted en bloc and D.Davies proposed and B. Duff seconded. Voted unanimously.

For the Chairman role James Barguss was proposed by P.Stone, Seconded by D.Cross, Reg Couch was proposed by V.Pratt and Seconded by C.Shewry. The votes were cast with 7 to James Barguss and 5 to Reg Couch. The newly confirmed Chairman then asked if Mr Couch would like to serve as Vice Chairman with a view to taking over at the end of the season. He agreed and C.Shewry proposed and B.Clapton seconded. Voted 12 for nil against.  The committee welcomed Mr Couch.

There being no further business the meeting finished at 8.20pm

The 2016 AGM at  started at just after 8 p.m at Abingdon United FC on the 25th January 2016.

Chairman James Barguss opened the meeting with apologies received from J.Simmons.

The team register showed 21 teams in attendance. B.Clapton/A.Woolloff agreed/seconded the minutes of the previous meeting.


Chairman Barguss recounted how the summer had successfully introduced the new scoring system albeit with some lower sections not entering cards online or even sending in cards which was described as horrific. With regret the Chairman had accepted the resignation of Mr Graham Brown after 38 years as Secretary/Treasurer and Doll Recorder. Also Mr Terry Downes after 28 years helping on the committee and ensuring all the trophies are updated and available for presentation night. It was Mr Downes that had suggested the change to plaques for section winners/runners up enabling the League to better use its funding. The Chairman and all present thanked them for all their hard work over the decades. The Chairman said that the introduction of the electronic scoring system was done to pre-empt the loss of knowledge with Mr Brown stepping down and to make the league upkeep easier knowing that this day might come. It does do this but it relies on each team playing their part in entering the scorecards – it we have to double check them, which we did last year it defeats the object and causes more work.

This leaves the grave situation that we have only 4 people on the Committee with big gaps in the Secretary and Treasurer positions which need to be filled or the League will sadly be unable to continue. Ideally we would like another 4 or 5 people to help with the workload so that it doesn’t fall to the few.

Treasurer’s report (Balance sheet) was presented and the Treasurer expressed his concern about the transfer of sponsorship funds directly to the website upkeep and amendment.
M.Ashmall/B.Davies proposed and seconded the balance sheet.


No motions were received.


With the dire situation with the Committee some suggestions were made from the floor. Mr Ashmall  suggested that some people may not be aware so asked for 1 week for people to take it back to their teams and ask for volunteers. It was agreed a fortnight’s grace would be done and that any volunteers should contact the Chairman. We need people in post before Registration night on Tues 23rd February.

Another suggestion was that a piece should be prepared for the printed papers (Oxford Mail etc) to appeal for help. The Chairman and the Webmaster will take this forward (along with social media).

Another suggestion was that it should be the Home team that was responsible for card entry. In reality the rules say that the winning Captain is responsible for getting the card to the Secretary – it is acknowledged that in reality others may enter the card and it was not necessary to change the rule at this time. However, the Chairman did say it’s up to both teams to check this has been done and done accurately and report things if not correct. For this reason teams should take a copy of the card (a simple mobile phone picture would do) to ensure accuracy. Another suggestion was that both teams could be entering the scores and the system altered to compare both results and submit if matching – this would take effort (£) to make amendments.

The question of the honoraria for the roles came up. Currently £500 (split between Sec/Treasurer £300 and Dolly Recorder £200) M.Ashmall suggested that if an extra £1 per player was charged this could fund a larger payment (around £800 for 800 players) to entice volunteers for the Secretary/Treasurer etc positions.

Election of Officers:

This was postponed pending more volunteers for the Committee. J.Barguss, P.Stone, R.Taylor & J.Simmons will continue in the interim.

Meeting ended at around 9pm.


Registration Forms 2016 Summer Season

The registration forms for the Summer Season are below assuming that we do get enough volunteers to keep going.

Please consider if you or someone you know would like to get involved. Contact the

If we can’t continue Registration Night will not be on the 23rd Feb at Abingdon Conservative Club from 8pm and we will not collect subscriptions and pass go for the summer!




Winter 2015-16 : Week 11 Results


‘A’ Section


1 Ab. Utd. ‘A’ 11 10 0 1 546 356 59 16.54
2 Spread Eagle ‘B’ 11 7 1 3 472 388 45 14.30
3 The Heathens 10 8 1 1 419 345 42 13.96
4 Spread Eagle ‘A’ 11 4 0 7 346 421 26 10.48
5 Old Masters 10 2 1 7 293 385 20  9.76

‘B’ Section

1 Ab. Con. Club 11 5 1 5 356 400 31 10.78
2 Ab. Legion 11 5 1 5 385 370 30 11.66
3 Penlon 11 3 3 5 378 382 30 11.45
4 Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 11 4 0 7 377 378 27 11.42
5 Ab. Utd. ‘C’ 11 1 2 8 273 393 14  8.27

Game reports.

The Heathens closed the gap on Spread Eagle ‘B’ after beating them 4-2 with leg scores of 17-16, 18-13, 11-16.  For The Heathens A.Woolloff & B.Adams 10 each although Brian did manage to throw a blob in there.  D.Holmes & T.Downes 9 each and D.Butler 8. For Spread ‘B’ B.Stowell 12, R.Nicholls 10 (his first double of the season), N.Weston 9, S.Enock & L.Clapton 7 each.

Penlons’ first 6-0 win of the season came against Ab. Utd. ‘C’ who recorded their lowest total of the season (18).  For Penlon T.Lach 9 , P.Stone & E.Jeffries 7 each.  In reply for Utd. ‘C’ T.Cartlidge & T.Harrhy 7 each.  J.Bussey had the dreaded XXX but he did hit the ceiling twice.  For Gods sake don’t let him play in the pairs with Terry (Phipps).

Spread Eagle ‘A’ beat Ab. Utd. ‘B’ who equalled their highest total of the season (39).  The score was 4-2 and the leg scores were 8-15, 13-10, 16-14.  For The Spread S.Humphries 11, S.Kinnaird, J.Bowler & B.Newman 7 each.  For Utd. ‘B’ S.Martin 12, N.Green & D.Taylor 8 each & K.Souch 7.                                                                                                                                                                             

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Ab. Legion 6-0 who recorded their lowest total of the season (28).  The leg scores were 15-10, 16-10, 21-8.  For Utd. ‘A’ D.Davies included a 6 in his 14, B.Parker 12, K.Fisher also had a 6 in his 10, D.Dix 9 & B.Duff 7.  In reply for Legion C.Brind 9 & P.Ealey 7.

Three man Old Masters lowest total of the season (19) was enough to take points off Ab. Con. Club.  The Score was 2-4 with leg scores of 8-11, 6-5, 5-19.  For OM J.Lesiakowski 8 & S.Skelly 7.  For Con. Club T.Barrett 11, P.Barrett 9 and P.Wiblin managed a blob and a 6 in his 8 dolls.  R.North throwing like a partially sighted, part time gynaecologist managed just 1 doll (had a sleepless night thinking that one up).

                                  Regards       Tosh


Winter 2015-16 : Week 10 Results



1 Ab. Utd. ‘A’ 10 9 0 1 494 328 53 16.46
2 Spread Eagle ‘B’ 10 7 1 2 427 342 43 14.23
3 The Heathens 9 7 1 1 373 300 38 13.81
4 Spread Eagle ‘A’ 10 3 0 7 309 382 22 10.30
5 Old Masters 9 2 1 6 274 350 18 10.14

‘B’ Section

1 Ab. Legion 10 5 1 4 357 342 30 11.90
2 Ab. Con. Club 10 4 1 5 321 381 27 10.70
3 Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 10 4 0 6 338 341 25 11.26
4 Penlon 10 2 3 5 344 364 24 11.46
5 Ab. Utd. ‘C’ 10 1 2 7 255 359 14  8.50

Game reports.

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Old Masters 6-0 with leg scores of 16-8, 17-11, 14-10.  For Utd. ‘A’ D.Dix 12, B.Parker 11, T.Ward, D.Davies & B.Duff 8 each.  In reply for OM S.Skelly & J.Lesiakowski each scored 7.

The Heathens beat Spread Eagle ‘A’ 6-0 with leg scores of 20-7, 14-8, 11-10.  For The Heathens D.Butler 11, A.Woolloff included a 6 in his 10.  B.Adams also hit 10 & D.Holmes 8.  In reply for The Spread S.Humphries top scored with 8 dolls.

Spread Eagle ‘B’ came from a leg down to beat Penlon 4-2 and the leg scores were 12-15, 19-14, 18-12.  For Spread Eagle ‘B’ L.Clapton included a 6 in his 13, N.Weston 12, B.Stowell 10 & S.Enock 8.  For Penlon T.Lach 11, I.Morrison 10, D.Bellcourt 9 & P.Stone 8.  

Ab. Utd. ‘B’ recorded their biggest win of the season over Ab. Con. Club, the score was 5-1 and the leg scores were 10-8, 14-7, 11-11.  For Utd. ‘B’ D.Taylor top scored with 10 dolls.  The Con. Clubs 26 dolls was their lowest total of the season – enough said.

Ab. Legions’ first 6-0 of the season came against Ab. Utd. ‘C’ with leg scores of 13-6, 13-10, 10-7.  For The Legion S.Champ, N.Hazell & C.Brind 9 each.  In reply for Utd. ‘C’ Jim Warrell top scored with 7 dolls.  




Winter 2015-16: Week 9 Results


‘A’ Section

1 Ab. Utd. ‘A’ 9 8 0 1 447 299 47 16.55
2 Spread Eagle ‘B’ 9 6 1 2 378 301 39 14.00
3 The Heathens 8 6 1 1 328 275 32 13.66
4 Spread Eagle ‘A’ 9 3 0 6 284 337 22 10.51
5 Old Masters 8 2 1 5 245 303 18 10.20

‘B’ Section

1 Ab. Con. Club 9 4 1 4 295 346 26 10.92
2 Ab. Legion 9 4 1 4 321 319 24 11.88
3 Penlon 9 2 3 4 303 315 22 11.22
4 Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 9 3 0 6 303 315 20 11.22
5 Ab. Utd. ‘C’ 9 1 2 6 232 323 14  8.59

Game reports.

Ab.Con. Club beat Spread Eagle ‘A’ 4-2 with leg scores of 11-8, 13-13, 11-11.  For Con. Club B.Clapton top scored ( yes honestly ) with 10 dolls & ‘The Barrett Boys’ 9 each.  In reply for The Spread S.Kinnaird, J.Bowler & B.Newman 7 dolls each.

Ab. Utd. ‘B’ beat Utd. ‘C’ 4-2 with leg scores of 12-11, 13-11, 10-14.  For Utd. ‘B’ S.Martin 10, K.Souch 9 & D.Taylor 7.  For Utd ‘C’ D.Warrell 11 ( his first double figures of the season ), Matt ‘Foot Fault’ Ashmall & Mick ‘I do the same’ James each scored 7.  

Ab. Legion recorded their highest total of the season (44) to beat Penlon 5-1. The leg scores were 13-10, 14-14, 17-15.  For The Legion C.Brind included a 6 in his 13, S.Champ & B.Lacey 9 and D.Sapey 7.  In reply for Penlon T.Lach included a 6 in his cracking 15 dolls, D.Bellcourt 10 & I.Morrison 8.  T.Phipps had the dreaded XXX but he did hit the ceiling 3 times.  He even hit the ceiling with a coin when tossing up for the first leg. lol

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Spread Eagle ‘B’ 4-2 to extend their lead at the top.  The leg scores were 16-15, 15-16, 18-13.  For Utd. ‘A’ D.Dix included a 6 in his 14, B.Parker 11, D.Davies 10, K.Fisher & P.Wright 7 each.  For Spread ‘B’ B.Stowell & N.Weston 11 each, L.Clapton 9 and S.Enock 7.

The Heathens and Old Masters were unable to play their game as OM were unable to field a side.  Let you know at a later date if we can rearrange it.




Important Announcement: Summer League

Following the recent Pre- AGM, two long standing members have resigned after many, many years of service. This means that Abingdon Aunt Sally will be unable to function without new members.

· Secretary
· Treasurer
· Competition Recorder
· Dolly Recorder

If these roles are not filled at the AGM on the 25th January the League will fold.
The solution is in your hands, don’t assume someone else will step forward.
Should you wish to join the committee please email the or volunteer on the night. Full training and help will be available experience is not necessary.

James Barguss