2015 Summer Season – Fixture List and Competition Fixtures available below

AUNT SALLY 2015 Fixtures

2015 Competition Fixtures (NOTE some corrections made in 4s and 3s and Captains)

2015 Scorecard (just in case you need a DIY spare and don’t forget we are online and cards this season!)

If you haven’t registered you are too late to register a team but you can still sign on for an existing team for a £3 fee (subject to a review of your average score see rule 17).

Usernames and passwords were issued to those teams at the AGM. Others have ben issued with the fixture pack. Any problems email either chairman or webmaster at abingdonauntsally.com PLEASE use your login and update your email address so we can keep in touch.


Winter League Finals and Presentation Night

WL_Logo_smlThe 2014-15 Winter League drew to a close last night with Finals and Presentation Night.

There were some great games not least the 5’s section top clash between A winners Ab Utd A and B winners Old Masters with Old Masters taking the trophy on Anchorman James Barguss’ last throw. There were some fantastic sticks from Dave Dix doing a double six in the pairs.

Photos !

Videos !

(apologies had some technical troubles with recording… more soon if I can extract them from the iPad).



2015 Fixtures Online

Icon6MayThe new League fixture list and Competition fixtures are now online on the website.

If you have a smartphone (or just an online calendar) and would like to try loading your team’s games into your online calendar please drop me a line with your team name, section and team number (as per fixture) and I’ll drop you a file back that you can import into your online calendar to remind you of matches. It’s experimental so please check with the fixture list before you turn up at a wrong venue (!)- I couldn’t check all 100 combinations per section but I’m fairly confident! I know it’s ok for Google Calendar but not tried iOS (iPhone) yet — Paul Stone


The New Season 2015

The Winter League had it’s last fixture the other week with only finals night to go. That means Summer season is nearly here and your teams fixture packs will be going out soon if they aren’t at your venue already. I’ll publish the fixture list as soon as I get the PDF.

Remember: this year we are using the paper scorecard AND the online scorecard entry system as agreed at the AGM.

The winning team must enter the scores online and then post the card to the Secretary.

Best Advice –  take a copy of your scorecard with your phone camera/copier/scanner  just in case it gets lost in the post!

Online score entry is easy and we’ve made some background improvements since last year. If you don’t know how to do it take a look at the video .

Special accounts have been setup for each team and a password pre-set for you to enter scorecards. If you weren’t at the AGM your username and password will be supplied in your fixture pack – any other account you used last year will not be valid for entering scores (but will still receive email updates if your email address is correct !). If you have any difficulty with your account please contact the webmaster or the chairman by email at the usual addresses @abingdonauntsally.com and we’ll be happy to help.

When you login to your score entry account PLEASE update your email address in your profile so we can keep in touch !

Icon6May season starts 6th May – if you need any kit take a look at Buying Kit ! in case you or your pitch needs attention !


Sections and Competition Fixtures 2015

The Committee met tonight to decide the split of teams into sections and the competition first round fixtures.

There are 73 teams this coming season giving us sections Premier to H. As we are 7 teams short of full 10 team sections some sections have a single team bye (meaning you get two weeks free for practice or a friendly!).

In the competitions we have 8 teams in the 8’s, 9 in the 5’s, 9 in the 4’s and 15 in the 3’s. In the pairs we have 27 entries and the Singles will be battled between 36 contenders.

8 Captains have entered and 8 Secretaries for their respective trophies.

Season starts on 6th May.

Fixture packs with scorecards, fixture list and rules will be out next month delivered to your venue. A login and details will also be supplied in the pack (if you didn’t pick yours up at the AGM).

Don’t forget this year we are filling in scorecards both on card and ONLINE.





Summer Season starts 6th May….

Icon6MayRegistration night has been and gone and we’re now looking forward to the first match on 6th May.

The sequence of events to get to the first match is……

  1. Registration night – teams sign on and pay their subs.
  2. Each teams’ average is calculated from previous top 8 player averages.
  3. A provisional section list is produced.
  4. A committee meeting is held to validate the provisional list ensuring section winners get promoted etc.
  5. Handicaps are given (generally to the Premier/A sections) to average out the doll difference in the highest performing teams.
  6. Fixture list is prepared, proofed and then printed and PDF’d (for the website).
  7. Teams and players are entered into the scoring systems (both online and offline this year).
  8. Fixture packs are prepared and delivered to the venues (by hand by willing volunteers – thank you).
  9. First game 6th May 8.15 for 8.30 start!

This year both scorecard and online score entry is mandatory (as per AGM vote). The winning team is responsible for posting the card AND entering the scorecard online. You will need to use the username/password which you either had at the AGM or will be provided in the fixture pack once the sections are decided. Any problems get in touch by email to chairman or webmaster @abingdonauntsally.com and we’ll do our best. Don’t panic about the online entry we have videos showing how easy it is and we are making it easier too.

It’s wise to take a photo of the card with your smartphone so you can check the scores or in case the scorecard is lost in the post.

Important – please update your email address when you get your login details so you can get emailed details like this post !



2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2015 AGM at  started at 8 p.m at Abingdon United FC on the 26th January 2015.

Chairman James Barguss opened the meeting with apologies received from C.Brind and J.Simmons.

The team register showed 15 teams in attendance. P.Sowden/B.Clapton agreed/seconded the minutes of the previous meeting.


With the sad news of the death of Martin Sheridan (the day before) adding to the great loss of Graham Barguss (ex-Chairman) in 2014 a minutes silence was held and the Chairman speech was foregone.

Treasurer’s report was received and agreed by T.Downes/K.Buckle


A motion was received that proposed by P.Stone/T.Woolloff that the Singles Final be played over 5 legs instead of 3. This was defeated 9-6. No other motions were received.


An under 35s competition was suggested by last years youngest singles champion Scott Humphreys. Various issues were talked about including the funding of trophies and in the end we all thought it was a waste of time.

Brian Adams also suggested consideration of lowering the team size and number of players signed on. After discussion it was viewed this wasn’t necessary this year due to a buoyant league.

Terry Downes drew attention to rule 16 which states that the Caller should be from the home team. It says nothing about the other sticker up which could if agreed come from the away team. This would allow more home players to interact with their teammates. As this does not require a rule change it can be done any time if teams think its a good idea.

Finally a vote on the implementation of the online match card system was taken with a vote of 10-1 ??? in favour of using it this 2015 season. In addition match cards will be filled in as usual and sent to the Secretary for backup.

Election of Officers:

Officers volunteered to stay another term and were block voted in.

Meeting ended at 8.50pm.


Finals Videos Online

A set of killer finals games last night at Abingdon United FC. Check the videos on YouTube.

The almost literal real killer was in the Threes final – check out Colin “Stan the Stick” Smith (like Mac the knife only with wood!) of the Fox around 1:35……nerves are also the enemy as he nearly kills the Chairman!



News from the lower sections

Spare a thought for the table below.

A list of the bottom 10 players in the league who have played  50% or more of games. they turn up every week play and come away with next to nothing. I’m sure your teams appreciate your effort, because of your dedication you lower sections survive. So please don’t give up we need you. If you want to improve contact the chairman James maybe we can help.

2 B NORTON NORTH STAR 15 28 0.62%
8 T ZARECKY BLACK SWAN 13 32 0.82%
9 M FEATS RED LION 13 32 0.82%
10 S BRYNE CROWN MARCHAM 14 35 0.83%

News from the lower sections

When Abingdon Utd B visited The Spead Eagle B in section B on wed evening it was all to play for, winner would have a decent view of the winning post. After winning the toss Abg Utd B set 18. Spread chased well needing 6 dolls from the last 2  players. S Enoch could only manage a 1 leaving D Cross 6 to win, a brave try but fell 2 short on 4 losing the leg 17-18.

Surprisingly the Spread put Abg Utd back in for the second leg. Abg Utd took full advantage finishing with 21. The Spread folded only scoring 10.

In the third leg Spread again put Abg Utd in a very brave decision. Utd put 16 on the board. Spread fared better this time with 10 dolls with the first four and 12 with the second four to take the leg.

Final result 4-2 to Abg Utd B. TOP dolls for Spread M Bell R Nichols and D Cross all on 8, with Abgs unlikely hero D Jacobs firing his highest score of the season with 9 ably supported by his rear gunner from the North West Dave Harris also on 9.


More News from the lower sections

Low down in section F no one wants the wooden spoon so when Cross Keys B visited Brewery Tap A for the return leg all  to play for. No matter about being top team just don’t come bottom, reputations are at stake. In the event the Tap played like men possessed with scores of 17-18-12,  probably would have taken 2 legs off a higher section team.  The keys replied with 7-9-7. Tops for Tap T. Benfield and H.Moore with 8 and R.Timms and K.Moore 7 landlord Matt weighed in with 6.  For the Keys M.Trower and M.Timms 7 and 5 Tap with 6-0 and retain their mantle of kings of Ock Street.

Section B.  Local derby clash in league for Chequers Charney Bassett v the fox Denchworth. In a keenly played match the points don’t reflect the scores in the game. To add to the excitement Steve Taylor one of Chequers players last season now plays for the Fox plus Steve Lamberts dad also plays for the Fox.  The Fox set the first leg with a commendable 19 Chequers folded with a meagre 12. Chequers set the second leg with a very good 17 Fox chased and clanged off 18 with the first 6 players, thankfully because the last two players both blobbed. Going into the third leg the Fox set 17 Chequers chasing going well with 12 from five players only  to leave  anchorman Mills to get 4 to win unfortunately he could only manage a 3 to go down 18-17 and lose the match 6-0 For Chequers S.Burge and R.Podd topped the dolls with 11 each and for the Fox B. Pert and K .Rolls scored 9 while S.Taylor and Cherill scored 8. Steve lambert did outscore his dad but scores were not good enough for a mention