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Archive | May, 2012

Week 4 Match Results

Prem / A Section: Tandem 4 Abingdon United ‘B’ 2, Wootton Legion 4 Spread Eagle 2, Berinsfield S.C ‘A’ 4 Steventon Sports 2, Red Lion Drayton ‘A’ 4 Abingdon Legion 2. B Section: North Star 3 Hart of Harwell 3, College Oak 4 Berinsfield S.C ‘B’ 2, ABingdon United ‘D’ 2 Admiral Benbow 4, Plough East Hendred 2 Fox Denchworth 4, Barley Mow 4 Red Lion Drayton ‘B’ 2. C Section: White Horse 4 Black Horse Hanney 2, Steventon Sports 4 College Oak 2, Abingdon United 2 VIne Cumnor 4, Abingdon Con Club 2 Waggon & Horses 4, Vine Cumnor 4 Plough Long Wittenham 2. D Section: Fleur De Lys 5 Wootton Legion 1, Crown Didcot 4 Brewery Tap 2, Eight Bells 2 Pack Horse 4. E Section: Midget 2 Eight Bells 4, Boundary House 3 Harwell Legion 3, The Hatchett 4 Wheatsheaf 2. F Section: Bowyers Arms 6 Bear North Morton 0, Hart of Harwell 1 Didcot Con Club 5, Black Swan 1 North Star 5, Plough Inn Hanney 3 Cross Keys 3. G Section: Good Lake Arms 4 Horse & Harrow 2, Brewery Tap 3 Morning Star Fairmile S/C 3, Queens Arms 6 PLough Inn 0, Crown Marcham 4 Royal Oak 2, Spread Eagle 2 Old Anchor 4. H Section: Abingdon Legion 4 Challow Legion 2, Cross Keys Wallingford 0 Drayton PArk Vets 6, G.W.R.S.A 4 Plough Appleton 2, Cross Keys 6 Midget 0. J Section: Peachcroft S.C 2 Red Lion 4, Steventon Sports 6 Volunteer 0, Cross Keys 4 Hind Head 2, Waggon & Horses 3 Rose & Crown 3. Sixes: I Brook B Duff

Week 2 Match Results

Prem / A Section: Berinsfield S.C 1 Fox Steventon 5, Wootton Legion 1 Abingdon United 5, Red Lion 4 Steventon Sports 2, Abingdon Legion 1 Spread Eagle 5.

B Section: College Oak 5 Red Lion 1, Abingdon United 2 Hart of Harwell 4, Plough East Hendred 4 Berinsfield S.C 2, Fox Denchworth 6 Admiral Benbow 0, Barley Mow 6 North Star 0.

C Section: Steventon Sports 4 Plough Long Wittenham 2, Abingdon United 4 Black Horse 2, Abingdon Con Club 5 College Oak 1, Waggon & Horses 2 Vine Cumnor 4, Vine 2 White Horse 4.

D Section: Crown 4 Chequers Charney 2, Eight Bells 0 Wootton Legion 6, Standford F.C 1 Brewery Tap 5, North Star 2 Pack Horse 4.

E Section: Boundary House 4 Plough Sutton 2, Black Horse 4 Eight Bells 2, Hatchet 4 Harwell Legion 2, Wheatsheaf 2 Spread Eagle 4.

F Section: Bowyers Arms 4 Cross Keys 2, Hart of Harwell 3 Abingdon Arms 3, Black Swan 2 Bear North Morton 4, North Star 6 Didcot Con Club 0, Plough Hanney 0 North Star 6.

G Section: Brewery Tap 1 Old Anchor 5, Queens Arms 2 Horse & Harrow 4, Crown 3 Morning Star 3, Royal Oak 4 GoodLake Arms 2.

H Section: Cross Keys 2 Bear & Ragged Staff 4, G.W.R.S.A 4 Challow Legion 2, Cross Keys 2 Drayton Park Vets 4, Midget 0 Plough Appleton 6, Spread Eagle 1 Abingdon Legion 5.

J Section: Steventon Sports 0 Red Lion 6, Waggon & Horses 3 Kings Arms 3, Cross Keys 4 Volunteer 2, Hinds Head 2 Rose & Crown 4, Peachcroft S.C 4 Wheatsheaf 2.

Week 2 Sixers: J.Simmons, M.Greenaway, A.Gregory

And so it begins…

And so it begins…………….

After what was a big rush to gather enough players to enable us to sign on, weended up having enough to field a full team with a couple of spare.

With our first two friendlies being held in torrential downpours with the obligatory force 10 gale I was asked by a recent signing who had never played before, “is it always like this”? To which I replied “of course not, sometimes it’s windier and wetter”

With so many of our team not having played before (50%) it was a worry that we might be a section to high. Whilst we by no means set the world alight, neither did we fail miserably. The rain and wind did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm, though at times it was somewhat of a struggle. Our new throw is quite protected from the elements and that can’t be said for our old throw which was completely open to all the weather had to offer. I offer my condolences to those we left behind.

I was talking recently to someone who claimed to either have the first or the only 6 recorded on tape. Going back a few years all the Aunt Sally finals were recorded using a camcorder and a mirror. The camcorder sat on a table half way down the throw and the mirror allowed a sort of split screen effect, like you see at the darts. Half throwing player, half Doll.

I’m not sure if you are aware but for a few games now on a web site called USTREAM (see Aunt Sally TV ) there have been some live Aunt Sally from the winter league shown. The web site link is else where on Abingdon but go here and you can check it out your self.

I was thinking it might be nice to have a bit more on ustream or even youtube. So when the summer season starts if you feel the urge to splash some videos of yourselves playing the sally perhaps with a few 6’s it can only add to the fun.

If you do why not post them in the comments section here and we’ll do all we can to bring attention to them.

In the meantime wrap up warm and don’t let em get you down


Week 1 results

Prem / A Section: Spread Eagle 6 Steventon Sports 0, Red Lion ‘A’ 6 Fox Steventon 0, Abingdon Legion 2 Abingdon United ‘B’ 4. B Section: College Oak ‘A’ 4 Barley Mow 2, Plough East hendred 1 Red Lion 5, Fox Denchworth 4 Hart of Harwell 2, Abingdon United ‘D’ 6 North Star 0, Admiral Benbow 6 Berinsfield S.C 0. C Section: Vine Cumnor ‘B’ 6 College Oak ‘B’ 0, Steventon Sports 0 Vine Cumnor 6, Abingdon Con Club 3 Plough Long Wittenham 3, Waggon & Horses 2 Black Horse 4, Abingdon United ‘C’ 5 White Horse 1. D Section: Pack Horse 4 Brewery Tap 2, Eight Bells 3 Fleur De Lys 3, North Star 2 Wootton Legion 4. E Section: Spread Eagle 6 Harwell Legion 0, Black Horse Hanney 2 The Midget 4, Wheatsheaf Drayton 6 Eight Bells 0, The Hatchett 6 Plough Sutton 0. F Section: North Star 2 Abingdon Arms 4, Bowyers Arms 6 Plough Inn Hanney 0, Hart of Harwell 0 North Star 6, Black Swan 0 Cross Keys ‘C’ 6. G Section: Brewery Tap ‘B’ 6 Spread Eagle 0, Queens Arms 4 Good Lake Arms 2, Crown Marcham 4 Old Anchor 2, Royal Oak Didcot 3 Horse & Harrow 3. H Section: Plough Appleton 0 Drayton Park 6, Cross Keys Wallingford 1 Spread Eagle 5, G.W.R.S.A 2 Abingdon Legion 4, Cross Keys 2 Bear & Ragged Staff 4, The Midget ‘B’ 3 Challow Legion 3. J Section: Cross Keys 0 Red Lion Drayton 6, Hinds Head 3 Kings Arms 3, Steventon Sports 5 Peachcroft S.C 1. Sixes: B Clapton K Buckle Blobs: C East, G Fryett, I Barguss, W Horner, G Couch, A Goodman, K Clack, S Fernback, J Vaughan (ja), C Allan, T Dolones, R Everill, R Carter, A Brown, M Crick, T Taylor, M Oneill, D Higgerson, C Henry, R Dawson, L Ford, P Larret, L Nuckley, F Mackeller, I Blake, W Zawadzki, Claire, J Thorne, C Bansey, K Barguss, J Jensen, E Pimm, A Porter, L Berry, S Walker, M Tucker.