From Oxon to Oz

This year a chap called Carl contacted us about the game as he was visiting from Australia. His father, Frank Sanders, used to play in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s before he emigrated to Australia. He first played in the Oxford League and then Abingdon. Carl is now setting up an Aunt Sally game in Oz!

Here’s a few memories from Frank….and some photos below.

He was born and raised in Heddington.

Played Aunt Sally for White Horse Headington The soccer club (now Oxford FC) Moved to Abingdon 1966.
Played soccer for Saxton Rovers formed under 9s soccer called Wilsham Wasps.
Formed team of newbies of Aunt Sally played at Saxton Arms then moved to British Legion in Ock Street.
Most success was @ British Legion 1971 names of former players I can recall are as follows:-

Tony Ward, Dave Rowlands, Bob Carter, Pete McDonald, both Purbricks and others perhaps the photos might remind people.

Moved to Australia in 1981 hope some are still around and still playing AUNT SALLY

If you want to get in touch with Frank send an email to Team Support with your name, email address and that you’d like him to get in touch. We’ll forward your details to him.