Licencees Mixed Pairs

Also labelled the 

“MG Invitation Aunt Sally Tournament

The Morland Cup”

Runners up cup “presented by Mervyn Taylor 1982”

Year Winners Runners-up
1982 P&J Clarke Wheatsheaf C&E Goodenough Spread Eagle
1983 P&J Clarke Wheatsheaf D&S Smythe Mighty Midget
1984 J&C Long Spread Eagle D&G Jefferies Crown
1985 M&D Adams Load of Mischief B&M Bigg George and Dragon
1986 J&C Long Spread Eagle P&B Jackson Admiral Benbow
1987 A&J Peachy The Carpenters A&P Capon Tandem
1988 J&C Long Spread Eagle C&S Polley Horse & Harrow
1989 J&C Long Spread Eagle not issued
1990 R&P Sibley Kings Arms S&L Morton Wotton RBL
1991 R&P Sibley Kings Arms S&L Morton Wootton RBL