These are essential parts of the game!

The Caller is the ‘umpire’ of the yard! They call out the dolls scored (loudly and clearly) for each successful doll judging whether it is a good doll or an iron. The caller may ask the sticker up for an opinion if the strike was obscured from their view. The Callers decision is final and there’s no chalk dust in this game! (well, except on the scoreboard)

Sticking up is an essential – especially when dolls are scored! The sticker-up has to replace the doll on the swivel as quickly as possible to allow the player to take the next throw.

The swivel should be facing down the alley to the thrower with the doll on top centrally placed on the pad.

The faster the stickup the quicker the game and the earlier the beer leg!

Caller and Sticker up work together as a team to make the game flow smoothly and in the Abingdon league come from the home team for all the legs in a match.

  • Try to avoid passing in front of the iron when replacing the doll – most players concentrate on this area as the target and it can disrupt the players flow.
  • A Good Doll (struck wood of stick to wood of doll) will tend to fly backwards or forwards. Dolls that fall off may or may not be dolls! Try to listen for the wood and not metal sound of the iron or swivel as well as looking. You know its good when you hear the wood! See also Doll or No Doll and take a look at the video clips.
  • If the doll is struck and rolls further away toss the doll to your partner in the yard for a faster stickup.
  • Call the score up the yard towards the player so all can hear.

BEWARE: Sticks and dolls may fly at odd angles and at great pain to yourself! Keep your wits about you and at least 3-4 ft (1-2m) away from the iron! Be prepared to stop a rebounding stick with your foot or it may find another part of your body!

WARNING about beginners! – In general you should never look at the thrower as for most people it puts them off. The one exception is a beginner – keep your eye on them or their stick might find you instead of the doll! Our game looks so easy anyone can do it! You’ve been warned!
Catching the doll off the iron may look good but the player’s not out in this game!


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