Summer League Rules

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At the 2017 AGM several rule changes were voted in. These are marked in blue.

At the 2018 AGM several rule changes were voted in. These are marked in green.

At the 2023 AGM it was agreed to increase team fees but have free player registration up to 15 players, an honourary President role was also created.

At the 2024 AGM it was agreed to change the Competition rules for drawn legs and Section winners would be decided by Points & Dolls before playoffs (due to a 3 way draw in 2023). 

The Summer League Rules

  1. The association shall be called “THE ABINGDON AND DISTRICT AUNT SALLY LEAGUE” And shall be governed by a Chairman, Vice/Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, League Match Secretary, Doll Recording Secretary and a Committee of up to 10.
  2. All Money to be banked at Barclays Bank, in the name of the Abingdon and District Aunt Sally League.
  3. All members of the Administration Committee to have voting powers.
  4. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy on the Committee during the year. The Committee may be made up of anyone who wishes to contribute their time. It is not a requirement that they are signed on for a team. A role exists for an Honourary President who will be appointed by the Committee.
  5. Entrance fee of £30.00 per team and a £1.00 per £45 per team of up to 15 players signed on to be paid with all registration forms, with a minimum of 11 players. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL CLUB CONTACTS TO INFORM THEIR TEAM MEMBERS OF ALL LEAGUE AND COMPETITION INFORMATION DETAILS ISSUED BY THE COMMITTEE.
  6. The game shall consist of 3 horses, 2 points each horse, 1 point draw and played 8 a side.
  7. The time of reporting for League games shall be 8.15pm to commence at 8.30pm sharp, In the event of a Leg starting a player who has arrived late may take his or her throw providing the player has not missed his or her turn in that leg.
  8. The Home captain to toss a coin for the first and third horses. Loosing captain of the first toss shall decide whether to set or chase the second horse.
  9. Each member of the team shall throw 6 sticks each, and may throw under arm or round arm, not over arm and both feet need to be behind the hocking by the time the stick has left the players hand. A stick leaving the players hand while his foot is standing on the hocking, maybe declared a no stick.
  10. It should be clearly understood that the team not throwing should stand away to allow the other teams a clear place to throw.
  11. The pitch must be 10 yards long from the Doll Standard to the throwing point, where there must be a 2-inch raised hocking, permanent or portable.
  12. The doll shall be 6 inches high and 3¼ in diameter, and painted White. Wooden sticks to measure 18 inches x 2 inches diameter max. No masking tape for total covering on sticks. A BLACK AREA on backing centrally behind the doll.
  13. The doll shall be 2 feet 6 inches from the ground and stand on a vertical swivel stand. The swivel to stand out 6 inches. The metal disk must be no more than 1½ inches in diameter allowing the doll ¼ inches overlap when placed in position. The upright stand to be 2 feet from the backing where practicable.
  14. All League games to be played Wednesdays, and games started must be completed. In the event of heavy rain the abandoned match will be replayed within six days, or before the next scheduled League Match, or at the discretion of the LEAGUE MATCH SECRETARY.
  15. All results must be entered online by the Saturday Friday following the match and scorecards retained by the winning team before sending the card to the scorecard address (by the winning team or for drawn matches the HOME TEAM) by first post Saturday following the match. Failure to do so may result in the deduction of league match points from the team responsible It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to ensure that the match card is entered online correctly. Where a MATCH CARD has not been submitted by the Saturday Friday following the match BOTH teams will forfeit the match points UNLESS a copy of the card is provided to the DOLLY RECORDER (or other Committee member) or a picture of the signed card is supplied to the DOLLY RECORDER (or other Committee member). The DOLLY RECORDER or League Match Secretary must be informed of an INCORRECTLY ENTERED ONLINE MATCH CARD by the Friday following the match.
  16. THE CALLER to be a registered player of the home team and if both captains agree, different CALLERS and person REPLACING THE DOLL may be used for each complete leg. That is a complete whole leg for the HOME AND AWAY TEAM. If the CALLER or person REPLACING THE DOLL are playing in the match they may stand down ONCE REMOVED to compose themselves before their throw.
  17. Players named to be nominated for each team at the time of entry into the League. The COMMITTEE will decide the final date for “SIGNING–ON” for the season. Any additional request for registration, once final signing-on date has passed and the sections formulated, will only be considered by the COMMITTEE. IF GRANTED the signing on fee will be £3.00 per player, payable with accepted registration. waived for the 2023 season. Registration will only be granted if the average of that player does not increase the teams potential average beyond that of the section the COMMITTEE have set for that season.
  18. Registration of all players will be scrutinised and acceptances will be entirely at the discretion of the COMMITTEE.
  19. TRANSFERS will not be allowed.
  20. At all A.G.M’S the voting procedure is one team, one vote.
  21. All matters of dispute must be reported in writing to the SEC./TRES. within 48 hours and accompanied with a £5.00 deposit fee to be returned provided the protest is upheld. THE DISPUTE COMMITTEE will be called together by the CHAIRMAN to settle the same.
  22. Any team failing to report and play a scheduled LEAGUE MATCH will be FINED £10.00 AND FORFEIT 6 POINTS TO THE OPPONENTS. Under no circumstances can a game be rearranged other than RULE 14 without COMMITTEE APPROVAL. Any request for a rearranged game must be in writing to the LEAGUE MATCH SECRETARY at least 14 DAYS before the match is due to be played. Should a fine be imposed for any default and NOT PAID within 14 DAYS, notification by the LEAGUE MATCH SECRETARY, the team will be AUTOMATICALLY DISMISSED FROM THE LEAGUE. for the remainder of the season, and all results concerning the Defaulting team be eliminated for the whole season.
  23. A Plaque will be presented to WINNING and RUNNER-UP teams in all sections. TEAMS or INDIVIDUALS failing to attend the PRESENTATION EVENING and failing to contact the SEC/TRES. 28 days after the PRESENTATION EVENING will FORFEIT their plaque and the plaque will automatically return to the property of the ASSOCIATION. Winners of the sections will be decided on the total points scored. If there is a draw on points the total dolls scored (minus any handicap) will be taken into account. Any draw after this will result in a play-off match.
  24. HANDICAP PROCEDURE: If a handicap is in operation for any section competing in the LEAGUE the assessment of the same to be determined by the administration Committee with consideration given to leg averages from previous season, co-ordinated with the movements and individual averages concerned.
  25. The DISPUTE COMMITTEE will consist of 5 nominated members appointed by the CHAIRMAN. Any 5 or 3 of this number will deal with all protests and THEIR DECISION WILL BE FINAL.
  26. Propositions for alterations to the rules or any business concerning THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING must be in writing to the CHAIRMAN 14 DAYS before the AGM.
  27. In the event that any teams completing the season with equal points irrespective of dolls, playoffs will be arranged on a neutral pitch. Rules and league conditions to apply. In the event of a drawn situation extra legs as required will be played to determine a winner. In the event of an individual involved with the HIGHEST DOLL SCORER TROPHY and through a defaulting match penalised from registering their DOLL-SCORE of their AVERAGE MATCH DOLL-SCORE for the season.
  28. Any person during the time period allowed by the committee for the coming season league registration for that season. Any registered person playing for a team other than the one he/she has registered for will immediately DISQUALIFY him /herself from all further league matches and competitions for the season. The team in default will forfeit 6 LEAGUE POINTS to the opposition and will also be FINED £10.00 for contravening LEAGUE RESULTS.
  29. Fees to be paid separately with all competition entry forms on application – No fee no entry. Committee members will operate all competition draws and THE COMPETITION SECRETARY will arrange for printing and distribution of all information to the clubs concerned. WITNESSES TO ALL COMPETITION DRAWS ARE WELCOME PROVIDED THEY CONTACT THE COMPETITION SECRETARY, REFERENCE DATES AND VENUES OF DRAWS.
  30. All players in competition games of 8’s, 5′, 4’s and 3’s MUST SIGN A COMPETITION RESULTS CARD for those events and return it to the COMPETITION SECRETARY by the first post Saturday or within 48 hours after the game has been played. The reporting single competitions without the use of a result card, a phoned result by the winner must be with the COMPETITION SECRETARY within 48 hours of the match being played. All players in competition games must be registered players of the league. Competitions will be played over the best of 3 legs and where a leg is drawn play continues. If after 3 legs played there is still a draw then the ‘3 stick’ rule is then applied until a winner. The 3 Stick Rule is where 3 sticks are played and if a draw, a 1 stick leg is played and if a draw a 6 stick leg and repeat until one team wins.
  31. References 5’s, 4’s and 3’s “knock-out” COMPETITION. Where 2 games are played on the same evening, the captain shall have the option to select any team from his nominated players for those COMPETITIONS.
  32. In extenuating circumstances substitutes in the 5’s, 4’s, 3’s and doubles, “knock-out” competition will be allowed with the COMPETITION SECRETARYS CONSENT. The understanding being that the substitute continues to play to the end of the competition, automatically eliminating the original nominated player for the rest of the competition. SINGLES, CAPTAINS AND SECRETARYS entrants will be the nominated person from the teams competition registration sheet for that season.
  33. In case these rules do not provide for every contingency, and questions arising beyond them, the same shall be decided by the COMMITTEE ONLY, who if necessary will hold a special GENERAL MEETING to discuss the same.
  34. Land Lords / Ladies may play for either A / B side Team if either team is short.
  35. Competitions will normally start at 20:30 hours as a normal league match with players present by 20:15. Matches may be scheduled earlier if a large number of fixtures is needed by the Competition Secretary and notified on the competition sheet at the beginning of the season or via the website for other late changes. Games may start earlier if all Captains in attendance agree as determined by the match official.
  36. The Committee determine the venues of the competition matches. Only those teams entered into competitions may be considered as venues as a priority.
  37. Competition matches are played as the best of 3 legs with any drawn legs being played out with 3 stick/1 stick/6 stick legs repeated until won.
  38. The teams consist of the registered competition team/reserve or any registered team player as long as not previously played in that competition.
  39. There will be practice and compensatory throws for competition matches preliminary rounds. There will be 30 minutes practice for Competition and Finals/Presentation Nights but no compensatory throws.
  40. Competition Venue draws (as drawn on the night) will be made by the match official as nominated by the Committee or Competition Secretary. These draws will be made once and the standard Competition Record Sheet will determine the play thereon. i.e. no redraws will be made once the first round is decided.
  41. Competition Caller and Sticker up can be from any team as agreed by the home team or the Captains.