Summer League : Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 Minutes

The AGM was opened at 8pm by Chairman James Barguss. 

Minutes of the last AGM were accepted as a true record. See

Team registration showed 13 teams represented.

Abingdon RBL A, Fox Denchworth B, Spread Eagle, Bell Grove, Fox Denchworth A, Old Anchor B, Tandem, Plum Pudding, College Oak, Packhorse, Hart Harwell, Ab Legion B, Ab Utd A.

The Chairman’s report was left to the end due to a number of rule changes being proposed.

The Treasurer’s Report showed a positive view of the funds with subscriptions and sponsorship covering expenses.

Motions & Rule Changes – No motions were received before the AGM. The Committee have been considering some rule changes to ensure compliance with the entry of scorecards and to clarify competition rules. These were voted on as follows:-




Rule Change Requested
6-2 The Committee may be made of anyone who wishes to contribute their time.  It is not a requirement that they are signed on for a team.
11-0 Score Cards MUST be entered online by the Saturday following the MATCH
11-0 It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to ensure that the MATCH CARD is entered online correctly.
9-0 Where a MATCH CARD has not been submitted by the Saturday following the MATCH BOTH team will forfeit the points UNLESS

  1. A copy of the card is provided to the DOLLY RECORDER or other COMMITTEE MEMBER
  2. A picture of the signed card is supplied to the DOLLY RECORDER or other COMMITTEE MEMBER
0-9 Where a Team has not entered TWO consecutive MATCH CARDS the Team will forfeit 10 POINTS.  Where the CARDS are not consecutive the COMMITTEE will take account of the circumstances and decide if a points forfeit is applied.
8-0 The DOLLY RECORDER or League Secretary must be informed of an INCORRECTLY ENTERED ONLINE MATCH CARD by the Friday following the Match.


These rule suggestions were made to be explicit about some of the undocumented practices that take place with competitions.



Rule Change Requested
8-0 All players in competition games must be registered players of the league.
10-0  All Fees to be paid (as rule 29) with entry form. No fee no entry.
 9-0 Competitions will normally start at 20:30 hours as a normal league match with players present by 20:15. Matches may be scheduled earlier if a large number of fixtures is needed by the Competition Secretary and notified on the competition sheet at the beginning of the season or via the website for other late changes. Games may start earlier if all Captains in attendance agree as determined by the match official.
8-1  The Committee determine the venues of the competition matches. Only those teams entered into competitions may be considered as venues as a priority.
8-0  Competition matches are played as the best of 3 legs with any drawn legs being played out with 3 stick/1 stick/6 stick legs repeated until won.
7-0 The teams consist of the registered competition team/reserve or any registered team player as long as not previously played in that competition.
9-0 There will be practice and compensatory throws for competition matches preliminary rounds but no practice/compensatory throws for Semi-Final and Final matches.
7-0  Venue draws will be made by the match official as nominated by the Committee or Competition Secretary. These draws will be made once and the standard Competition Scoresheet will determine the play thereon. i.e. no redraws will be made once the first round is decided.
 8-0 Caller and Sticker up can be from any team as agreed by the home team or the Captains.

Future of the League and Election of Officers

A set of graphs by Brian Adams (Tandem) were distributed showing the number of teams and players over the last 10 years (since 2006 when online records started) shows a steady decline since 2012. Mr Adams also noted the number of teams turning up short of players.  A discussion on the possibility of reducing team size from 8 to 6 took place with teams saying that reducing the players would just have other players not getting games.

The Committee had had a few volunteers approach. Committee members standing down were Scott Humphreys, John Simmons, Keith Clarke, Geoff Lee.  The Chairman thanked them for the efforts.

With the change in rule already voted on that Committee members do not have to be a registered player James Barguss was willing to continue as Chairman with Reg Couch agreeing to continue as Vice Chairman. 

With the new volunteers the following were voted on en-block their being no contention for positions.

Chairman James Barguss
Vice-Chairman Reg Couch
Webmaster Paul Stone
Treasurer Roger Nicholls
Competition Secretary Den Cross/Tosh Woolloff
Dolly Recorder Vic Pratt
  Roy Taylor

Any Other Business

Paul Stone reminded the attendees to take a poster to put up in their own venue or any other venue they know that could field an Aunt Sally team. 

A suggestion was put forward by Frank Downing (Old Anchor B at the lower end of the league) that maybe if there were issues around travelling then regional sections could be formed with the winner of that section moving to a ‘premier’ section. 

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm

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