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WEBSITE MENU CHANGES – For the players….

You’ll notice the website menus have been reordered. This is so that if you are on a mobile phone or other small screen device the Navigation menu gives you match card entry and player relevant items at the top of the list. For regular ‘PC’ users this means the menu now fits on a widescreen monitor (if you don’t have one of these it really is time for a new PC).

Any suggestions for improvements please leave a comment below.


User Registration and Problems Logging In

It’s been a few years since we originally setup the website with ‘users’ matching ‘team names’ and every year we get queries about passwords etc. So read on and find out what you can do to help make this easier and some of the reasons we have to do what we do!


If you are having difficulties in logging in please use the Team Support email and contact us separately.

PASSWORD RESETS : If you have a valid email address set on your profile you can request a password reset yourself. If not when you get us to reset it and you login successfully please add one to your profile (see below).

USER ACCOUNTS: We get many bots trying to register fake accounts so it’s difficult to see the wheat from the chaff when valid players or AASL friends do not make it obvious they are genuine users.  We can get dozens of these a week so it’s not a simple job to spot fakes or even genuine users. They try it on with fake accounts so they can attempt to hack the site later.

We are therefore removing any accounts with risky/undeliverable email addresses. These will be denied and deleted. If that is you and you can’t login either email Team Support or re-register with a VALID email address AND make it obvious you’re not a bot by using your proper name or name+team name. That way, if you are traceable in the league, we can approve registration quicker.
If you are not a registered player then please email Team Support for help and thanks for being interested.

MATCH CARD PERMISSION: If you are a Secretary (or stand-in) and need to enter Match Cards then use the Team Support email after you have registered successfully and this will be separately enabled for you if you give us your team name, email/user details.

EDIT YOUR PROFILE – It is also in your interest to set your First and Surname in your profile – again this helps us validate real users. Once logged in just click on the top right where it says ‘Hi,….’ and edit your preferences etc.

EMAIL and PASSWORDS: It’s in your interest to have a valid email registered because you can reset your own password when forgotten and get notified of updates. On passwords we are insisting on high strength passwords which can be generated for you on reset and if you use a modern browser you can safely store these for next time you login so you don’t have to remember them. Why ? Because of the simplicity now in hacking passwords means crackable passwords could be the weak link that gets the website hacked. By the way – you need to have the strongest and different passwords for all your accounts especially your email account and any banks!


SUMMER 2022 – Aunt Sally is back!

The Summer 2022 League is upon us and the Committee have been working hard to get ready for a new season…

WE START THIS WEEK on 11th May. 

Competition Entries close 30th May. 

8s Competitions will be played on THURSDAYS in June/July (TBC)

Founders & Legends (Over 50s Only) is on 14th Sept – turn up and play.

FINALS NIGHT 21st September

PRESENTATION NIGHT – 4th November 2022

Website Logins!

You may have a login on this site so that

  1. we can keep in touch with newsletters and/or
  2. to enter match cards if you are a Captain or Secretary

Please try your login NOW – especially those of you who enter match cards – you don’t want to get stuck when you win your first game on Wednesday!

If you don’t have a valid email address on your login you won’t get newsletters nor will you be able to reset your own password should you have lost it! So check your own account as soon as so we can make any necessary updates soonest. Login and check the profile in the top right hand corner where it says Hi!

You CAN register a new account but the email address has to be unique (and not used before) and as we have to vet these (you wouldn’t believe how many email addresses from abroad we get asking to register so they can try to hack our site) please make it obvious you are a genuine person or venue – or just drop a second email to Team Support so we can join you and the team up.


Winter League: Over 14s etc

Thought you might like to know who had scores of 14 etc during the Winter season.

For Top Dolls etc see online score reports and don’t forget to change the Year to 2018 and Season to Winter before clicking Submit!

17D.Dix 6-6-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 11
16P.Adams 6-5-5 (The Heathens) – Week 12
16D.Dix 6-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 10
15P.Adams 5-5-5 (The Heathens) – Week 18
15D.Dix 4-5-6 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 16
15P.Adams 5-5-5 (The Heathens) – Week 15
15P.Wright 5-6-4 (Penlon) – Week 15
15P.Adams 5-4-6 (The Heathens) – Week 13
15B.Parker 6-5-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 13
15B.Parker 4-5-6 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 4
14P.Adams 3-5-6 (The Heathens) – Week 17
14D.Dix 4-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 17
14D.Dix 4-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 12
14L.Clapton 6-5-3 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 10
14P.Adams 6-3-5 (The Heathens) – Week 9
14L.Clapton 5-5-4 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 9
14P.Adams 5-5-4 (The Heathens) – Week 4
14D.Dix 4-6-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 3

The Unlucky for some 13s…..

TotalUnlucky 13s
13A.Bell 5-3-5 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 18
13B.Parker 4-4-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 3
13B.Parker 4-6-3 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 12
13C.Brind 4-4-5 (Ab.Legion) – Week 5
13D.Dix 3-4-6 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 4
13D.Dix 3-4-6 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 7
13D.Dix 3-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 8
13D.Dix 4-5-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 1
13D.Hamilton 3-5-5 (The Vine) – Week 3
13J.Pounceby 4-5-4 (The Vine) – Week 7
13N.Weston 4-5-4 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 14
13P.Adams 4-3-6 (The Heathens) – Week 10
13P.Adams 5-4-4 (The Heathens) – Week 5
13P.Adams 6-4-3 (The Heathens) – Week 2
13P.Ealey 6-4-3 (Ab.Legion) – Week 12
13P.Soden 4-4-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 2
13P.Wright 4-4-5 (Penlon) – Week 12
13S.Enock 4-3-6 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 5
13S.Martin 5-5-3 (Ab.Utd.B) – Week 14
13T.Barrett 4-4-5 (Ab.Con.Club) – Week 3

And the Dirty Dozens…..

TotalDirty Dozens
12B.Newman 4-4-4 (Spread Eagle A) – Week 10
12B.Parker 2-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 14
12B.Parker 2-5-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 16
12B.Parker 4-4-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 8
12B.Parker 5-2-5 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 6
12B.Parker 6-2-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 18
12B.Stowell 6-2-4 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 6
12B.Townsend 3-5-4 (The Heathens) – Week 12
12B.Townsend 4-3-5 (The Heathens) – Week 3
12B.Townsend 4-4-4 (The Heathens) – Week 2
12D.Bellcourt 4-5-3 (Penlon) – Week 9
12D.Davies 4-4-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 6
12D.Dix 3-5-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 9
12D.Dix 5-4-3 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 2
12D.Dix 5-4-3 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 5
12D.Hamilton 5-3-4 (The Vine) – Week 7
12D.Holmes 4-4-4 (The Heathens) – Week 12
12D.Sapey 4-4-4 (Ab.Legion) – Week 15
12J.Gapper 4-3-5 (Spread Eagle A) – Week 5
12Jon Warrell 5-3-4 (Ab.Utd.C) – Week 1
12L.Clapton 3-3-6 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 13
12L.Clapton 3-4-5 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 11
12L.Clapton 5-3-4 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 12
12P.Adams 3-5-4 (The Heathens) – Week 11
12P.Adams 6-3-3 (The Heathens) – Week 6
12P.Ealey 4-4-4 (Ab.Legion) – Week 7
12P.Longford 3-4-5 (The Heathens) – Week 4
12P.Longford 6-1-5 (The Heathens) – Week 3
12S.Enock 4-4-4 (Spread Eagle B) – Week 8
12S.Peedell 4-5-3 (The Vine) – Week 10
12T.Barrett 5-3-4 (Ab.Con.Club) – Week 12
12T.Barrett 6-4-2 (Ab.Con.Club) – Week 6
12T.Ward 3-5-4 (Ab.Utd.A) – Week 14

60th Summer League – Competition Entries CLOSING THIS WEEKEND

Competition entries for the Summer League are open until 1st April so please get on the home page and download your entry forms for the competitions.

8s competition is again being handicapped this year so each section down the league (Prem&A count as 1) gets 2 points extra so B section get 2 points and so on and F section teams get a whopping 10 dolls against a Premier side!

Get your entries in by contacting anyone on the Committee or use the Team Support page.

If you’ve already entered – Good Luck! – and keep an eye on the website for match fixtures coming soon. 8s Competitions will start in April!


60th Summer League is coming!

The 60th Abingdon & District Aunt Sally League is coming this year!

League entries are now closed but you can still enter your teams into the competitions. Competition entries are closing on 1st April as voted at the AGM.

Get your entries in as soon as possible – forms are on the homepage of the website. Get these to Tosh Woolloff at Winter League on Wednesday evening or to a committee member as soon as possible !