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FRIDAY- Finals & Presentation Night 2023

1960 – 2023  Abingdon & District Aunt Sally League

Presentation Evening 2023 

Will be held at Abingdon United FC at 8pm on 

Friday November 3rd 

Entry & Competitor Practice 7.00pm

The Captains Final Will Be Played at 7.15pm

Draw for the Pairs and Singles Semi Finals and Finals will take place at 7.40pm

and the  Semi Finals will start at 7.45pm

League Section Winners/Runners-up, Top Dolls should be there to receive their plaques/trophies.



The History Section – Have you got any?

Trophies believed to be from the 2000 season. Note the wooden spoons and the plate which is probably the Sam New Memorial Plate*. (click to enlarge)

As you know, if you don’t please explore the menus, the website has quite a few historic photos, news clippings etc and having just got some of the old programmes (thanks to our President John Simmons and Brian ‘1988’ Clapton* -the covers are available for browsing) plus a couple of handfuls of new clippings (from Graham Brown). One clip includes a photo of the young Mr Martin Sheridan who was top dolls that year (year unknown!). 

Roger Nichols and I are also compiling our Roll of Honour which will list all the winners/runners up over the years – see Roll of Honour but bear with us as it’s a labour of love and currently incomplete.

Also with Graham’s items were some balance sheets from decades past.

I’m sure our older members like to relive memories and past victories even if playing is out of the question. Plus there are always those who are now overseas who can’t play or watch, until we get our Sky Sports channel of course. 🙂 

If you have any programmes before 1984 do get in touch (we are also missing 1998).

If you have old clippings, photos or other info you’d like to get rid of pass onto the League for scanning please get in touch.


*Brian Clapton, singles winner 1988.  Sam New Memorial Plate


2023 Founders and Legends Trophy Results

Founders and Legends Trophy

Thankfully we were able to get the Founders & Legends trophy played on a dry but chilly October evening. Many thanks to the 27 entrants and to Abingdon Conservative Club and particularly Micky Neal for organising at such short notice after the original postponement. Special thanks to the 27 entrants which was exactly the same number as in 2022!

There were a few surprises on the night with early exits for 2 of the likely favourites, Phil Adams losing out to Tony Barrett and Barry Parker losing out to Colin Brind in their first round matches. There could have been another big surprise when Dave Dix met Stuart Wilson. Stuart won the first leg 4-3 and then Dave edged home 3-2 in the second leg before setting 3 dolls in the final leg. Stuart responded by hitting his first 3 dolls, but then failed with his next 3 so to 3 sticks a piece which saw Dave emerge victorious and Stuart rueing the missed opportunity. The second round saw the first 5 of the night when Brian Clapton defeated Tony Barrett in 2 straight although the first leg was only decided with a 1 stick shoot out.

The quarter finals brought together 2 interesting ties with a clash of the Clapton’s and Dad Brian earned bragging rights beating son Leigh in 2 straight legs and with a very impressive 5 with hi s second leg throw.

it was also a battle of the Stevie Sports pair when Colin Brind just edged out last year’s title winner and teammate Derek Fletcher.

The semi finals brought together Dave Dix and Colin Brind and Dave secured his place in the final winning 3-2 and 4-3.

The second semi final saw surprise packet and league sponsor John Pownceby winning in 3 legs against Brian Clapton who had played so well on the night and makes you wonder how well he would score over the season if he played a little more often!

The final was a little predictable despite John’s fine form on the night there was no stopping Dixie and he won in two legs although both legs went to 3 sticks before John succumbed and Dave clinched the Founders & Legends Trophy for 2023.

A really enjoyable and well supported and competitive night played in a really good spirit and despite the cold a fitting conclusion to our outdoor Summer season.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen.


Looking at the ol’ scoreboards…..

1st Round (byes for C.Smith, M.Neal, L.Clapton, J.Miles,P.Barrett)

2nd Round

Quarter Final



Summer Playoffs Tonight

If you’re not playing a friendly in the Winter League there are two summer league playoffs tonight 

The C section play off between The Royal Oak and The Bell will be played at Steventon Sports at 7.15pm.

The D section play off at The Croft Bar is a 3 sided situation so all 3 teams will play one leg apiece and the two highest scoring teams will then play off in the best of 3 legs runners up play off at 7.30pm.

Good dolls everyone and fingers crossed for a fine evening.


Founder and Legends Trophy – 20th Sept @ Abingdon Con Club

The Founders and Legends Trophy is a knockout non-handicap competition for registered players over 50.

VENUE: Abingdon Conservative Club

START: 7 pm for Registrations – Practice from 6.45pm

Practice from 6.45pm to 7.15pm when the Captains final will be played before this competition.


Previously we had the Founder Members Trophy Sheild and in 1990’s Finals Programme we had this picture below of most of the participants of that year. 

This competition was revamped in 2022 to recognize that as work of the original founders of the Abingdon Aunt Sally League back in 1960
a considerable number of players have made a significant contribution and impact both on the Association and the legacy they have left to the game over the past decades. 

It is right to recognize all of those whose performances and memories are still recalled and spoken of fondly by those who played with and against them.

This shield was replaced* with new trophies kindly donated by our previous Chairman Reg Couch and entrance updated in 2022 to involve more players (under 50’s instead of 55!)

Click on the image to enlarge. 

* it was very large and would be too heavy with another layer of wood to expand it’s capacity.


Finals Night TONIGHT

It’s Finals Night tonight at Abingdon Utd FC. 

Practice starts at 7pm and games at 7.30pm.

Games are:-

7.00pm  Practice for the 8’s finalists only

7.30 Eights Knockout Handicap Final between Abingdon Utd@Con Club and The Bell Grove who will have a 6 doll advantage!

8.15 Practice for all other finalists (excluding those who have played in the 8’s)

Matches starting at 8.30pm

  •  Secretary’s Final Bob Duff v Martin Rawlings
  • 5’s Final between Plum Pudding and Abingdon Utd@Con Club
  • 4’s  Final between Croft Nomads and Abingdon Utd@Con Club A
  • 3’s  Final between Abingdon Utd@Con Club A and Plum Pudding

Captain’s Final – Due to an outstanding league match the Captain’s final will be played before the Founders & Legends Competition (open to all over 50 registered players) on the Wed 20th September @ Abingdon Con Club.


Competition Sunday Part 2

With the threat of a shower (or 2 in reality) most of Sunday was fine and not plagued like the previous competition event with a gusty side wind. The sun did shine and at times that doll was very bright when the clouds cleared!

We had 15 pairs entered, 6 Captains, 6 Secretaries, and 27 Singles.  Kicking off with the pairs draw at 1pm we actually finished playing around 7.30pm not bad for 48 matches on one pitch. A shower caused a slight pause twice.

A special thank you to all entrants for both their participation and patience as the afternoon developed into quite a long, but for most I think and enjoyable one! We know that Sundays are not ideal for many so entries may be affected, but those who did enter seemed to enjoy the afternoon and the standard of play, the sportsmanship and the banter and humour was, as usual, evident of the way our game is so popular.

You may know that in the Summer League Competition rules if a leg is drawn we play 3 sticks then if that’s drawn 1 stick then back to a 6 stick leg and repeat until someone wins. (In the Winter league if the match is still a draw AFTER 3 legs then the 3 stick rule is applied – it means it’s less variable in match time). Well, we had quite a few games which would have seen a bookie getting nervous for the favourite and the committee were starting to worry we were going to be playing until sunset! Roy Taylor’s singles game against Dave Butler was one of those – we’d asked Roy to have a go to help even up the numbers and it turned into a tense crowd pleaser! To be honest this is one of the most exciting aspects of the knock out competitions and it almost doesn’t matter how good or bad a player you are because everyone can have a bad day and succumb to the match nerves. 

We had a couple of 5’s notably when Terry Downes set a 5 and Barry Parker hit a 6 in response! (the only maximum of the afternoon) I had warmed Barry up in the previous round by going to 3 sticks etc – I’m sure he was toying with me! Unfortunately it wasn’t Barry’s day and Terry bested him in the later legs only to go out himself against Steve Enock. This is why we love the competitions. You need to put in your best performance but its easy to go astray under the pressure. 

Unfortunately in all the excitement (you had to be there) we didn’t record all the leg scores so you’ll have to make do with the images attached which show the final placings and who played who. You’ll have to ask the players how they got on and what were their memorable moments. It was good to see a few new faces too from Berinsfield, two of which got through to the pairs and secretaries – just proving you don’t have to be Premier to have a chance in the competitions.

Once again I need to thank Brian Clapton for preparing the dolls etc, our Doll Secretary Roger Nichols for making it back from holiday to join us with the lists of entrants and for Claire Foster with the PA equipment and doing all the recording of matches and Roy Taylor (for being the extra pair of hands you always need).  A special mention is due to Matt Ashmall who liaised with the bar staff to put on some sandwiches and suggested using the 2nd pitch portable scoreboard.

Congratulations to all of those who came through the afternoon to earn their place either on Finals night or in the case of the Pairs and Singles competitions on Presentation Night.

So the Finalists for Finals Night on Wednesday 13th September at Abingdon United FC :-

Captains – Mike Greenaway  vs  Dave Sapey

Secretaries – Bob Duff  vs  Martin Rawlings

For Presentation Night on Friday 3rd November at Abingdon United FC where we play the semi finals and finals:

Pairs -Tony Beecher & Martin Rawlings, Paul Longford & Dave Butler, Ken Fisher & Phil Adams, Scott Humphries & Leigh Clapton.

Singles – Phil Adams, Leigh Clapton, Steve Enock, Paul Longford.


2023 Competition results

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2023 Pairs

2023 Secretaries

2023 Captains

2023 Singles