Ode to Aunt Sally

An Ode to Aunt Sally

by Brian Lacey 2013


There is a game called Aunty Sally
Played outside on what’s called an alley.
To win the game it’s points to score
By knocking a dolly to the floor.


The dolly it is made of wood
Thirty inches from the floor it’s stood.
To knock the dolly to the ground
A wooden stick is used, it’s round.


When the game is ready to play
The stick is thrown from ten yards away.
This game is for a team,
Eight is the number it would seem.


Each player has a go
Six sticks he has to throw.
To score a point the player should,
Hit dolly with stick, wood on wood.


The players scores are written down
All added together, the total shown.
An opposing team with then try
To beat the score set, in reply.


The game will duly run its course
Each leg that’s played is called a horse.
Three legs are played and the game is done
Win two of these and the game is won!