Buying Kit

Turn up at any pub or club with an Aunt Sally pitch and you’ll probably find some old sticks and a doll or two in the shed so you can have a game.

A new set of kit

A new set of kit

If you want to start playing seriously you’ll need your own set of sticks so you get used to playing with them. Sticks come in different weights so you’ll need to practice with few (have a throw with someone else’s) and decide how heavy or light you want them. You can then buy some either from someone else or from the few people who still make them (ask a committee member or see below).

When you’re considering a set of sticks you’ll need make sure they are roughly the same weight – wood is a natural material and will vary! Especially tree wood!

If you have a 30-40ft spare space in your garden you can setup your own pitch. You’ll need a swivel, an iron, at least one doll and your sticks. You’ll need some sort of backing to stop the sticks – tarpaulins are readily available (with an old mattress behind maybe) and you’ll need some form of line for an oche. Take a look at The Pitch to find out how long your garden needs to be!

You can buy equipment from Brian Collins below – see our article on The Stick Maker!


Brian S Collins – Production Woodwork and Woodturning Blanks

Sticks: 1lb 8oz to 1lb 10oz – prices depending on wood quality

Telephone 01865 874302 to discuss your requirements.





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