Winter League Rules

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  1. The Association to be called “The Abingdon & District Winter Aunt Sally League” being run at present by Tosh Woolloff with the support of Brian Clapton.
  2. Each team to fill in players sheet prior to the start of the season. No signatures required, just names will do. A minimum of 6 players to be named.
  3. The league to consist of two sections of five teams with a 1 up, 1 down system implemented at the end of each season.
  4. There is no league entrance fee, but a fee of £1.00 per player for each competition entered will apply.
  5. League matches to start at 7:45 p.m. prompt. It is the Captains responsibility to get subsequent games started immediately.
  6. Captains to decide between themselves on tossing of coin for 1st and 3rd legs.
  7. In the event of a leg being already started, a player who has arrived late may take their throw providing the player has not missed their turn in that leg.
  8. The Caller must call dolls loud enough to enable the Thrower to hear.
  9. A handicap procedure will apply to the 5’s competition only.
  10. The 3 stick rule will only apply in deciding legs.
  11. All competitions will be best of 3 legs except in the case of the singles final, which will be the best of 5.
  12. The transfer of a player from one team to another will be permitted providing the player has not already played for the team they originally signed for.
  13. Anyone wishing to sign on after the start of the season will be discretionary.
  14. The use of guest players will not be permitted.
  15. The handicap for ‘A’ section teams only will be based on averages of top 5 players from each team at the start of each season.