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Summer 2024 Week 9 Results

Match Results

P/A – Abingdon Utd@ConClub 5 – Plum Pudding 1; Legs (20-15, 22-22, 24-20)

P/A – Berinsfield SC A 0 – Steventon Sports SC A 6; Legs (23-31, 23-32, 16-22)

P/A – Bystander A 6 – College Oak A 0; Legs (24-23, 26-20, 21-17)

P/A – The Vine Cumnor 2 – Red Lion Drayton 4; Legs (23-16, 17-21, 20-22)

B – Abingdon RBL 0 – Harwellian B 6; Legs (7-11, 7-14, 12-14)

B – Abingdon United C 5 – The Fox Denchworth 1; Legs (15-15, 14-11, 14-11)

B – Stanford in the Vale FC 4 – The Croft Bar 2; Legs (9-5, 10-12, 12-6)

B – The Grapes B 6 – The Bell A Grove 0; Legs (14-10, 19-8, 17-6)

B – The Plough Long Wittenham 3 – Fleur de Lys A, Hagbourne 3; Legs (7-12, 9-9, 14-7)

C – Boundary House 6 – The Bear and Ragged Staff Cumnor 0; Legs (17-12, 17-12, 14-8)

C – The Bell B Grove 2 – The Oak Didcot 4; Legs (15-10, 13-14, 14-18)

C – The Prince of Wales Shippon 5 – The Grapes A 1; Legs (13-12, 13-11, 13-13)

C – The Waggon and Horses Southmoor 4 – Eight Bells Eaton 2; Legs (7-12, 16-12, 15-13)

D – College Oak B 6 – The Queens Arms 0; Legs (11-6, 13-11, 11-10)

D – Harwellian A 4 – Brewery Tap 2; Legs (15-9, 7-13, 11-6)

D – Red Lion B Drayton 4 – Berinsfield SC B 2; Legs (5-7, 14-9, 10-4)

D – The Lamb A Wantage 5 – The Chequers Charney 1; Legs (10-10, 14-8, 12-10)

D – The Midget 4 – The Plough Hanney 2; Legs (7-8, 12-11, 10-4)

E – Hanney RBL 2 – Marcham Centre A 4; Legs (9-8, 8-9, 4-14)

E – Horse & Jockey A 0 – The Wheatsheaf Didcot 6; Legs (4-8, 2-9, 6-9)

E – North Star A Steventon 6 – Bystander B 0; Legs (13-9, 17-9, 13-5)

E – Steventon Sports SC B 0 – RAL SC 6; Legs (5-7, 10-12, 10-13)

F – Fleur de Lys B Hagbourne 5 – North Star B Steventon 1; Legs (9-9, 12-5, 9-8)

F – Grove RFC 5 – Horse and Jockey B Stanford i-t-V 1; Legs (6-4, 7-7, 8-6)

F – Marcham Centre B 4 – Bystander C 2; Legs (10-3, 8-11, 12-7)

F – Sutton Courtenay FC 6 – The Plough Appleton 0; Legs (14-6, 12-9, 13-9)


Adam Harris (Hanney RBL), Alan Wilkinson (The Plough Hanney), Andy Latimer (North Star B Steventon), Billy O’Connell (Bystander C), Carey Lewis (Harwellian B), Charlotte Newbold (Steventon Sports SC B), David Carroll (RAL SC), Greg Coombs (Horse & Jockey A), Ian Bargus (The Croft Bar), Ian Crayford (The Chequers Charney), Joe Bowler (Eight Bells Eaton), John Walton (Berinsfield SC B), Jorge Eversion (Grove RFC), Kay Johnson (Brewery Tap), Keith Connolly (The Wheatsheaf Didcot), Keith McConnell (The Wheatsheaf Didcot), Lee Hutton (Marcham Centre A), Mark Jones (Brewery Tap), Mark Sheldon (Horse and Jockey B Stanford i-t-V), Martin Danby (North Star B Steventon), Rob France (Marcham Centre B), Scott Gardner (Horse & Jockey A), Stevie Hedges (The Queens Arms).


Nick Moore (RAL SC).


Alex Chamberlain 4-5-3 (Berinsfield SC A) – Week 9

Arran Gray 1-5-3 (The Oak Didcot) – Week 9

David Dix 5-3-4 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 9

John Gould 0-5-1 (Red Lion B Drayton) – Week 9

Leigh Clapton 3-5-4 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 9

Liam Brooks 5-3-2 (The Bell B Grove) – Week 9

Liam Priest 0-5-1 (The Queens Arms) – Week 9

Mick Brown 1-5-1 (The Grapes B) – Week 9

Phil Adams 3-5-3 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 9

Rick Fletcher 5-5-1 (Steventon Sports SC A) – Week 9



It’s a belated week 9 round up and a halfway review of the league tables

Firstly, apologies for the delayed post. Blame my pre-occupation with the Euro’s and, together with the rest of the Committee, trying to determine how to manage the week 10 programme after England’s progress to the semi final stage which, in the games before last Saturday’s quarter final, seemed pretty unlikely. Last night’s semi final and our progress to Sunday’s final did, I think, justify our decision to postpone all of our scheduled week 10 fixtures which will now all be played on September 11th.

It does mean we will need to re-arrange the team competitions (3’s,4’s and 5’s) which we had scheduled provisionally for that day assuming that in the next few days (closing date next Thursday July 18th) so we do still need more entries to get the minimum numbers for these Competitions. At the moment we are still short of the 8 team entries per competition required.

Well, time to look back at week 9 results and some of the highlights across the sections. In the Premier section Abingdon Utd/Con Club’s 5-1 victory over the Plum Pudding enabled them to go 6 points clear at the top of the table. They were well served by Dave Dix and Leigh Clapton both  top scoring with 12 dolls apiece and Phil Adams weighed in with his customary double figures this time with just 11!

Also in the Premier Bystander closed the gap to second placed Croft Nomads to just 1 point when 12 dolls from Jumbo Mott and 10 from Jason Bowler saw them get a maximum 6 points against College Oak. Also Steventon Sports  enjoyed a 6-0 return against Berinsfield despite another 12 doll haul from Alec Chamberlain for the home side.  For the Sports it was Father and Son Derek and Ricky Fletcher both hitting 11 dolls and Doug Bolton with 10 of his own who helped Steventon to their bets result of the season to date.

The B section saw a game of 2 halves,  2 legions  and 2 competitions take place on the same night at Abingdon RBL when the home side entertained the Harwellian side who play at the former Harwell RBL club. The 2 sides played  a double header firstly playing their 8′ s quarter final which Abingdon won 2 legs to 1 Then they followed that with their scheduled league fixture, and perhaps the Harwellian side’s concentration and stamina was superior to their hosts because they turned that 8’s defeat into a 6-0 league win with 9 the dolls apiece from Rick Vincent and Andy Shipman leading the way.

There were 2 other 6-o victories in the B section that night when Lee Brown’s 11 dolls helped the Grapes B to a 6-0 win against The Bell and also Karl Ford hit 10 dolls when the Boundary House saw off the Bear & Ragged Staff by the same score line 

In the C section Royal Oak beat he Bell Grove A 4-2 despite Liam Brooks 10 doll return for the Bell 

Some other notable individual scores on the night were in the E section where Jim Lister’s 11 dolls for North Star A enabled the Star to win their encounter 6-0 against The Bystander B side and again in the E section Nick Moore hit a magnificent last leg 6 for  visitors RAL SC who turned over Steventon Sports B on the Green 6-0 to record probably their best result of the season to date.

So, how do the league tables look at the halfway stage of the season. As mentioned earlier Ab Con Club/United lead the Premier by 6 points and the battle for second place is looking tight with only the one point now separating Croft Nomads and The Bystander A. Remarkably in the Premier/A section when you look at the total dolls (including handicaps) 8 of the 9 teams are  separated by only 34 dolls! Who says the handicap system doesn’t work!

The B section sees Stanford in the Vale FC still leading after their 4-2 win over the previously unbeaten Croft Bar who in turn drop to 3rd place behind the Grapes who have a superior doll count.

Abingdon Con Club who had their bye in week 9 still lead the way in the C section and in the D section Harwellian  are heading the table, one point above The Midget. Newcomers Horse & Jockey A are at the foot of the table and are still looking to register their first points! 

The E section is also tight with The Wheatsheaf heading the table by 2 points from second placed North Star A and in the F section it looks like a battle between 2 new entrants with the Fleur de Leys just the one point head from the Fleur de Leys B. 

Looking at the top dolls at the midpoint of the season it looks as if Phil Adams will be first to the 100 dolls mark needing just 4 dolls next Wednesday to pip team mate Dave Dix who has played a game less than Phil so has a higher doll average. The Premier top 10 includes 5 of the Ab. Utd/Con Club, 4 from Croft Nomads and skipper Steve Martin of the Bystander. In the A section Paul Leach of the Plum Pudding leads the doll count by just 1 doll from Danny Hamilton from the Vine followed by Terry Downes who is just 1 doll further back.

Tight at the moment in the B section with Andy Shipman of the Harwellian  just a couple of dolls ahead of Dave Sapey and in the C section Liam Brooks is being chased by Steve Soden in the doll race, Roly Burns heads Rick Selby having played a game more than Rick at the halfway stage in the D section. The Wheatsheaf’s Darren Bennett comfortably leads the E section’s highest dolls, but in the F section the WAD’s Derrick Brown is shading North Star’s Rob Baker by just the one doll.

So in summary the Competition for both league honour’s and top dolls  in each of the sections is, after 9 weeks of competition,  being fiercely contested and if  the second half of our Summer season stays that way we are in for some tight finishes come September!

My final reminder this week about Competition entries all of which will close next week.  The 8’s are approaching the semi final stage, the singles and pairs will take place at Abingdon United on Sunday August 11th with entries still open, but all of the remaining Competitions are still in doubt unless we get more entries this week, that’s the team 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s and the individual Captain’s and Secretaries. We, on the Committee,  want all of these Competitions to take, they are a big part of our heritage, but if we don’t get th entries it won’t happen this year! So get those entries in now! 





This week

For all of you who spotted my not so deliberate mistake in my recent e mail thank you! I was just pre-empting my hope for next Sunday’s final! On Wednesday we will definitely be playing Holland!


Important – This weeks scheduled fixtures all postponed

Due to the somewhat unexpected result in last night’s European Championship quarter final when England, although without conviction, saw off the challenge of Switzerland and after many of you will want to watch the semi final tie on Wednesday when England will face Holland at 8pm.

Even if you don’t want to watch the game  I am sure some if not all will want to and many of our venues will turn into fan zones on the night just when we are due to play our week 10 fixtures and this will make it difficult,  if not impossible for all of us to get enough players to forego the football in favour iof Aunt Sally.

So the Committee has looked at a number of options and the least difficult and disruptive, and therefore the most sensible, seemed to us to postpone ALL of this weeks fixtures. This weeks fixture will now be played on Wednesday September 11th extending the league season by one week. We did look at other options, but this seemed to be the most practical, fairest and easiest to administer for individuals, teams and the league and whilst I appreciate that not everyone will be glued to TV’s on Wednesday the decision we think is the best one for  both the league and all of our players who can now concentrate on supporting England with the exception I am sure of one Abingdon United player who would probably have turned up wearing Orange!

So all fixtures scheduled for Wednesday will now become  the final league fixtures on September 11th. The plan agreed only last week was to hold the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s Competitions on that evening if we attract enough entries, but we  will need to find another date(s) for those before the end of the season and this will probably need to be on another weekday(s)  during the second half of the season as all our Wednesday’s are now full!





EGM and Competitions

On Tuesday evening the planned EGM to discuss the outstanding 2024 Competitions was held and was reasonably well attended.

The Chairman  outlined the purpose of the meeting and why it had been called which was primarily because of the lack of entries received, which in turn, had led to the planned team Competitions that were due to be held in June having to be postponed. The extension of the entry date had marginally increased the number of entries, but at the date (2nd July) the Committee still felt there were insufficient entries to justify holding the Competitions. The cost of trophies for limited numbers was also a consideration, but it has always been recognised that the cost of competitions, an essential part of our Association since it’s conception over 60 years ago are never going to pay their own way.

One of the reasons it was felt necessary to call an EGM was to try and establish the reasons for the lack of entries. 

A number of thoughts were put forward by the club representatives which included the problem of  holding the Competitions on Sundays (agreed at the 2024 AGM), lack of knowledge of the  Competitions by the players, assumed ability to compete with the Premier/A section sides, lack of handicaps to incentivise teams from lower sections and several others.

The number of entries for each competition received to date which, with the exception of the Singles and Pairs was still considered insufficient to run the remaining Competitions this season unless more entries could be generated and a number of teams represented said they would be prepared to enter teams.

After much discussion the following points were discussed and agreed. 

  • No Competition will be held in 2024 unless a minimum of 8 entries are received
  • The entry date for all Competitions will be extended until July 18th. If  less than 8 entries have been received by hat date that Competition will not take place this season.
  • Wednesday September 10th (week 19 as it were) will be set aside as the revised date for the team 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s competitions. All entries MUST be received by July 18th either via the Team Support link on the website or direct to Roger Nichols ( together with the entry fees £1 per person per competition. Team members should be named where possible, but it is not essential at the time of entry. Venue and timings will be confirmed after July 18th.
  • The planned introduction/re-introduction of Competitions for both teams and players from the lower sections needs to be re-launched in 2025 as there has been little or no interest this year.

The Singles and Pairs Competitions will be held, as planned, on Sunday August 11th at Abingdon United FC. The draws will be made on the day. Assuming sufficient entries the Captains and Secretaries Competitions will also take place on that day.

A number of other suggestions received at the meeting will be included for discussion and, if appropriate agreement, at the 2025 AGM. These include the introduction of handicapping the team based competitions, the increase of registration fees to include automatic entry some of the Competitions, and the extension of the Summer season to free up some Wednesday’s for Competitions (this could involve reducing the number of teams in sections).

Well, I think that about summarises the discussions and outcomes from Tuesday’s meeting.

The Committee would like to thank the attendees or their contribution on the night and their commitment to share the outcomes with their team mates to boost the entries in the next couple of weeks. We really want all of these  Competitions to take place, but it will only happen if we get he minimum entry numbers by July 18th.

Registration forms are still on the website so please let’s get those entries in and make our Competitions both valued and competitive!!


Singles World Championship 2024

The intrepid 8 from AASL


Glasses at the ready! Half pint souvenir glasses complete with beer vouchers.





Someone thought we ought to enter into the World Open Singles Aunt Sally Championship which is held each year at the Charlbury Beer Festival held at the Cricket Club. 

So Paul Barrett organised our entrance, registration for the Aunt Sally and a mini-bus to get us there and, more importantly, back.  We started off with breakfast at the Beans and Blends cafe at Peachcroft at 9.30 and the bus came for us at 11am getting us to the Charlbury Cricket Club just before opening at noon. This early entry allowed us to bag some of the covered seating next to the no.1 pitch, which was nice, as the draw for the matches would take place at 1pm.

This festival is in its 26th year and the Singles competition has been going since 2011 so this was the 12th year (due to covid omissions). Of course we were following in the footsteps of the greats of Barry Parker (2016) and Phil Adams (2019) as champions from the Abingdon league and other league winners like Trevor Dyer, Steve McAteer, Henry Johnson, Roger Goodall, Kevin Powney and latest champion for the last two years Rod Bradford. 

League Players in capitals

Our contestants were Bob Duff, Ian Brook, John Miles, Micky Neal, Paul Barrett, Paul Stone, Steve Enoch & Tom Baldwin. 

With the League players and walk-ins we got to the magic 64 contenders for the challenge.

The draw allocated 32 each side of the ‘board’ – this allowed the organiser (Nick) to split the sides of the board over the two pitches.            

(The league players are in capitals the tryers in lower case)

We were the furthest away from the Beer tent which wasn’t such a bad thing as we still had to be able to see the doll! Beer vouchers were £10 for 4 halves and the bartender just crossed off your sheet.  You can take your own pint glass but the half pint must be used to it fill up.

We were also farthest away from the music tent – one band was ‘giving it all’ in my first game and it made me stop and concentrate! There was a wide variety of performers playing through the day. There must have been 70+ beers available so don’t try testing every one. The free programme listed them all with tasting notes and Cider and Wine drinkers weren’t forgotten.

Anyway back to Aunt Sally and Paul Barrett was first up on pitch 2 drawing Tracey Denton and losing a straight 2 legs (2-1, 3-2). Not a great start and one which he got a ribbing for on the bus home. At this point previous champ Henry Johnson had gone through to be beaten by Semifinalist Alan Goodgame who ended up beating his brother Ian Goodgame to get into the final who’d beat me in the last 32 after one of the lowest scoring tight games! Legs 2-2, 1-1, 2-2 and a 3sticker 1-1 then 1 stick 1-1 then 0-1 in what I thought was back to 6 sticks but it was Oxford rules 1 stick! Never mind – I went out to a solid player on sudden death.

I can tell you its SO much different to a league match when its just you, the sticks and the doll and if you don’t enter competitions you’ll never be able to understand how to control your nerves. 

Steve Enock couldn’t find form but strung it out against Luke Manning with 1 stick killer – legs (0-1, 1-1, 2-1 3 stick 1-1 1 stick 0-1) so another one bit the dust. 

With the luck of the draw Tom Baldwin played Ian Brook in the first round – so we were guaranteed someone in the next 32! However Tom played his socks off with a straight 2 leg win 3-1 and 4-0! I’ll be honest I wouldn’t have put money on that given Ian’s pedigree. Just shows anything can happen in singles. It was just before this game that I got interviewed live on BBC Radio Oxford who were there reporting on all the proceedings with regular ‘updates’ on Aunt Sally. 

John Miles went out to Mark Poulter (1-3, 1-2) who was eventually taken out by Roger Goodall. Micky Neal was also taken out in the first round by Dick Walsh over 3 legs (1-2, 3-3, 1-1). Dick was recounting the Black Prince trophy (Woodstock) which is no longer played due to the pub closing last year. Dick eventually went out to Ian McAteer. 

Meanwhile on Pitch 1 Bob Duff took out Darren Grant (2-1, 1-3, 2-1) and then John Bradshaw again over 3 legs (1-1, 3-0, 2-1) and then into the quarter final after taking out Dave Fry (3-3, 2-1, 1-1).  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Bob play last year’s champion Rob Bradford as I was queuing for food (for a good 20 mins!) and as you can see I didn’t get a snap of the scores on the board. Suffice to say that Bob did his best and it, as it goes sometimes, was not his best.

World Champion Trophies

Roger Goodall’s winners trophy, sticks and his trademark bottle of talcum powder used on his sticks.

So the final was between Roger Goodall and Alan Goodgame. I did record the event and it’ll be on AuntSallyTV

Roger became the champion once again (previously 2017) so deserved congratulations to him and a big thanks to the organiser Nick and his team and the bricky (Rob Tudge) who stuck up what seemed like most of the time in the sunshine and set out the pitches!

The Abingdon Eight can certainly recommend going if not for the beer and entertainment then for the Aunt Sally, after all anyone of us COULD have been a winner!

Paul Stone


Summer 2024 Week 8 Results

Match Results

P/A – Berinsfield SC A 4 – The Vine Cumnor 2; Legs (23-20, 27-25, 19-23)

P/A – Croft Nomads 2 – Abingdon Utd@ConClub 4; Legs (22-21, 20-21, 21-27)

P/A – Steventon Sports SC A 2 – Plum Pudding 4; Legs (24-21, 22-23, 16-25)

P/A – Red Lion Drayton 4 – Bystander A 2; Legs (21-27, 21-15, 25-20)

B – Abingdon RBL 2 – Abingdon United C 4; Legs (14-8, 13-16, 10-12)

B – Fleur de Lys A, Hagbourne 5 – The Fox Denchworth 1; Legs (9-8, 11-11, 18-6)

B – Harwellian B 4 – The Croft Bar 2; Legs (16-12, 11-12, 12-10)

B – The Bell A Grove 6 – Stanford in the Vale FC 0; Legs (13-10, 17-12, 15-13)

B – The Plough Long Wittenham 2 – The Grapes B 4; Legs (11-17, 8-13, 13-10)

C – Abingdon Con Club 2 – The Waggon and Horses Southmoor 4; Legs (16-17, 16-4, 11-13)

C – Boundary House 2 – The Bell B Grove 4; Legs (10-9, 9-11, 8-10)

C – The Grapes A 2 – The Oak Didcot 4; Legs (14-13, 11-14, 14-15)

D – College Oak B 4 – Red Lion B Drayton 2; Legs (8-9, 15-10, 16-10)

D – The Chequers Charney 2 – Harwellian A 4; Legs (10-12, 11-10, 9-10)

D – The Midget 6 – The Lamb A Wantage 0; Legs (13-11, 16-10, 13-12)

D – The Plough Hanney 3 – Berinsfield SC B 3; Legs (13-9, 8-8, 6-14)

D – The Queens Arms 2 – Brewery Tap 4; Legs (10-8, 13-14, 4-18)

E – Horse & Jockey A 0 – North Star A Steventon 6; Legs (1-12, 5-11, 3-4)

E – RAL SC 2 – Hanney RBL 4; Legs (9-10, 14-5, 10-17)

E – The Lamb B Wantage 4 – Bystander B 2; Legs (8-13, 12-11, 12-7)

E – The Wheatsheaf Didcot 6 – Marcham Centre A 0; Legs (13-11, 17-14, 16-7)

F – Bystander C 3 – Horse and Jockey B Stanford i-t-V 3; Legs (7-7, 6-8, 10-6)

F – Marcham Centre B 0 – Sutton Courtenay FC 6; Legs (5-7, 3-6, 8-9)

F – North Star B Steventon 4 – Grove RFC 2; Legs (9-6, 9-5, 5-7)

F – WADS Bar 4 – Fleur de Lys B Hagbourne 2; Legs (12-12, 13-9, 12-12)


Ashley Wheeler (The Waggon and Horses Southmoor), Ben Newman (Bystander C), Bob Humphreys (The Plough Long Wittenham), Chris Hoy (Bystander B), Chris Wilding (North Star B Steventon), Duncan Nicholls (Grove RFC), Edward Houlihan (Boundary House), Enya Mayall (Horse & Jockey A), Harvey Dundson (North Star B Steventon), James Smith (The Plough Hanney), Keith Brown (The Plough Long Wittenham), Liam Stapleton (Hanney RBL), Robbie Cook (Grove RFC), Scott Gardner (Horse & Jockey A), Viv Albin (Bystander B).


David Dix (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) & Simon Winterbourne (Plum Pudding).


Colin Brind 5-3-2 (Steventon Sports SC A) – Week 8

David Dix 5-3-6 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 8

David Mott 5-1-3 (Bystander A) – Week 8

Dean Bowler 5-1-2 (Red Lion Drayton) – Week 8

Glenn Woolley 1-1-5 (Red Lion Drayton) – Week 8

Mike Phipps 5-1-3 (The Waggon and Horses Southmoor) – Week 8

Phil Adams 3-5-4 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 8

Scott Humphries 2-2-5 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 8

Steve Martin 5-2-3 (Bystander A) – Week 8

Steve Peedell 2-5-3 (The Vine Cumnor) – Week 8

Stuart Wilson 2-5-2 (Berinsfield SC A) – Week 8



Look back at week 8 and a reminder about tomorrow’s EGM for all teams

Well last Wednesday was another dry and fine night with generally good scoring across the sections although in the lower sections one or two leg scores did look like close  football scores, but thankfully there weren’t any no score draws!!

Last week’s results did however have some impact on the league leadership and Abingdon United@Con Club’s 4-2 victory over previous leaders Croft Nomads saw last year’s Premier section champions take top spot by a single point, but they do have, significantly, a game in hand which will this week give them the opportunity to draw further ahead when they host The Plum Pudding the current A section joint leaders. For Abingdon United@Con Club last week Dave Dix included another maximum 6 as he amassed another 14 dolls. Dave was ably assisted by team mates Phil Adams and Bob Duffy with 12 and 11 dolls respectively. The first 2 legs with the Croft setting were close encounters with just a doll between the teams, but the final leg saw United set 27 which proved too many for the Croft to chase and they fell well short. 

Elsewhere in the Premier /A section there were 4-2 wins Berinsfield against The Vine with Alec Chamberlain hitting 10 dolls for Berinsfield and Steve Peedell matching that for The Vine for The Red Lion against The Bystander despite Steve Martin’s 10 doll haul for the Bystander and a 4-2 win for the Plum Pudding for whom Paul Leach hit 12 dolls and Simon Winterbourne hit a maximum 6 in the third leg against College Oak A whose Matty Belcher also grabbed a 10 doll haul.

The B section saw early season leaders fall to their second successive 6-0 defeat this time at the hands of The Bell A who joined Stanford at the top of the table both with 30 points from their 8 games played. Elsewhere in the B section there was a welcome 5-1 win for the Fleur de Leys against The Fox, Denchworth, a first defeat of the season for the Croft Bar who went down 4-2 to Harwellian B and a good win for Abingdon United as they travelled to Abingdon’s west end to inflict a 4-2 defeat on Abingdon RBL.

The C section saw previously unbeaten Abingdon Con Club go down 4-2 to Waggon & Horses despite Mick Neal’s, the Bell Grove B made it a “double” for the pub when like their A team they managed a 4-2 win against the Boundary House and the Royal Oak secured a 4-2 result against The Grapes A.

The D section saw wins for the College Oak B who hosted the Red Lion B. Rick Selby hitting a very credible 10 dolls and Ian Northover of the Brewery Tap matched that with 10 of his own in the Tap’s 4-2 win over Didcot’s Queens Arms.

The E section newcomers Horse & Jockey A are still  striving to register their first point after a 6-0 defeat at home by the North Star A and their cause was not helped by only being able to field 7 players on the night. The F section saw a clash between the two teams vying for top position, both teams enjoying their first season in the league and it was the WADS bar who earned the honours with a 4-2 victory.

So after 8 weeks the sections are starting to take shape with Ab Utd@Con Club leading the way and an opportunity to increase their lead this week when nearest rivals Croft Nomads have a “rest day” following 2 successive defeats. Plum Pudding and Red Lion A are disputing the A section both with 30 points and The Bell Grove A have caught Stanford in the Vale FC with The Croft Bar just 1 point adrift and have a trip to Stanford this week. 

Despite last week’s setback Abingdon Con Club are still well clear in the C section and The Wheatsheaf Didcot lead the E section whilst in the F section it looks as if the first half of the season if maintained throughout the season will see a close contest between the WADs Bar and the Fleur de Leys B.

Dave Dix is once again leading the doll averages with a quite magnificent average of 4.11 dolls, but will he be the first to 100 dolls this season?

Finally, I just want remind all of us who play the need to recognise  that Aunt Sally is a game and one that is based not just on rivalry but on the goodwill and spirit in which it is played. Importantly, that our hosts the landlords and stewards of the pubs and clubs where we play, our team mates and our opponents are all involved because they want to enjoy the game as well as wanting to do their best as players, as teammates and whether they are playing, calling, picking up, chalking or just spectating so it’s important that we all treat each other with respect and courtesy whenever and wherever we play!


A final reminder about our Extraordinary General Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd) which is to discuss our scheduled  Competitions this year and beyond. It’s important that we have as many attendees as possible to determine a way forward which meets both the needs of the Competitions and which encourages as many individuals and teams to take part. 

Clearly at the moment, for whatever reasons, we haven’t got it right based on the number of entries received to date for 2024 including the proposed new competitions for players in the lower sections.

The meeting will take place at The Croft starting at 8pm and we need to hear your views not just the thoughts of one or two clubs.



Summer 2024 Week 7 Results

Match Results

P/A – Abingdon Utd@ConClub 4 – Berinsfield SC A 2; Legs (30-19, 31-17, 20-21)

P/A – Bystander A 5 – Croft Nomads 1; Legs (29-19, 25-25, 24-16)

P/A – College Oak A 2 – Red Lion Drayton 4; Legs (20-22, 25-23, 20-23)

P/A – The Vine Cumnor 2 – Steventon Sports SC A 4; Legs (23-21, 25-29, 17-20)

B – Abingdon United C 1 – The Plough Long Wittenham 5; Legs (10-11, 13-18, 9-9)

B – Stanford in the Vale FC 0 – Abingdon RBL 6; Legs (10-15, 12-15, 14-15)

B – The Croft Bar 4 – The Bell A Grove 2; Legs (13-10, 15-13, 9-14)

B – The Fox Denchworth 0 – Harwellian B 6; Legs (12-15, 15-17, 13-14)

B – The Grapes B 4 – Fleur de Lys A, Hagbourne 2; Legs (12-13, 20-11, 18-14)

C – Eight Bells Eaton 0 – Abingdon Con Club 6; Legs (12-19, 9-17, 13-19)

C – The Bell B Grove 6 – The Prince of Wales Shippon 0; Legs (15-10, 10-9, 14-9)

C – The Oak Didcot 4 – The Bear and Ragged Staff Cumnor 2; Legs (11-13, 13-7, 13-5)

C – The Waggon and Horses Southmoor 0 – Boundary House 6; Legs (11-12, 13-16, 6-14)

D – Brewery Tap 5 – The Chequers Charney 1; Legs (12-9, 15-15, 13-9)

D – Harwellian A 6 – College Oak B 0; Legs (13-11, 10-7, 12-11)

D – Red Lion B Drayton 1 – The Midget 5; Legs (8-12, 10-10, 8-10)

D – The Lamb A Wantage 3 – The Plough Hanney 3; Legs (11-8, 9-9, 9-11)

E – Bystander B 2 – The Wheatsheaf Didcot 4; Legs (10-11, 14-15, 12-10)

E – Hanney RBL 6 – Horse & Jockey A 0; Legs (11-3, 8-4, 12-4)

E – Marcham Centre A 4 – RAL SC 2; Legs (6-7, 8-7, 15-10)

F – Grove RFC 2 – Marcham Centre B 4; Legs (8-10, 7-8, 11-8)

F – Horse and Jockey B Stanford i-t-V 5 – North Star B Steventon 1; Legs (4-4, 11-9, 8-7)

F – Sutton Courtenay FC 0 – WADS Bar 6; Legs (6-15, 10-15, 6-10)

F – The Plough Appleton 2 – Bystander C 4; Legs (4-4, 7-9, 7-7)


Andy Latimer (North Star B Steventon), Caroline Baker (Red Lion B Drayton), Chris Dennis (Sutton Courtenay FC), Chris Roberts (The Bear and Ragged Staff Cumnor), David Stallard (Horse & Jockey A), Derek Edwards (The Bell A Grove), Enya Mayall (Horse & Jockey A), Greg Coombs (Horse & Jockey A), Jack Checketts (Stanford in the Vale FC), Jess Bailey (North Star B Steventon), Marie Haynes (The Plough Hanney), Michael Littlechild (Horse and Jockey B Stanford i-t-V), Peter Kilby (The Fox Denchworth), Phil Neale (The Plough Appleton), Rob France (Marcham Centre B), Sylvia Lelowittis (RAL SC), Zach Tyler (Bystander C).


Andrew Morton (Bystander A), David Dix (2) (Abingdon Utd@ConClub).


Alan Bell 3-5-2 (Croft Nomads) – Week 7

Cameron King 4-5-3 (Brewery Tap) – Week 7

Jason Bowler 5-2-1 (Bystander A) – Week 7

Leigh Clapton 5-5-1 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 7

Mick Christopher 1-1-5 (The Grapes B) – Week 7

Paul Barrett 4-5-3 (Abingdon Utd@ConClub) – Week 7

Rick Fletcher 5-4-3 (Steventon Sports SC A) – Week 7

Stephen J Fisher 3-5-3 (The Oak Didcot) – Week 7



Last week’s high and low lights

Well, week 7 certainly started to provide some highlights and some low lights across the sections with some excellent scoring (by some!) and some very interesting team scores. pride of place last week must go to Abingdon United/Con Club both in terms of individual scoring and collective team performance. Dave Dix led the way with the first “double six” of the season and an overall tally of 15 dolls for Dixie! He was well supported by his team mates with Ken Fisher and Paul Barrett both hitting 12 dolls , Leigh Clapton and Phil Adams with 11 and 10 respectively both scored double figures as the team hit 30 dolls in the first leg beating that with 31 in their second leg. In reply Berinsfield SC A, whilst not being able to get close to the hosts did manage to salvage 2 points with a 21 to 20 leg win in the third.

Croft Nomads suffered  a very disappointing but deserved 5-1 defeat at The Bystander for whom Andrew Morton top scored with 12 dolls including a very tidy 6. Jumbo Mott, Duncan Taylor and Jason all contributed well for the home side who were without regulars Dave Hudson and Steve Martin on the night.  The Bystander  brought the Nomads who were, leading the table and were without Barry Townsend were brought back to reality with a bump. For Nomads Alan Bell top scored with 10 dolls, Ian Brook and Steve Enock also made good contributions but the other 5  team mates including yours truly could only muster 24 dolls from 90 sticks between them on the night!

Elsewhere in the Premier/A sections Steventon Sports with Rick Fletcher gathering another 12 dolls beat The Vine 4-2 and Matty Belcher’s 10 dolls were not enough for College Oak A who went down 4-2 to The Red Lion for whom both skipper Kevin Regan and Dean Bowler both hit 10 apiece.


In the B section The Croft Bar maintained their unbeaten record with another 4-2 victory against The Bell A, Kevin Luck top scoring for the Croft with a 10 doll haul. That’s four 4-2’s on the bounce for Croft.

Another team to suffer a disappointing night were B section league leaders Stanford in the Vale FC who went down to a 6-0 home defeat at the hands of Abingdon RBL.

Eslewhere in the B section there were wins for The Plough,Long Wittenham and Harwellian B.

In the C section Colin Grimes hit 10 another dolls for the Boundary House as they saw off the challenge of the Waggon &  Horses as his team eased home 6-0 and also in the C section Steven J Fisher was another double figure scorer with 10 dolls as the Royal Oak beat the Bear & Ragged Staff 4-2. The team to beat in this section are clearly Abingdon Con Club who reeled off their 7th straight win, this time another six nil  on their visit to the Eight Bells.

In the D section Cam King led the scoring with 11 dolls for the Brewery Tap as they overcame the Chequers. Also in the D section Steve Salter’s 10 dolls helped The Lamb A to a 3-3 share of the spoils against The Plough Hanney. Also in this section there were wins for Harwellian A, The Midget and Brewery Tap.

In the E section The Wheatsheaf remain unbeaten, and elsewhere  Marcham Centre A and the Horse & Jockey A, with a second successive win, and Steventon Sports B  were all winners on the night whilst in the F section the table is tightly contested between two newcomers WADS Bar, for whom Derrick Brown again top scored and the Fleur de Leys Hagbourne B who were without a fixture last week.

It is still early days to take the league tables too much to heart, but in the Premier Abingdon United/Con Club have closed to within 1 point of Croft Nomads with a game in hand so this week’s meeting of the two may lead to a change at the top. In the A section Red Lion A have caught early season leaders Plum Pudding. The B section Stanford in the Vale FC still lead the way from The Croft Bar and in the C section have already built a healthy lead at the top.

It’s Harwellian A leading the way in the D section and it’s nip and tuck in the E section with both The Wheatsheaf and Steventon Sports on 24 points. The F section looks equally tightly contested with two newcomers, WAD Bar and Fleur de Leys competing at the top of the table. Still a long way to go and  we are sure that there will be lots of twists and turns and a few surprised over the remaining 12 weeks of the season!


Enjoy the weather this week, it’s been a long time coming and maybe the warmth will help a few more sticks find the doll!