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2024 Summer 8’s Handicap Knockout Competition Fixtures

1st Round Ties to be played on 1st May

  1. The Bell Grove A vs Berinsfield SC A            The Bell, Grove receive 4 dolls per leg
  2. Ab.Utd@Con.Club vs Croft Nomads              No Handicap
  3. Bystander A vs Steventon Sports B                 Steventon Sports B receive 10 dolls per leg
  4. Abingdon RBL vs Abingdon Utd C                  No handicap

2nd Round

  1. Winners of 1  vs Ab. Con Club
  2. Winners of 2 vs The Fox Denchworth
  3. Winners of 3 vs The Bell Grove B
  4. Winners of 4 vs Harwellian B

2nd Round ties to be played by END OF JUNE on a mutually agreed date. 

8’s Handicap is 2 dolls per section based on league sections. 



Summer 2024 Teams are ONLINE! Check your names!

We’ve now got all your teams online so it’s time for Captains/Secretaries to check the names to make sure they are correct so use the Team Scores report to take a look. If you find a typo (or a ??? on an entry) please email using Team Support to tell us the team name and player to be corrected and how.

If you win/runnerup the section we take the names off the league tables to put on the plaques so please check them now as a request to redo the plaques comes with a cost if it’s not as registered online!

You might be surprised at this but some registrations form entries are illegible! IKR ! Top Tip for next year: Fill in the registration sheet carefully while sober! 😀 

And while your at it check your LOGINS

Now is also an excellent time to check if you can login and if you are responsible for match card entry do check you can access the Scorecard online. You should see the match card header if you get logged in correctly. Scorecard entry doesn’t ‘open’ until Wednesday evening so you’ll see a ‘currently disabled’ message but this means you could enter a scorecard when we start. If you need the ability to enter cards then contact us via Team Support and quote your username/email address and we’ll set you up.

It’s very useful if your account has a registered email address which allows you to reset your password.  You can set this in your Edit Profile in the top right after logging in where it has your name.

Some of the old ‘team name’ accounts from when we started the online system don’t necessarily have email addresses attached. NOTE you can only register an email ONCE on the system, no duplicates are allowed even for different usernames.

If you have problems and to save time please quote your username and/or email address so we can locate your account and report any issues via Team Support. 

If you need a NEW Login contact us via Team Support.

Did you know…. that if you are logged in you can comment on posts?
They are moderated so keep it clean if you want to be heard. 

Let’s hope the weather’s good for the first Wednesday and remember….

You know it’s good when you hear the wood!

Paul Stone


From Oxon to Oz – Frank Sanders

Those of you who were around in the 1970’s may remember Frank Sanders who won the Singles in 1976 when playing for the Abingdon RBL.  Frank played in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s before emigrating to Australia and his son, Carl is setting up an Aunt Sally game over there. Carl is due to visit this summer.

Here’s some further information including photos they’ve sent over.  If you recognise anyone please let us know so we can put names to faces.

From Oxon to Oz


2024 AGM Summary

For all of the member clubs who were unable to attend the January Annual General Meeting of the Summer League we thought it would only right to share with you the key points raised and the decisions taken at the meeting which was attended by around 30 people representing 18 of our member clubs (35%).

  • The Chairman (Paul Stone) gave his report on the past season and thanked all of the 52 teams who participated in the 2023 season and congratulated all of the League and Competition winners and runners up on their success. He made particular mention of everyone who played who ensured that our league stayed strong despite the many problems we faced with the closure of some venues, the loss of some pitches and the other pressures that following the covid period. Paul thanked all who helped organise their teams and the landlords and stewards of our host pubs and clubs.
  • The financial report was presented and the Treasurer said that the Association had made a small excess of income over expenditure again in 2023 despite the increased cost of trophies primarily because of the need to complete both the 2023 and 2024 engraving costs. He explained that our financial “health” was largely due to the ongoing and generous sponsorship that we received again in 2023 from Thames Cable for which we were extremely grateful. The Association had during late 2023 arranged a transfer of our Banking from Barclays Bank to the Newbury Building Society and explained that this was due to both access to a local branch and the ability to earn interest on our balance, which at the end of 2023 stood at £4860 net of outstanding payments.
  • Fees for 2024 will remain unchanged £45 per team for up to 15 players in the league and £1 for each player entered in any of the competitions. These entry fees have basically unchanged for several years.
  • Competitions will again be held on nominated Sundays (other than the 8’s) with the 5’s, 4’s and 3’s taking place on June 9th and the Pairs, Singles, Captains and Secretaries being held on August 11th.
  • Finals Night will take place on September 18th and Presentation Night will be held on October 18th
    (These dates are all provisional and will need to be confirmed before the start of the season)
  • The season will start on May 1st with the first round of the 8’s Competition with the league fixtures starting on May 8th and completing on September 11th
  • In 2024 we plan, subject to levels of interest, to introduce some additional Competition’s limited to registered players from the lower sections. Initially this will be singles, pairs and possibly a 3’s team competition and the details of the proposals will be available in a few weeks time. Entry fees for these will also be £1 per player.
  • The existing Committee was re-elected en-bloc for 2024 , but they expressed the hope that each section could have a nominated representative (or two) so that all sections can have an input via the Committee to any ideas, suggested changes or problems encountered that their team or other teams within their section experience. These roles would not be Committee positions so no real commitment other than being the “voice and the conscience” of teams in their section.
  • A couple of minor rule changes were proposed and agreed.
    • Firstly with regard to league positions to avoid any play offs at the end of the season any teams level of points gained will have their final, position determined by actual dolls scored.
    • Secondly in Summer Competitions the need for a 3 stick, 1 stick throw off currently for each leg will be changed and will only be required in the event of a tied position at the completion of the 3rd leg.
  • The Committee said that for 2024 we would like to increase the number of teams in the league ideally to 60 which would mean that we could run 6 sections with a full complement of 10 teams ensuring that all steams have the opportunity of 18 games. The problem with the number of byes in the lower sections in 2023 was raised as a concern and everyone agreed that if possible that should be avoided. The Committee asked all present for their help in trying to attract more teams and more players to the league in 2024. Website development was identified as an area for focus and possibly expenditure in 2024 as the site is now several years old and in need of some skilled input and probable improvement.

2024 League Formation and Competitions

Your Association Committee met on Tuesday to decide the makeup of the league sections and to introduce the new Knockout Competitions for the B-F sections as requested by our sponsor, Thames Cable, to encourage the lower sections to take part.


The Competition forms are now available on the home page for both Premier/A and the B-F Sections. These now have an extended deadline to Sunday 19th MAY so get your entries in! 

The 8s Handicap Knockout continues and is a handicap of 2 dolls per section difference – again allowing lower section teams a great chance to win.

Competitions put you under more pressure than a league match so it’s worth taking part to get used to that buzz. 


Although we have 55 teams paid we are chasing a couple of teams for their registration forms – the committee will be chasing you this week. You may be aware a couple of venues have closed but the good news is those teams have transferred to other venues – such is the enthusiasm for our wonderful and local game. This is a great uptick from last year’s 52 and it means that the number of byes will be reduced in the sections and, fingers crossed no team drops out like last year.

The fixture list will be finalised and going to the printers at the end of the week so we’ll publish as soon as we can. 

It’s worth reminding all teams that positioning in sections is, as it has been for several years, based on the aggregate score of the top 8 players from the previous season assuming they have registered again for the year. In a few cases some teams and some players did not play in the last season, so where appropriate averages from their last full season has been taken into account. This process means that some teams may find themselves in a higher or lower section this year than last and this is simply because either their average determines that or because their registered players have changed. The handicap system used for the Premier and A Section is based on exactly the same principles and aims to create an achievable win for those teams playing their best.

VENUES MAP -All the new venues have been added to our VENUES MAP.  if yours is missing email support @


If you haven’t subscribed to this website please email support@ and we’ll set you up – we no longer support self registration due to the many rogue registration requests we received as a WordPress site target. This is why we encourage you to have strong passwords on your account – just get your browser to save the password and it’s easy to login.

IF YOU HAVE A LOGIN – please check your profile and make sure you have a valid email address registered.

Why not also follow our facebook and X (twitter) pages to make sure you don’t miss out on updates.

NEW Facebook –


and don’t forget Aunt Sally TV



Events Calendar now populated

The Events calendar is now populated with the competition schedule and season events.

Click on the ‘Look for more’ link to go forward into the year a month at a time. 

Click on an event to allow you to ‘copy to my calendar’.  Note this is for electronic calendar users. If you have a traditional on the wall or pocket diary you’ll need a pen. 🙂 

Last day for Registrations is 30 March!


Banbury Invitation Inter-League 8s Knockout 2024

Only a couple of weeks ago James Barguss, ex chairman of AASL and now a committee member for the Banbury league invited us to take part in their 8s interleague competition. One league had dropped out so we were given the opportunity.

I assembled a team as best I could with some of the Winter and Summer league players trying to select some of the best to give us a good show.


With the event at Banbury’s General Foods Sports and Social Club on a Friday night at 7pm the logistics of getting the team there from Abingdon and beyond and hoping the A34/M40 was clear was a concern. 

It turned out to be a fine evening and the motorway was busy but thankfully clear and we all got there in 3 cars in good time.

The venue is right by the canal so would be nice to explore if earlier in the evening!

Banbury has an indoor Winter League and this kit was used with a venue that could cope with 4 pitches side by side, albeit a little cramped for the yard officials. The kit they have for the yard would make a great portable pitch and of such simple design that the pitches were all in place within a few minutes – see photos below. The oches were fixed to the wooden floor by simple sticky pads.

Practice ensued and this was our first challenge – the pitch is 6 inches longer in Banbury! Some got to grips with this and some struggled. Next year we might have to practice with a reversed swivel!

While the team practised we were briefed with the other subtleties of the Banbury rules (see below) and the draw for round 1 was made.

We drew Eynsham, I’ll be honest I didn’t know they had a league but they turned out to be a worthy competitor and their Captain, known as Rev took the Secretaries trophy with a straight 5-5-5 against all comers – you can’t argue much with that!

A few of our players have previous historical connections with some of the other leagues and it was notable how many came over to greet and connect again so that was a good thing just to be there.

Drawing host and home advantage side Banbury was going to be tough. Even Oxford only got low 20s in their first round but Banbury smashed 27 and 28. Could they do it again?

Well yes they did and set 28 for us to be unable to catch needing a 6&5 from our tailenders. We set 21 in the second leg and Banbury breezed past it with one player in hand and it being James Barguss (our ex-Chairman) getting the final winning doll it might have been a lesson or revenge?

We’ll be back as all our players said they’d enjoyed it so maybe next year practice makes a trophy!

Even though we left early, had to really, and missed the final it was nearly midnight before we got home, partly due to the A34 being closed off, had we stayed for the final it would have been later still.

But had we been IN the final I’m sure the euphoria would have carried us home whatever the hour.

(pictures below by Paul Stone – click to enlarge)

Ex Abingdon Chairman James Barguss (note the t-shirt doll motif!) exchanges memories with Scott Humphries (Team Captain)

The pitch went from this 

 to this

in a few minutes with an organised team of helpers.

Banbury rules…. the iron is 30ft and 6″ away and that 6″ made a difference.

Alec Chamberlain on the oche (secured by sticky pads, the oche not Alec)

The ‘A’ Team (cue the theme tune, there was no B team!).

Alec Chamberlain 3.65 Abingdon United B 2022
Mick Greenaway 2.28 Berinsfield SC A
Geoffrey Lee 2.38 Berinsfield SC A
Stuart Wilson 2.59 Berinsfield SC A
Steve Enock 2.81 Croft Nomads
Scott Humphries 2.87 Abingdon United @Con Club
Phil Adams 3.61 Plum Pudding
Leigh Clapton 2.86 Abingdon United @Con Club

In theory an average of 23.05…..

In support Paul Stone, Tosh Woolloff and Alan Humphries and Alec’s Rhiana.

1st Round draw with the leagues represented

First draw was against Eynsham. Lost the first leg, drew the second. That meant a 3 stick shootout. Banbury rules are played 3 sticks repeating until there’s a winner of that leg which we did with 2 players spare.

3rd leg we won with Phil Adams getting the necessary 4 with Leigh spare. Scores of 19 and 17 legs we knew were not going to be enough with the next draw against “home advantage” team Banbury who’d set 27 and 28 in the first round match.



The final game – we came we fought and we lost.

Alec played as our Secretary in an all team scoring leg game – a bit like killer i.e. keep up with the best scorer. In this case it was Rev from Eynsham who took out most of the opposition when he got a second 5! And a 3rd 5 secured his trophy. 

Banbury rules quirks….

Oche is 30ft 6″ from the iron…I.e. 30ft from the end of the swivel (not the iron as in other leagues).

In this competition each team calls for the other when throwing and the other sticks up. I.e.the other team calls for you when you play.

If a leg is drawn its on 3 sticks repeating not 3-1-6  repeating as we do.


Registrations and Website updates

A couple of updates for you….

Registration Night – we had a good night getting teams signing on and by Roger’s count (he’s the Treasurer so I hope he’s good at counting 😀 ) we believe we have 54 teams signed on at present. Now some of  last years teams have had to move venues, some we lost but we do have a couple of new entrants in Grove RFC and Horse and Jockey (S-in-the-V) and we have some venues with new 2nd teams. All positive stuff so thank you for supporting your league.

We have a few more spaces left therefore – as we said at the AGM ideally we’d like to be at the top end of the 50 teams rather than the bottom as there are less byes for sections so if you’re thinking of starting a team or a 2nd/3rd team at a venue you still have some time because….

We are now CLOSING registrations on the 30th March so if you are keen to take part get in touch as soon as possible via support @

If you want to know what happens next take a look at our process and you’ll be able to appreciate the work that goes on in the next month.

Our Banking – as we said at the AGM we are moving our accounts from one of the ‘big four’ to a building society. We have had such poor service from the current bank they’ve paid us some compensation for the 3-6 months trouble it has caused us. This is one of the reasons we couldn’t accept BACS payments this year. I’ve told Roger not to hold his breath for the compensation judging by past performance. Who knows next year we might even take card payments on Registration Night….

Website – every year we have issues with people not being able to login successfully to the website to enter scorecards – I have to say this isn’t always ‘human error’ as there’s an automatic lockout if you get it wrong 3 times. One of the reasons for this and why I have had to withdraw the self-registration process is because we were getting a few hundred duff accounts being requested each month – extra work rejecting them which I didn’t need. So we need to adopt a new subscribe process SO if you want to subscribe please drop an email to support and I will register you manually with the email address that you send from. 

On the point of emails if you already have an account please make sure your profile has a valid email address registered. Once you login you can edit your profile in the top right of the screen – hover over your name and click Edit Profile.

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: One of the fixes I’ve recently applied is to make the mail system work again (hopefully some of you will get this post notified by email!) and this works by the address stored in your profile.

In the last week you may have noticed that the site had gone ‘not secure’ for a couple of days – this relates to the HTTPS encryption certificate expiring which, although we had paid the bill a few months earlier didn’t get actioned (by us or our hoster). This is now fixed and didn’t affect the data on the site.

InterLeague Match tonight – after stating on national radio last month that we didn’t have any interleague competitions (doh!) we are attending Banbury tonight to take part in their organised 8 league x 8 player knockout. It was a bit short notice but I’m sure with the crew we’ve cobbled together we’ll give a good account for Abingdon Aunt Sally. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

I’ll post further details at the weekend when I’ve recovered. If you’re in the Banbury area and want to pop along to support email chairman for details.

Thanks for reading this far and have a great weekend.

You know it’s good when you hear the wood! 


Last Weekend to Get Your Team Together!

It’s Friday Night and it’s an ideal time to check your team registration for Monday’s REGISTRATION NIGHT!

If you’ve not done it yet get online to and download and print the forms and why not take a punt at some of the competitions!

Don’t forget the 8s knockout is handicapped to even up the matches so everyone had a chance.

You know it’s good when you hear the wood!