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Week 3 Summary

Well, at least the weather was better last Wednesday, but still a long way short of being an early balmy Summer’s evening! The improvement in the weather was reflected in some much better scoring for some teams and individuals

Leading the way again in terms of individual dolls who hit another 14, that sets him way in front in terms of dolls with a leg average of 4.6 from the first 3 matches! he was joined in double digit scores by 4 of his team mates with Scott Humphries and Leigh Clapton contributing with 11 apiece and Barry Parker and  Alex Chamberlain chipping in with 10 each. Condolences to Red Lion meeting Abingdon United in such form!

Elsewhere in the Premier and A section there were double digit scores with Barry Townsend hitting 12 for the Plum Pudding, Mick Jarvis 11 for Steventon Sports, “Jumbo” Mott 11 for the Prince of Wales and Geoff Lee 10 for Berinsfield. 

What was also good to see is double digit scores in the B section  with Andrew Wood hitting 10 for the Fox Denchworth, Andy Shipman also hitting 10 in Section D for the Harwellian and in Section E, 2 players also hit a very credible 10 dolls each, Steve Fernback for the Fox, Boars Hill and Mel Benfield for the Brewery Tap A both teams newcomers/returners to the league this season.



The closing date for all Competitions has been extended until the end of June with the exception of the team 8’s the closing date for this will be this coming Monday June 6th. If you haven’t entered or confirmed your entry then please do so in the next few days. Handicaps for the 8’s are, as in most recent years, a plus handicap of 2 per section so, for example, a Premier sides playing a side in Section B will give 4 dolls, a side from Section B playing a side in Section C will concede a 2 doll handicap etc.


For the 8’s it is likely that the opening round will be held on either June 16th or 23rd with the second round held in July.

As a result of both lack o committee resources and the number of “no shows” in previous years the rest of the Competitions will take place on Sunday August 21st with an early afternoon start. This will be the 5;s, the 4’s and the 3’s as team events together with the pairs, singles Captains and Secretaries competitions. Entry is open to all registered players of all clubs and teams. We are hoping the bar will be open and we will be able to arrange for some catering on the day as for some it may  be a long afternoon!

Entries for all of these Competitions must be made by the end of June together with registration fees paid. The entry fees are £1 per person with no charge for nominated reserves So a team entering the 5’s will cost £5, the pairs £2 etc.

All entries to either Roger Nichols or via the  Team Support link on the website


Week 2 and what a wet Wednesday

Just a few highlights and lowlights from last week. Firstly a couple of apologies from our Week 1 update. omitted from our top scorers was Terry Downes who hit 13 dolls in Plum Puddings opening game against Abingdon United and credited with 14 dolls when in fact he only hit 13 was Barry Parker in the same match, but playing for Abingdon United.

So onto last week the evening was a thoroughly wet one and certainly weather that is not ideal for either standing around in a pub garden and even less so for throwing Aunt Sally sticks but well done to all those who persevered.

Pleased to report that only one fixture was lost and that was a mutual postponement between Sutton Courtenay FC and Hanney RBL. That match is going to be re-arranged as soon as possible. No “no shows” last week so 21 matches played on what was a pretty foul night, we have had cold and we have had wet already this season, maybe this week Wednesday will be both dry and warm……after all Aunt Sally is a summer sport!

Scoring was, not surprisingly generally down last week compared to week 1, but a few individuals proved that the weather was no deterrent to their throwing and last week’s highest individual scorer was Phil Adams who hit 14 dolls for the Plum Pudding against The Hart Harwell, but Phil’s 14 was not enough to stop The Hart edging home to a 4-2 victory. Dave Dix followed up his 14 from week 1 with another 13 dolls for Abingdon United, but again Dave’s doll haul was not enough to stop his side slipping to a 4-2 defeat against The Vine for whom Dan Hamilton top scored with 10 dolls.

Other double digit doll scorers were Ian Morrison for Steventon Sports with 11, Norman Hazell for Abingdon RBL in the B section  and Andrew Wilson also playing in the B section for The Plough.

At the other end of the doll scoring (or lack of) Croft Nomads could only manage 6 dolls from 8 players in the 3rd leg of their Premier section against Red Lion who won 4-2, This might just be the lowest recorded leg score in the Premier League and even the handicap didn’t lift them to double figures!

Hopefully the problems logging on to the website are or are being resolved for all teams n the event of any ongoing problems please let us know and we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible. All results last week were on the website by Friday evening so thanks for that because that means team scores, individual scores and league tables were all immediately updated online.

So onto week 3 and hopefully a dry and warm Wednesday evening. A few “local derbies” this week with the College Oak travelling to near neighbours Croft Nomads, Abingdon Con Club entertaining Grapes B from up the road , The Chequers Charney Bassett having to travel up the road to Stanford FC.

Remember we are still open to registering additional players for all sections so if your side are struggling for numbers  and you have anyone not registered yet just let us know. 








WEBSITE MENU CHANGES – For the players….

You’ll notice the website menus have been reordered. This is so that if you are on a mobile phone or other small screen device the Navigation menu gives you match card entry and player relevant items at the top of the list. For regular ‘PC’ users this means the menu now fits on a widescreen monitor (if you don’t have one of these it really is time for a new PC).

Any suggestions for improvements please leave a comment below.


Summer 2022 Underway

At last we are back! The season got under way last week and despite a much reduced number of sides taking part than in 2019 when we last held a full league season enthusiasm seems good for our game with 3 new sides joining the league this year. On the downside 15 sides have not been able, for a variety of different reasons been able to enter the league this year, but we hope they will be back in the future.

We have experienced a number of challenges over the past couple of years and have not only lost pubs and clubs and their teams, but also a small number of people long associated with the league as players and officers have passed since we last played. They will all be remembered when the Founders and Legends Trophy is competed for later in the Summer.

There are a number of changes that are being introduced this year including the online only registration of teams, players and match scores which last week caused a few hiccups, but hopefully have, or soon will be resolved. Apologies for all of you who have been affected by the website glitches and our inability to resolve them quickly. As a Committee we want to make things easier to do for you, but for some, that has proven not to be the case! So sorry!


Other changes this season include an earlier start…8pm not 8.30 as was tradition! This change, agreed at the AGM has not been universally popular already so discretion,  common sense and agreement between the 2 sides on start times as long as it is no later than 8.30 should avoid any debate and conflict. People do have to work and often travel so whilst the rule is there it should not need to be rigidly applied.

Another change this year is to experiment in Section E only with the option of playing matches with 6, 7 or 8 players per leg, but with the introduction of substitutes to allow both sides to have a level playing side, but also allowing sides with 6 players the opportunity to only play against 6 on the opposition, but also allowing sides with 7 or 8 players the option of playing all of those although maybe in only 1 or 2 of the legs to ensure 6 a side for each leg.

One other important change is to the Competitions which have always been played on Thursday evenings through June and July, making for some, 2 successive nights of Aunt Sally for 6 to 8 weeks.

With the exception of the 8’s Competition we are planning to hold all of the other Competitions on one day, at one venue with 2 throws. More details about that and how to enter  in the next week or so.

Well back to week 1 and let me start with the good news. 19 of the scheduled 22 matches took place, it didn’t rain and almost 300 players took part.

Some things don’t change and at the top of the individual leader board were the names Dix and Parker who both hit 14 dolls for Abingdon United B in a high scoring match against Plum Pudding which United won 4-2, after 1 game of 18 these two already look to be the likely contenders for the top!

I should also mention Derek (Rod Stewart) Fletcher who also hit 14 dolls for Steventon Sports in their 6-0 win over a depleted Hart of Harwell side.


Now for the not so good news, we had 3 “no shows” on Week 1! One was fine with opponents told in advance, one was a genuine oversight which meant an unnecessary round trip of about 30 miles for an away side whose opponents thought the season started this week and the third was a team who couldn’t field a side, so didn’t travel and failed to let their opponents know in advance or even on the day!

So, it’s week 2 and lets hope that all scheduled matches take place and are played in the right spirit and enjoyed. Remember it’s just  a game……………..but a game where we all want to play our best whatever our best is!




User Registration and Problems Logging In

It’s been a few years since we originally setup the website with ‘users’ matching ‘team names’ and every year we get queries about passwords etc. So read on and find out what you can do to help make this easier and some of the reasons we have to do what we do!


If you are having difficulties in logging in please use the Team Support email and contact us separately.

PASSWORD RESETS : If you have a valid email address set on your profile you can request a password reset yourself. If not when you get us to reset it and you login successfully please add one to your profile (see below).

USER ACCOUNTS: We get many bots trying to register fake accounts so it’s difficult to see the wheat from the chaff when valid players or AASL friends do not make it obvious they are genuine users.  We can get dozens of these a week so it’s not a simple job to spot fakes or even genuine users. They try it on with fake accounts so they can attempt to hack the site later.

We are therefore removing any accounts with risky/undeliverable email addresses. These will be denied and deleted. If that is you and you can’t login either email Team Support or re-register with a VALID email address AND make it obvious you’re not a bot by using your proper name or name+team name. That way, if you are traceable in the league, we can approve registration quicker.
If you are not a registered player then please email Team Support for help and thanks for being interested.

MATCH CARD PERMISSION: If you are a Secretary (or stand-in) and need to enter Match Cards then use the Team Support email after you have registered successfully and this will be separately enabled for you if you give us your team name, email/user details.

EDIT YOUR PROFILE – It is also in your interest to set your First and Surname in your profile – again this helps us validate real users. Once logged in just click on the top right where it says ‘Hi,….’ and edit your preferences etc.

EMAIL and PASSWORDS: It’s in your interest to have a valid email registered because you can reset your own password when forgotten and get notified of updates. On passwords we are insisting on high strength passwords which can be generated for you on reset and if you use a modern browser you can safely store these for next time you login so you don’t have to remember them. Why ? Because of the simplicity now in hacking passwords means crackable passwords could be the weak link that gets the website hacked. By the way – you need to have the strongest and different passwords for all your accounts especially your email account and any banks!

For more password advice see


SUMMER 2022 – Aunt Sally is back!

The Summer 2022 League is upon us and the Committee have been working hard to get ready for a new season…

WE START THIS WEEK on 11th May. 

Competition Entries close 30th May. 

8s Competitions will be played on THURSDAYS in June/July (TBC)

Founders & Legends (Over 50s Only) is on 14th Sept – turn up and play.

FINALS NIGHT 21st September

PRESENTATION NIGHT – 4th November 2022

Website Logins!

You may have a login on this site so that

  1. we can keep in touch with newsletters and/or
  2. to enter match cards if you are a Captain or Secretary

Please try your login NOW – especially those of you who enter match cards – you don’t want to get stuck when you win your first game on Wednesday!

If you don’t have a valid email address on your login you won’t get newsletters nor will you be able to reset your own password should you have lost it! So check your own account as soon as so we can make any necessary updates soonest. Login and check the profile in the top right hand corner where it says Hi!

You CAN register a new account but the email address has to be unique (and not used before) and as we have to vet these (you wouldn’t believe how many email addresses from abroad we get asking to register so they can try to hack our site) please make it obvious you are a genuine person or venue – or just drop a second email to Team Support so we can join you and the team up.



 SUMMER 2022

It has, for obvious reasons been very quiet on the website for several months now. Our 61st and 62nd years since the formation of the Association were memorable for all the wrong reasons, no formal matches or competitions, no leagues, for the first time since our founders created  the Association and in that 2 year period we have lost several friends many of whom were stalwarts of our game

optimistic and hopeful that this Summer we will have the opportunity to get out, play and enjoy our much loved game. So at the very least we have to prepare for the season ahead so that if we do have a “green light”, our pubs and clubs remain open, we are prepared and ready to go come May!

There are lots of things to do to get ready starting for many, many years. It also looks like we have lost for good some of the pubs and clubs who have graced our league because they have had to modify to maintain their livelihood and, we know that in some cases, that has meant the loss of space that previously was occupied by Aunt Sally pitches. As I write this we are in the midst of another variant causing mayhem throughout the country which still threatens further restrictions beyond Plan B!


Despite all of the continuing uncertainty we have to remain with holding our Annual General Meeting, provisionally arranged for February 21st (more details to follow in a few days),  hold our registration night, format our leagues , competition dates and entries etc etc and all of that takes time  It’s weeks not days of preparation required!

So, what we need to at this stage, is to organise our AGM, set an agenda, review and revise our  rules where necessary, and seek feedback from our member clubs as to what they want from us or ideas they want raised and considered at the AGM.  Most importantly, we want a season of Aunt Sally in 2022 if at all possible with as many teams and as many players new and old competing in the game we all enjoy.. In 2020 we had 60 teams and over 800 players registered,  unfortunately it wasn’t to happen because of Covid!  Clearly we think there will, be fewer teams and players if we do get off the ground this Summer, but we also will try to enlist new teams, new venues and teams and players including those who have previously played in the league and try to attract new pubs and clubs who have never thought of the benefits  opportunity to host Aunt Sally on a Wednesday evening, our game, which typically attracts a captive audience of 20 to 30 people spending money in the bar drinking and having fun for 20 weeks or so through the summer come rain or shine!

So let us have your views, talk to your mates, let’s make it happen this year, let’s not miss the opportunity of getting our game back by “waiting to see” if it can happen because if we do that we probably won’t be ready for a May start. If your pitch has gone there are lots of other venues who will be glad to offer you  their facilities as they have a spare pitch every other Wednesday or a spare “pitch” that isn’t being used at all. We can help to “find you a home”!

Finally, we really do desperately need some help on the Committee.

For the past 3 years there has been only 5 of us and that’s not enough! We need new (even old) blood to help us, bringing new ideas and energy to the Association, we will need new players, and most of all we need your commitment and ideas so we ask that you don’t just ignore this e mail, give us a response preferably via e mail or verbally however brief, throw us your ideas as to how we can build back after 2 years of near inactivity.

We will get our game back, but we need your support and we need people to offer to help, our Committee of 5 is likely to become 4 after the AGM and whilst all help will be appreciated what we are desperately short of is computer literacy so maintaining individual and team scores, league tables, website is a real challenge and although it makes life easier to do things “online” that’s only true if you know what you are doing! So expertise in this area is critical……otherwise we will have to enlist a couple of our grandkids and they will want paying!!

The winter league has been operating since October successfully and that is indoors, remember we, in the Summer,  are outside where the Covid risks are, according to the Science, much less transmissible.

Many of us did play last Summer all friendlies with about 10 to 12 teams taking part and whist we all were grateful there is nothing, even in Aunt Sally, like a bit of cut and thrust competitiveness, but what tells us is that people want to play Aunt Sally so



Feedback, ideas and thoughts please any way you want to give it and then we can give those an airing at our AGM next month!


Your 2020 Aunt Sally Committee


Winter League 2021/2022 update

A.D.W.A.S.L.  2021-22 UPDATE

Hi all,

      With Ab. Utd. ‘B’ withdrawing from the winter league and despite my best efforts to find a replacement team we will have only 9 teams this season but at least we will be getting to play some competitive games again.  This means there will be a team getting a bye each week.

      We will have the following friendlies on the 29th of September.

7-45      Ab. Legion                 v      Ab. Utd. ‘A’

8-15      Croft Nomads            v      Spread Eagle

8-45      Penlon                        v      The Vine

9-15      Ab. Utd. ‘C’               v      Ab. Con Club  


      The Heathens have decided to let the other teams have a game but would ask if we could have say 10 mins practice to ourselves instead.  No rolls on sale this night but Sue will be doing the honours thereafter.  There will be further notes along the way but lets get playing again for now.


      Looking forward to seeing you all again.






Basil Collins funeral details

From: Chris King <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2021, 11:39
Subject: Basil Collins
To: <>


Hi Vic,

My name is Chris and I am Grandson of the late Basil Collins.

Thank you so much for your kind words in the Abingdon & District Newsletter, it means a lot to the family to see his dedication to the sport still recognised and appreciated. 

I’m not sure whether or not there are members who still remember Basil as an active member or not given the 30 years since his committee role, but for anyone who is interested in paying their respects to Basil his funeral service will be held: Friday September 3rd, 11am at South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park, Garford, OX13 5PA. 
Otherwise the family is asking for Family Flowers only or donations to Thames Valley Air Ambulance, a charity Basil was fond of. 

If any are interested in paying their respects to Basil, could you please direct them my way for catering purposes. 

Again, thank you so much for your kind words remembering Basil. His love for Aunt Sally never diminished and it is great to see the community remembering him still too. 

Best Wishes, 
Chris King