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This post category is for match reports for Summer League matches. In the future, it will be updated automatically with match results after they are entered into the database by team captains.

Summer League:Week 7 Results


As you know the League is sponsored this year by Dyno Plumbing & Heating and they are offering an exclusive discount for registered players of the league off the cost of all new boilers they install. From now until the end of the season they will be offering a 10% discount off all new boilers installed. The boilers come with a 7-year warranty and you’ll need to quote DYNOAASL17 when making an enquiry. This offer is open to all registered players of the League.  So give them a ring on 01235 523708 and get a great deal!

We had a full house of all cards online this week so no defaulters and only 2 missing in the post.

C Section – The Plough West Hanney EAST HENDRED has closed but Aunt Sally GOES ON! – all games will now be played at other venues starting with Abingdon Arms, Wantage. Contact the Plough Captain for details.

In the Over 14s Dave Dix reappears and Dave Butler (Tandem) also. You don’t need to be called ‘Dave’ but it looks like it helps!

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Summer League: Week 6 Results

Competition News:  Doubles knockout this week – ALL GAMES AT SPREAD EAGLE Abingdon.

8s Knockout – Semi-Final Spread Eagle beat Abingdon RBL in two straight legs. Spread Eagle B failed to field a side so the FINAL between Spread Eagle and Ab.Utd B will take place on Thursday 22nd June at Abingdon Conservative Club. 

No change in the Over 14s this week and we are a third of the way through the season!

Sixers : Leigh Clapton (Abingdon United B), Martin Putt (Abingdon Con Club).

Blobbers : Anna Trower (White Horse B), Daniel Smith (Berinsfield SC C), Darren Saunders (Ladygrove A),  Ken Rolls (Fox Denchworth A),Lyn Moore (RAL Sec Soc), Lynne Ford (White Horse B), Mervyn Dyer (The Bell Grove), Robert Cox (Boundary House A), Sarah Grover (Wantage Town FC), Shaun Morgan (The Vine Cumnor).

Premier/A Section – Spread Eagle B 1 – Abingdon Con Club 5; Tandem 6 – Steventon Sports A 0; College Oak A 6 – Plum Pudding B 0; Hart Harwell A 2 – Spread Eagle 4; Plum Pudding 2 – Abingdon United B 4; 

B Section – Abingdon United C 2 – SITV FC 4; Berinsfield SC B 6 – The Vine Cumnor 0; Chequers Charney 6 – Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC 0; Fox Denchworth B 5 – Royal Oak Didcot 1; Red Lion Drayton A 6 – Fox Denchworth A 0; 

C Section – Abingdon Arms Wantage 2 – Red Lion Drayton B 4; Abingdon Con Club A 2 – Spread Eagle D 4; Eight Bells Eaton 2 – The Bell Grove 4; Plough East Hendred 4 – Fleur De Lys 2; The Grapes 6 – Brewery Tap A 0; 

D Section –Bowyer Arms 3 – White Horse A 3; FMSSC Morning Star 1 – Berinsfield SC C 5; North Star A 0 – Harwellian A 6; The Plough Long Wittenham 6 – Bear and Ragged Staff 0; Wheatsheaf Didcot A 3 – Waggon and Horses B 3; 

E Section –Boundary House 6 – Saxton Rovers 0; Brewery Tap B 2 – Black Horse East Hanney 4; George and Dragon Upton 0 – Crown Marcham 6; Harwellian B 2 – Wheatsheaf Drayton 4; Waggon and Horses A 4 – Boundary House A 2; Ladygrove A 2 – North Star B 4; Old Anchor A 3 – College Oak 3; Queens Arms Didcot 4 – Wheatsheaf Didcot B 2; The Plough A West Hanney 4 – Wantage Town FC 2; White Horse B 2 – RAL Sec Soc 4;



Summer League: Week 5 Results

Two matches this week have defaulted their match points due to no online card entry. D Section Berinsfield SC C vs Wheatsheaf Didcot A and F Section North Star B vs Old Anchor A.

COMPETITION NEWS: 8s Semi-Finals will be this Thursday with

Spread Eagle vs Abingdon RBL playing at Fox Denchworth

Abingdon Utd B vs Spread Eagle B playing at Abingdon Con. Club

Founder Members Competition had 16 entrants with some hard fought battles ending with Bob Duff and Dave Coles going for the title this year at Finals Night.

Over 14s – With Dave Dix making another appearance along with Dave Harris and Ian Cooksley – game’s looking up! 

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Summer League: Week 4 Results

No change in the Over 14s this week and sixers are in the lower sections! 

CAPTAINS – if you are cancelling a match please ensure you contact the other Captain direct (you have their details as registered). PLEASE ensure you make it clear which team is which – we had a team not turn up this week because they didn’t specify the A or B team and the wrong team cancelled.

SECRETARIES – I have a new player registration form with NO TEAM NAME on it. I know some say I’m gifted but I’m not in mindreading. No-one has been in touch over the last fortnight or so to confirm Tuckey, Grover, Purcell and Cooper as players so thank you for your donation to the League! If you recognise these please email or IM on fb and we’ll say no more about it.

Sixers: Bob Glen (SITV FC), Stephen J Fisher (Royal Oak Didcot).

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Summer League: Week 3 Results

This week there was a cancelled game F Section Plough W.Hanney cancelled their White Horse B game giving White Horse B 6 points and in E section Wheatsheaf Drayton postponed their match against Boundary House A – NOTE all postponed matches have to be played before the next Wed match and notified to the League. If this match doesn’t go ahead Boundary House A will take 6 points as if a cancelled match.

REMINDER – all cancelled/postponed matches have to be notified to the League. The best way to do this is login to the website and use the new Team Support function just below the ‘Submit Match Card’ on the top menu. 

Over 14s – Both Leigh Clapton and Dave Dix from Ab.Utd.B matched scores of 4-6-5 for a great 15 each this week. Mick Phillips (Spread Eagle) cracked a 5-5-4. Good to see Tony Barrett (Ab.Con.Club A) back playing and on form with his first 6 of the season.

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Summer League: Week 2 Results

Well done everyone for getting their cards online by Friday – it makes our job so much easier if we don’t have to chase. We are still getting some postal cards late so please do your best.

We’ve had a couple of players who have not been registered beforehand therefore – these scores have been removed. YOU MUST REGISTER PLAYERS before a match with £3 per player using the form on the homepage. We do our best but you need to fill in the form and submit the right fees ! Thank you for playing by the rules and helping us to help you.

Charlbury Beer FestivalCharlbury Beer Festival is getting organised and is keen for great Aunt Sally players to take part in the World Championships on 24th June. With a £200 cash prize, the Fining’s Cup, and the kudos of being Aunt Sally World Champion 2017, they’re expecting a bigger event than ever! They’ll be running two professional throws side by side, with player capacity rising to 48. So reserve your place NOW !

Over 14s – Two new entries in the over 14s this week, World Champion Barry Parker and John Simmons. 

14 Barry Parker 4-4-6 (Abingdon United B) – Week 2
14 John Simmons 6-3-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
14 Dave Dix 5-5-4 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Sixers:Barry Parker (Abingdon United B), Dave Dix (Abingdon United B), John Simmons (Spread Eagle), Paul Longford (Tandem).

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Summer League : Week 1 Results

Abingdon & District Aunt Sally League sponsored by Dyno Plumbing & Heating – Week 1
So far we’ve had a touchy start to the league with only 22 out of 30 cards being delivered by Saturday post and a few teams not entering online (just posting) before Saturdays deadline (Friday for online). You will see from the league tables that there are three games completely missing. One is AWOL (disappointingly in the Premier/A), one is a postponed/missed match and one has had difficulty getting online which we are trying to help with.
The Committee has therefore decided in this case, being the start of the season, that the Tandem and Abingdon Con Club will NOT lose their match points this time. However, any further rule breaches will be dealt with according to the rules. ALL TEAMS TAKE NOTE PLEASE.
Bear in mind that at the AGM it was passed that BOTH sides check their entries online and ENTER THE CARD ONLINE if necessary if it has not been done by the Winning side (or home side if drawn) by Friday. IT IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT that both sides take a photo of the card (readable!) so that you can enter online if necessary and if there is a dispute we can sort it out quickly. Ideally we would remove the need to post a card but this would rely on everyone taking responsibility and a photo and entering scores properly and on time. (It would also need a vote at the AGM). The reason we ask for all the scores in is that we have to pass the results onto the newspapers on Sunday for publication on Monday. Plus we play in a league because it’s a competition. Otherwise it’s just practice.
So help us to help you by following the agreed rules of the League. Thank You. – Paul Stone, Secretary & Aunt Sally Committee

First week and we have our first Over 14 ! Dave Dix (Ab Utd A) managed a 5-5-4 in his first week. Marvellous!

Premier/A – Abingdon United B 2 – Steventon Sports A 4; Spread Eagle B 6 – Plum Pudding 0; College Oak A 6 – Hart Harwell A 0; Plum Pudding B 0 – Spread Eagle 6;

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Captains/Secretaries – POINTS TO NOTE THIS YEAR

  1. Get your cards online asap. Whether you won or lost – see new rules. 
  2. Both sides take a photo of your completed card. Note that the idea of the card is for players/Captains to verify by signature that the scores are correct after the game.
  3. Put the Match ID on the scorecard which is given on screen when entered online, take a snap and post the card (with a stamp).
  4. If you lost/drew – check the match scores online with your photo and send an email in with ciorrection details (and your card photo for proof).
  5. If you have to Cancel a match do it 24 hours before so your host doesn’t waste food. It’s only polite.
  6. Enjoy your games!

You know it’s good when you hear the wood !





Summer League: Provisional fixtures/Comps available

We’ve published a provisional Section Fixtures and final (!) Competition Fixtures list on the website so you can plan your matches. We have some minor changes in the comps on the main league sheet (so use the separate comp fixture list) but the printers will be producing the final A3 sheets and the new scorecards this week and we’ll get the packs to your venues as soon as we can. This year’s sponsor is Dyno heating and plumbing and you’ll have a special surprise in your fixture packs!


Note we have a new Dolly Recorder this year in Vic Pratt and it’s his address on the new scorecards so please make sure you use them (they have a Wantage address).

SECRETARIES: if you’ve not logged in to make sure your credentials are still valid to enter scorecards please do so and contact us if you have problems so we don’t get a rush in the first week ! You can make sure you can reset your own passwords by ensuring you have a valid email address on your profile – that way you can use the password reset function. Thanks!