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This post category is for match reports for Summer League matches. In the future, it will be updated automatically with match results after they are entered into the database by team captains.

Summer League: Week 1 and 2 Results

Week 1

Total Over_14s
14 Dave Hudson 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 1

Sixers: Sam Higgs (Waggon & Horses C)

Blobbers:Britford Jeeves (RAL-RECSOC), Colin Chung (Spread Eagle C), Kelly Forsyth (Wheatsheaf Didcot B), Matty Feates (Red Lion Drayton C), Pete Gibbs (Wheatsheaf Didcot B), Phil Wilkins (Bear and Ragged Staff), Sean Paul (North Star B), Steve Quantick (Wheatsheaf Didcot B)

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier Premier Abingdon UTD B 6 Spread Eagle 0
Premier A Spread Eagle B 4 Abingdon United C 2
Premier A Steventon Sports A 2 Tandem 4
A A Hart Harwell A 0 Berinsfield A 6
B B Abingdon Con Club B 6 The Grapes A 0
B B Berinsfield SC B 2 Chequers Charney Bassett 4
B B Plum Pudding B 4 SITV FC 2
B B The Vine 2 Red Lion Drayton A 4
C C Abingdon United D 6 Fleur De Lys 0
C C Bear and Ragged Staff 3 Royal Oak Didcot 3
C C Fox Denchworth B 4 Fox Denchworth A 2
C C Harwellian A 0 The Bell Grove 6
D D College Oak A 5 Abingdon Con Club A 1
D D Saxton Rovers 6 Wheatsheaf Drayton 0
D D Spread Eagle C 3 College Oak 3
D D Waggon and Horses A 3 Eight Bells Eaton 3
E E Black Horse East Hanney 2 North Star C 4
E E Brewery Tap A 6 Red Lion Drayton B 0
E E North Star A 6 Waggon & Horses B 0
E E White Horse B 2 Boundary House 4
F F Old Anchor A 1 Abingdon Arms A 5
F F Queens Arms Didcot 0 Berinsfield SC C 6
F F RAL-RECSOC 2 Brewery Tap B 4
F F Wantage Town FC 2 Ladygrove A 4
G G Red Lion Drayton C 6 North Star B 0
G G Sutton Courtenay FC 6 Black Swan Abingdon 0
G G The Croft Bar Peachcroft 4 Waggon & Horses C 2
G G The Grapes B 6 Black Horse Gozzards Ford 0
G G Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0 Plough West Hanney 6


Week 2

Sixers:  Dennis Cross (Spread Eagle B), edit Graham Brown (Spread Eagle)

Blobbers: Amey Lea Humphreys (Black Swan Abingdon), Ann Yates (North Star C), Arthur Carpenter (The Grapes B), Chris Judkins (Black Horse East Hanney), Hannah Donavan (Black Swan Abingdon), Jake Tuckey (Wantage Town FC), Kelvin Lewis (Wantage Town FC), Lee Pinnell (Waggon & Horses B), Malcolm Allen (Plough West Hanney), Niamh Brandon (Black Swan Abingdon), Nick Musgrove (Plough West Hanney), Nick Walsh (Waggon & Horses B), Sean McGrath (Black Swan Abingdon), Steve King (Waggon & Horses B)

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier A Spread Eagle B 2 Berinsfield A 4
A Premier Abingdon United C 2 Steventon Sports A 4
A Premier Hart Harwell A 2 Spread Eagle 4
A A Tandem 2 Plum Pudding 4
B B Berinsfield SC B 4 The Grapes A 2
B B Red Lion Drayton A 4 Plum Pudding B 2
B B The Plough Long Wittenham 4 Chequers Charney Bassett 2
B B The Vine 0 Abingdon Con Club B 6
C C Abingdon United D 2 Bear and Ragged Staff 4
C C Fox Denchworth B 6 Royal Oak Didcot 0
C C Harwellian A 2 Fleur De Lys 4
C C Wheatsheaf Didcot A 1 The Bell Grove 5
D D Abingdon Con Club A 4 Wheatsheaf Drayton 2
D D College Oak A 6 Eight Bells Eaton 0
D D Saxton Rovers 4 Harwellian B 2
D D Waggon and Horses A 2 College Oak 4
E E Black Horse East Hanney 5 Boundary House 1
E E Brewery Tap A 2 FMSSC Morning Star 4
E E North Star C 0 Red Lion Drayton B 6
E E White Horse B 6 Waggon & Horses B 0
F F Abingdon Arms B 4 Ladygrove A 2
F F Queens Arms Didcot 4 Brewery Tap B 2
F F RAL-RECSOC 0 Old Anchor A 6
F F Wantage Town FC 2 Abingdon Arms A 4
G G Black Horse Gozzards Ford 4 North Star B 2
G G Red Lion Drayton C 6 Black Swan Abingdon 0
G G Sutton Courtenay FC 6 Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0
G G The Croft Bar Peachcroft 6 Plough West Hanney 0
G G The Grapes B 2 Waggon & Horses C 4



User logon and Submit a Match Card

Its that time of year when I ask you to make sure you are able to logon to the website and submit a match card.

– Its everyone’s responsibility to ensure the card is online by Saturday afternoon following the match
– If the card isn’t submitted BOTH TEAMS forfeit the points
– If you can’t logon or have issues email any member of the committee or log a call on the helpdesk

If you contact us early we can sort it we have ZERO tolerance for no submission and contacting us after Saturday afternoon.

Good luck, I hope the calling goes your way and the 6’s are plentiful.

James Barguss


Summer League AGM – Monday 22nd January – Minutes

Summer League AGM was held at Abingdon United FC Lounge Bar

at 19:30 on 22nd January 2018

The AGM was opened at 8pm by Chairman James Barguss.

Minutes of the last AGM were summarised and accepted as a true record. See 

Team registration showed 19 teams represented.

Fox A Denchworth, Fox B Denchworth, College Oak A, Spread Eagle, Spread Eagle B, White Horse A, White Horse B, Hart of Harwell, Bell Grove, Abingdon Utd, Ab.Utd C, Ab.Legion@Utd, Plum Pudding, Berinsfield B & C, Abingdon Conservative Club & A, Stanford In The Vale FC, Wheatsheaf Drayton.

The Chairman was saddened to have to write on three occasions to venues because of player behaviour.  This is not something that the game needs. He thanked the Committee for their work and requested players to see what they can do to help the league. If a player has someone regularly asking about the game, and it’s difficult enough to explain it, ask them to come along and see for themselves and get involved.

The Treasurer’s Report showed a positive view of the funds with subscriptions, significant sponsorship and an anonymous donation for printing costs all making the league viable despite fluctuations in teams and players.

Motions & Rule Changes – No motions were received before the AGM although there was a proposed rule change and some Committee suggestions.


Mr D.Hudson (absent) requested clarification of rules 32 and 38. The meeting voted 14-5 in favour of a 30 minute practice session at the start of Finals Night and Presentation Night where games are played.

Mr G Brind (absent) suggested to reduce the number of teams in the top 2-3 sections and play all competitions on a Wednesday.

Mr S.Humphries (absent) suggested Competition forms not be returned until 2 weeks into the league start. He also suggested a Handicap be introduced to the 8s competition.

Further to Mr Brind and Mr Humphries suggestions the meeting voted 9-8 to introduce a trial of 8’s competitions on a Wednesday (all sections therefore getting a 2 week break and extending the league schedule)  and voted 13-1 for introduction of a Handicap to be decided by the Committee. 

The meeting also voted 7-6 for the competitions to still require named players rather than any registered player to simplify competition registration.

Mr R.Nichols suggested a reworking of the rules into Constitution, League Rules and Competition Rules to aid understanding and clarity. This will be carried out by the Committee ready for season start.

Election of Officers

It is the intention of Mr Stone to step back from full League Secretary duties (having served on the Committee for 12 years) after the season starts and although there we no nominations for the role Mr M. Ashmall donated some time to aid the Committee.

Chairman James Barguss
Vice-Chairman Reg Couch
Webmaster/ Secretary Paul Stone
Treasurer Roger Nicholls
Competition Secretary Tosh Woolloff
Dolly Recorder Vic Pratt
Roy Taylor
Scott Humphries

All existing Committee members were voted en block unanimously.

There being no Other Business the meeting closed at 9.05pm


Summer League: Finals Night Results


Finals Night was held on 13th September at Abingdon United FC with some great matches including a massive game for the Red Drive 3s with Dave Hudson doing two 6s and Dave Dix following with 6-5.

Pairs and Singles semi and finals will be played on Presentation Night 20th October 2017 at Abingdon United FC. Programmes on sale soon !


Eights KO Abingdon United B Spread Eagle
Tom Simmons 5s Abingdon United B Spread Eagle
Fours Spread Eagle Abingdon RBL
Red Drive 3s Spread Eagle Abingdon United B
Captain’s P.Longford Tandem M.Jarvis  Steventon Sports
Secretary’s J.Gapper Spread Eagle P.Ealey Abingdon RBL
Founder Members B.Duff

Abingdon Utd B

Abingdon Conservative Club A
MOST SIXES IN THE SEASON  D.Dix Abingdon Utd B 10 – doubling last year



Summer League: Finals Night Order of Play from 7.30pm

Abingdon & District Aunt Sally League

Wednesday 13th September 2017


Spread Eagle vs Abingdon United B


P.Longford (Tandem) vs M.Jarvis (Steventon Sports)


Ab.RBL (D.Sapey/P.Ealey/S.Champ/N.Hazell/(A.Druce)
 vs Spread Eagle (S.Humphries/G.Brown/M.Phillips/(J.Gapper)


Spread Eagle (D.Hudson/G.Brown/M.Phillips/(S.Humphries)
 vs Ab.Utd B (A) (D.Dix/L.Clapton/B.Parker/(B.Clapton)


P.Ealey (Ab.RBL) vs John Gapper (Spread Eagle)


B.Duff (Ab Utd B) vs D.Coles (Ab.Con.Club A)





Summer League: Week 18 Results

Sixers: Barry Smith (SITV FC),Michael Phillips (Spread Eagle)

Blobbers: Adam Kerswill (Black Horse East Hanney),Chantelle Randall (Fox Denchworth B),Colin Fox (Waggon and Horses B),Dawn Roach (The Plough A West Hanney),George Benfield (Brewery Tap A),Glyn Austin (Wantage Town FC),Jake Tuckey (Wantage Town FC),Joy Brinkley (RAL Sec Soc),LL John Blessing (Red Lion Drayton B),Mark Porter (Harwellian A),Pete Gibbs (Wheatsheaf Didcot B),Zak Morton (Plough East Hendred),

Premier/A Section – Spread Eagle B 4 – Steventon Sports A 2;Abingdon Con Club 1 – Abingdon United B 5;College Oak A 0 – Spread Eagle 6;Hart Harwell A 6 – Plum Pudding B 0;Plum Pudding 4 – Tandem 2;

B Section – Abingdon United C 4 – Royal Oak Didcot 2;Berinsfield SC B 4 – Fox Denchworth A 2;Chequers Charney 2 – Red Lion Drayton A 4;Fox Denchworth B 0 – SITV FC 6;

C Section –  Abingdon Arms Wantage 2 – Spread Eagle D 4;Eight Bells Eaton 0 – Fleur De Lys 6;Plough East Hendred 6 – The Bell Grove 0;Red Lion Drayton B 2 – Brewery Tap A 4;The Grapes 4 – Abingdon Con Club A 2;

D Section – Bowyer Arms 3 – Berinsfield SC C 3;FMSSC Morning Star 4 – White Horse A 2;Harwellian A 4 – Bear and Ragged Staff 2;North Star A 6 – Waggon and Horses B 0;The Plough Long Wittenham 4 – Wheatsheaf Didcot A 2;

E Section – Boundary House 4 – Harwellian B 2;Brewery Tap B 6 – Boundary House A 0;Crown Marcham 4 – Saxton Rovers 2;Waggon and Horses A 6 – Black Horse East Hanney 0;

F Section – Ladygrove A 6 – Wantage Town FC 0;Queens Arms Didcot 0 – College Oak 6;RAL Sec Soc 0 – North Star B 6;The Plough A West Hanney 3 – North Star B 3;Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0 – RAL Sec Soc 6;White Horse B 6 – Old Anchor A 0;


Summer League: Week 17 Results

As you know the League is sponsored this year by Dyno Plumbing & Heating and they are offering an exclusive discount for registered players of the league off the cost of all new boilers they install. From now until the end of the season they will be offering a 10% discount off all new boilers installed. The boilers come with a 7-year warranty and you’ll need to quote DYNOAASL17 when making an enquiry. This offer is open to all registered players of the League.   So give them a ring on 01235 523708 and get a great deal!

It’s that time of year when we need to collect the trophies and prepare for another Presentation Night. Please contact us is you have a trophy – we still have a few outstanding in highest dolls and some sections – please get them to your venue or bring them to Finals Night and tell us ! Email secretary @

Finals Night is on  Wed 13th Sept at Abingdon Utd. Presentation Night including Pairs and Singles Semi/Finals will be on Friday 20th October at Abingdon United.

Sixers: Adam Fitzgerald (Spread Eagle D),Nigel Weston (Spread Eagle B),Tom Lach (Abingdon United B).

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