2024 Summer 8’s Handicap Knockout Competition Fixtures

1st Round Ties to be played on 1st May

  1. The Bell Grove A vs Berinsfield SC A            The Bell, Grove receive 4 dolls per leg
  2. Ab.Utd@Con.Club vs Croft Nomads              No Handicap
  3. Bystander A vs Steventon Sports B                 Steventon Sports B receive 10 dolls per leg
  4. Abingdon RBL vs Abingdon Utd C                  No handicap

2nd Round (Handicap difference shown)

  1. Berinsfield A  vs Ab. Con Club (+6)
  2. Ab Utd@ConClub vs The Fox Denchworth (+4)
  3. Steventon Sports B vs The Bell Grove B (+4)
  4. Abingdon RBL vs Harwellian B (scratch)

2nd Round ties to be played by END OF JUNE on a mutually agreed date. 

8’s Handicap is 2 dolls per section based on league sections. 


2 Responses to 2024 Summer 8’s Handicap Knockout Competition Fixtures

  1. stuartw 2nd May 2024 at 19:53 #

    HI Paul

    Result of eights handicap knock out on wed 1st may between Berinsfield and The bell grove 2 legs to one in favour of Berinsfield.

    The Bell won first leg 20-17 Berinsfield won next two legs 19-17 and 26-20

    • Avatar photo
      Paul Stone 3rd May 2024 at 11:07 #

      Thanks Stuart – full results will be published tonight!

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