Summer 2024 Teams are ONLINE! Check your names!

We’ve now got all your teams online so it’s time for Captains/Secretaries to check the names to make sure they are correct so use the Team Scores report to take a look. If you find a typo (or a ??? on an entry) please email using Team Support to tell us the team name and player to be corrected and how.

If you win/runnerup the section we take the names off the league tables to put on the plaques so please check them now as a request to redo the plaques comes with a cost if it’s not as registered online!

You might be surprised at this but some registrations form entries are illegible! IKR ! Top Tip for next year: Fill in the registration sheet carefully while sober! 😀 

And while your at it check your LOGINS

Now is also an excellent time to check if you can login and if you are responsible for match card entry do check you can access the Scorecard online. You should see the match card header if you get logged in correctly. Scorecard entry doesn’t ‘open’ until Wednesday evening so you’ll see a ‘currently disabled’ message but this means you could enter a scorecard when we start. If you need the ability to enter cards then contact us via Team Support and quote your username/email address and we’ll set you up.

It’s very useful if your account has a registered email address which allows you to reset your password.  You can set this in your Edit Profile in the top right after logging in where it has your name.

Some of the old ‘team name’ accounts from when we started the online system don’t necessarily have email addresses attached. NOTE you can only register an email ONCE on the system, no duplicates are allowed even for different usernames.

If you have problems and to save time please quote your username and/or email address so we can locate your account and report any issues via Team Support. 

If you need a NEW Login contact us via Team Support.

Did you know…. that if you are logged in you can comment on posts?
They are moderated so keep it clean if you want to be heard. 

Let’s hope the weather’s good for the first Wednesday and remember….

You know it’s good when you hear the wood!

Paul Stone

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