Match Report Week 13

Game reports. 11/02/09

Old Masters scraped a 3-3 draw with College Oak with leg scores of 13-13,9-10, 15-11. For OM A.Woolloff 12, O.Gill 8 & G.Barguss 7. In reply for The Oak P.Soden 9, D.Cross 8 & D.Johns 7. That’s 5 points dropped in 2 games by OM.

3 man Fox drew 3-3 with Ab. Utd. ‘C’ with leg scores of 7-7, 7-6, 6-14. For The Fox R.Berry & B.Parker 7 each and in reply for Utd. ’C’ K.Souch top scored with 8 dolls. Utd. ‘C’s 27 dolls was their lowerst total of the season so far. Throwing like a clapped out Slovakian pole dancer Helen Harris had 2 blobs but did come good in the 3rd leg with a 3. C’mon boys she did say she does not like throwing anchor!

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat a spirited Penlon side 4-2 with leg scores of 8-13, 18-6, 12-11. For Utd. ‘A’ G.Brown included a 6 in his 11 dolls, B.Carter 10 & L.Clapton 7. For Penlon E.Jeffries 8 & T.Phipps 7. V.Smith could have caused the biggest upset of the season when needing 3 to win the 3rd leg & the match he managed just 1. Unlucky.

Ab.Con. Club beat Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 4-2 with leg scores of 14-10,9-14,9-8. For Con. Club D.Rusher 9, P.Stone & M.Haynes 8 each. For Utd. ‘B’ P.Mulford & B.Clapton 8 each & D.Davies 7.

Ab. Legion beat Spread Eagle 4-2 to round off an interesting night of results. The leg scores were 15-10, 10-13, 17-8. For The Legion N.Hazell hit a ‘bakers dozen’ – that’s 13 for the uneducated. M.Foster hit 12 & J.Driver 7. For The Spread B.Newman 8, S. Kinnaird & D.Bond (guesting) 7 each.

p.s. It’s the three’s first next week followed by the singles and every team has had an updated list, so no excuses for not getting here on time. Good luck to all.

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