Match Report Week 9

Game Reports 17/12/08

The Fox beat Penlon 6-0 with leg scores of 11-10, 13-9, 15-9. For The Fox B.Parker 10, D.Butler 9, G.Chambers & R.Berry 7 dolls each. M.Jeffries top scored for Penlon with 7. Penlon still looking for 1 st win of the season – keep at it lads.

Ab. Legion drew 3-3 with College Oak with leg scores of 14-13, 16-16, 10-19. For The Legion D.Sapey included a 6 in his 10 dolls, N.Tait 9, J.Driver 8 & M.Foster 7. In reply for The Oak F.Tracey hit 12 dolls – his 6 in the first leg came after he complained that the doll was to small. P.Soden, D.Johns, S.Enock & D.Cross all hit 9 dolls. The Oaks 48 dolls was their highest total of the season so far.

Ab.Con.Club caused an upset by beating Ab. Utd.’C’ 4-2 with leg scores of 13-10, 10-13, 16-13. For Con. Club J.Castle 12, P.Stone 10 & D.Rusher 7. In reply For Utd. ‘C’ S.Martin 10, A.Gregory 9 & K.Souch 8. Con. Clubs 39 dolls was their highest total of season so far.

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ retained top spot after beating Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 4-2 with leg scores of 14-6, 17-12, 14-16. For Utd. ‘A’ B.Carter 12, T.Ward 10, B.Spicer 9, G.Brown & P.Wright 7 each. In reply for Utd. ‘B’ I.Morrison hit 10 dolls. M.Davies throwing like an over weight race horse jockey with piles managed just 1 doll.

Old Masters struggled to a 5-1 win over Spread eagle with leg scores of 11-11, 17-10, 17-16. The Spread set 16 in the 3rd leg and looking good to take more points but T.Downes & J.Barguss hit 4 each to win the leg. For OM G.Barguss 11, A.Woolloff & J.Barguss 10 each & T.Downes 9. In reply for The Spread J.Bowler 11, B.Newman 9 & S.Kinnaird 7.

I trust everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. I bought my epileptic girlfriend a strobe light for Xmas. She had a f****g fit when she saw it. It’s the pairs tonight and I have no idea how it will pan out. I will do my best to get games played as quickly as possible and hopefully everyone will get a game. As I have already stated, don’t ask me what time you are playing as a kick in the shins often offends.

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