And so to Week 4 results round up……………

Well it the run up to the Jubilee and the extended holiday at least the weather was both drier and warmer last Wednesday and that led to some higher individual and team scoring in every section.

Topping the scoring charts were Paul Longford of the Plum Pudding and Alex Chamberlain late of Berinsfield, but this season playing for Abingdon United. Alex also laid claim to be the first player to hit two maximums in his 3 legs. Both Plum Pudding and Abingdon United benefited from Barry Townsend and Scott Humphries chipping in with a mere 13 for their high scoring side Plum claiming all three legs in a 6-0 win over College Oak for whom Phil Soden top scored with 13 dolls and Abingdon United drawing 3 -3 with Berinsfield A for whom Stuart Wilson with 10 dolls.


There were many double digit scores 18 in total, the best of the season so far and most notably 6 of these were achieved outside of the Premier /A sections. Also worthy of mention is Graham Brown’s first 6 of the season for the Prince of Wales Veterans against Croft Nomads for whom Titch Bell top scored with his 12 dolls, his best of the season so far

After 4 weeks of the season it’s good to be playing again and getting back into the habit on a Wednesday evening and although very early days the sections are beginning to take shape and already there is only 1 team out of 48 who have still to concede a leg.

I wanted to mention the newcomers and returners top the league this season we have  The Prince of Wales, Shippon,  Steventon Sports B, The Fox at Boars Hill, Hanney RBL, Brewery Tap and the Queens Arms Didcot all “new” 9r returning pubs and clubs who weren’t entered in 2019 so although we are down in numbers we do actually have some new teams…….. and, more importantly, an awful  lot of players who are new to the game and that’s great………….the challenge will be in keeping them so lots of encouragement needed from their teammates and opponents. Let’s all  remember that part of the attraction of our game is the good natured banter that we all enjoy!

On that note though a word of warning we do  represent our clubs and pubs so banter is good, bad language and abuse is not!

Unfortunately after 2 full weeks of all fixtures being fulfilled last week we lost a couple of games because of player shortages. 

So just a reminder you can still register players for your side simply through  registering their names via team support and they will be added to your team ahead of your next game.

Good luck to all for tomorrow’s fixtures.

If  anyone is still having difficulties accessing the website to submit match scores please bear with us, we know it’s frustrating and we are fixing individual problems, but if can’t get in if you send a photo of the card to me or via team support we will make sure it get’s posted! 







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