Section Representatives

Some months ago (at the 2024 AGM we raised the idea of having representatives from each of the sections to make sure that we, the Committee, could listen to the views, ideas and comment and criticism from those teams in the lower sections including all those new to the league who are not represented on the Committee and therefore may have things to say or do without the opportunity to get those opinions heard.

Section representatives are not necessarily formal roles. We know that every Wednesday there are conversations taking place  in many pubs and clubs over a beer or two at what the league could do differently, improve or just making suggestions to be considered. If we don’t have representation from each of the sections we probably don’t even know what, if any, players are thinking!

Section representatives are just intended to be sounding boards for the other teams and individuals in their section. Not elected nor needing to become committee members (unless they want to be!!)  they are just the eyes and ears of ideas as to what could be done to make our league better!

We often talk about the traditions of our game, but it is equally important that we seek to improve it,  to make it more relevant to a younger generation, expand our reach to a wider population, to find ways of making it more fun, but all the while still recognising the history, the traditions and the commitment of all the people who laid the foundations all those years ago and ensuring that our game is still both attractive and inviting to newcomers.

If you are even a little bit interested in becoming a section representative just let any of the committee know and we will be delighted to have you on board!

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