We need your help!!!

Abingdon Aunt Sally need your HELP!!!!

Currently we are adding your score cards into the new scoring system ourselves.  Its taking much longer than we anticipated so I’m looking for you to start doing your own.

As you would normally the winning team should take the match card home add both teams scores and POST THE CARD TO THE LEAGUE SECRETARY so that he gets it as usual on the Saturday after the Match.

Firstly you will need to register with the site and create a login and password. This video will help you do this.

Then you need to add the Match Card. This video will help with that.

**IMPORTANT** Make sure that you write on the card that you have added  it online yourself so that we don’t add it again.

Can you also check the spelling for your players on the online match card. Im sure that I’ve added some of them wrongly and need you to tell me which ones!!!!

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