Week 5 Results Important

Unfortunately due to my administrative “cock up” the week number 5 which had been updated earlier in the week was over ridden by me yesterday and I failed to re-set it before last night’s matches!! Stupid boy!


This means than any team results submitted after last night’s matches and before 7.30 this morning would have been recorded as week 4 NOT week 5, worse still the correct week 4 scores previously input will have been deleted.

All can be resolved and it will give me something to occupy my day, but I do need to know who submitted last night’s result before 7.30 am this morning so that I can move their result to week 5 and I will also need to re-trace their week 4 scores and input those again. Can all teams who had input scores last night or before 7.30 this morning please let me know so I can start putting things right!

For a day or so this possibly means team scores, individual player scores and league tables are inaccurate, but all will be put right asap.

Sorry to all of you affected!!





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  1. afudgie 8th June 2023 at 12:51 #

    Grapes a and b entered last night

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