Week 7 highlights

Well, I think I need to start with a story that proves that our game of Aunt Sally is a compassionate, environmentally aware, and respecter of our wild life! For the past 2 weeks the Royal Oak team at Didcot have selflessly given up their home advantage to their opponents because their throw has been occupied by a brood of young Robin chicks so rather than disturb the chicks they have reversed their fixtures. We may need a special award at the end of the season to recognise the Royal Oak Robins!

Some good news also about the legendary Barrington Parker, he is now out of hospital and although likely to be unable to wield his sticks for some time he was present at last week’s fixture between Abingdon United and Steventon Sports which Stevie managed a 4-2  win despite the unstoppable Dave Dix once again rattling off 14 dolls again for United, top scorer for Steventon Sports was Colin Brind with 11 dolls.

Elsewhere in the Premier Plum Pudding had Paul Longford leading the charge with 13 dolls in a 4-2 victory over the POW Shippon veterans and he was ably backed up by Ken Fisher with 11 and Terry Downes with 10 apiece. For the POW Jumbo Mott hit 13 dolls and Steve Martin 10.

Despite Alan Bell hitting 13 dolls for Croft Nomads The Vine were convincing 6-0 winners with Matt Dingle and Danny Hamilton scoring 11 and 12 in the Vine’s first “clean sweep” of their season to date.

Lots of good scoring both individually and teams in some of the other sections too. Anthony Humphries of the Boundary House in Section C and Gareth Thomas of Berinsfield B in Section D both hit magic 6’s in their games and there are not usually many 6’s struck in the lower sections and that is a tremendous achievement and I hope their team mates bought them a celebratory beer in recognition! Also worthy of note were double figure scores for Mick Christopher, Steve Weeks and Jason Black, for Jason that’s  double figures twice in his last 3 games for Red Lion C.

Finally and worthy of a very special mention is Andrew Shipman playing for Harwellian B in Section D he showed that anything Dave Dix can do he can at least equal because like Dave at Steventon, Andrew rattled 14 dolls off against Hanney RBL. That’s some achievement!

Good luck this week  to you all.

Enjoy, have some fun,  share some banter and try to remember nobody is trying whether it be you, a teammate or an opponent nobody throws to miss! It’s just that some of us can’t help it!!


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