Welcome to the Winter League


  1. The summer season came and went so quickly and here we are at the start of a new indoor season. We have the same teams as last season so you should know everyone unless we have any new players. I would like to draw your attention to the following points:-
  2. Would each team name their players for this season on the sheet provided and give it to me on 8th of October. No need for signatures just names will do. Any players wishing to sign on after that will be discretionary.
  3. Please support the competitions this year as we need every pound we can get. We have 2 years engraving to do this year.
  4. Please return competition forms to me with fees, no later than 22nd of October.
  5. 2 teams mentioned to me last year that they seemed to be playing a lot of their games in the 9-45 to 10-15 slot. As far as I am aware this fixture schedule has been used for a number of years with each teams number being drawn at the start of each season. I have enclosed the fixture schedule for you and if any smart a**e can come up with a more evenly balanced one please let me know. If you can’t – SHADDUP!
  6. Would those teams playing at 7-45 please ensure that they are here to start games promptly. Can captains make sure their teams are ready to play subsequent games immediately. It will save me a lot of ear ache.
  7. I will give you any relevant information as the season progresses, and if anyone has any suggestions or queries please let me know.

Good luck to everyone for the season



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