A few interesting bits about out 2024 league

As ! mentioned in my week 1 post we are delighted to welcome 56 teams to our  6 Aunt Sally sections for 2024. A few things that might surprise you about our league and what happens on Wednesday nights from May through to September.

  • With 56 teams that means that 28 venues will be hosting Aunt Sally matches throughout the season
  • 15 venues with two teams will host games on at least 16 Wednesdays
  • 24 other venues will host games on 7/8 or 9 Wednesdays 
  • 1 venue will play host to 2 teams every Wednesday and an additional team on another 8 because they have 2 throws!
  • We have registered almost 900 players for our 56 teams, that’s an average of 16 registered players for each team.
  • 26 matches will take place every Wednesday and that means over 400 players will be in pubs and clubs in our catchment area.
  • If only the 8 players from each side turn up and each spend on average £10 on the night that’s £160 of income for either 9 weeks (£1440 per season) or (£2880 for pubs and clubs with 2 teams!) For the one “lucky” host pub with 3 teams that income would be over £4000 over the season.
  • Of course we know that not everyone spends £10, some of us make up for that by spending more and lots of sides have more than just their 8 players especially at home venues.
  • The cost of entry for the Aunt Sally League is just £45 a year! Good value when you look at potential income versus expenditure!!

So if you or your landlord, manager or steward need re-assurance that it is worthwhile hosting an Aunt Sally team or two feel free to share these observations with them! It’s recognised that the income excludes the cost of all of the overheads including drink, staff and other overheads, but we suggest it’s still not a bad return for that £45 cost of entry and where would those 400 punters be on a Wednesday night if it weren’t for Aunt Sally!!



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