Match Report Week 16

Game reports. 11/03/09

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Ab. Utd. ‘c’ 4-2 with leg scores 12-9, 15-6, 12-15. For Utd. ‘A’ L.Clapton 10, G.Brown 9, B.Spicer & P.Wright 7 each. In reply for Utd. ‘c’ A.Gregory 8, S.Martin & D.Harris 7 each.

Ab. Con. Club recorded their first 6-0 win of the season. It was against bottom side Penlon and the leg scores were 11-9, 15-10, 11-8. For Con. Club the returning T.Barrett top scored with 11 dolls & D.Rusher hit 10. For Penlon T.Lach 10 & D.Bond 8. B.Timms guesting for Penlon threw like a severely frost bitten Siberian postman and managed just 1 doll.

Ab. Legion beat Old Codgers 4-2 with leg scores of 14-11, 14-9, 12-15. For The legion M.Foster 11, D.Sapey 8, N.Tait & J.Driver 7 each. For OM J.Barguss 9, G.Barguss, A.Woolloff & R.Lewis 7 each. This result saw The Legion leapfrog OM into 2nd place. (B******s).

College Oak beat Spread Eagle 4-2 with leg scores of 14-8, 10-13, 10-9. For The Oak F.Tracey 9, D.Cross 8, P.Soden & S.Enock 7 each. For The Spread B.Newman 9 & Connor ‘New kid on the block’ Crawford hit 8;

Ab. Utd. ‘B’ beat The Fox 4-2 with leg scores of 12-7, 13-11, 11-15. For Utd. ‘B’ I.Morrison 11, D.Davies 8 & B.Clapton 7. In reply for The Fox B.Parker 10, and their hide and seek champion D.Butler hit 7.

p.s. Next week it’s the Fives, Pairs & Captains Cup. Will start with either the Fives or the Pairs according to who can be bothered to turn up on time (sarky s*d). I will do what I can to get the games played as quickly as possible but need you to co-operate. Must get these outstanding games played tonight even if we have to play till 10-30. Good luck to all involved.

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