More News from the lower sections

Low down in section F no one wants the wooden spoon so when Cross Keys B visited Brewery Tap A for the return leg all  to play for. No matter about being top team just don’t come bottom, reputations are at stake. In the event the Tap played like men possessed with scores of 17-18-12,  probably would have taken 2 legs off a higher section team.  The keys replied with 7-9-7. Tops for Tap T. Benfield and H.Moore with 8 and R.Timms and K.Moore 7 landlord Matt weighed in with 6.  For the Keys M.Trower and M.Timms 7 and 5 Tap with 6-0 and retain their mantle of kings of Ock Street.

Section B.  Local derby clash in league for Chequers Charney Bassett v the fox Denchworth. In a keenly played match the points don’t reflect the scores in the game. To add to the excitement Steve Taylor one of Chequers players last season now plays for the Fox plus Steve Lamberts dad also plays for the Fox.  The Fox set the first leg with a commendable 19 Chequers folded with a meagre 12. Chequers set the second leg with a very good 17 Fox chased and clanged off 18 with the first 6 players, thankfully because the last two players both blobbed. Going into the third leg the Fox set 17 Chequers chasing going well with 12 from five players only  to leave  anchorman Mills to get 4 to win unfortunately he could only manage a 3 to go down 18-17 and lose the match 6-0 For Chequers S.Burge and R.Podd topped the dolls with 11 each and for the Fox B. Pert and K .Rolls scored 9 while S.Taylor and Cherill scored 8. Steve lambert did outscore his dad but scores were not good enough for a mention

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