News from the lower sections

When Abingdon Utd B visited The Spead Eagle B in section B on wed evening it was all to play for, winner would have a decent view of the winning post. After winning the toss Abg Utd B set 18. Spread chased well needing 6 dolls from the last 2  players. S Enoch could only manage a 1 leaving D Cross 6 to win, a brave try but fell 2 short on 4 losing the leg 17-18.

Surprisingly the Spread put Abg Utd back in for the second leg. Abg Utd took full advantage finishing with 21. The Spread folded only scoring 10.

In the third leg Spread again put Abg Utd in a very brave decision. Utd put 16 on the board. Spread fared better this time with 10 dolls with the first four and 12 with the second four to take the leg.

Final result 4-2 to Abg Utd B. TOP dolls for Spread M Bell R Nichols and D Cross all on 8, with Abgs unlikely hero D Jacobs firing his highest score of the season with 9 ably supported by his rear gunner from the North West Dave Harris also on 9.

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