Radio5 Live – Aunt Sally!

Last summer I spoke to one of the Didcot Women’s Institute (WI) groups about Aunt Sally explaining a bit of history and how to play the game. This inspired the AuntSallyTV video on the history which you can find here.

This week we were emailed from BBC Radio5 live to see if we can come on Gordon Smart’s late show to talk about the same thing after they were told about the game by a listener called ‘Jaqueline’.  They feature unique items local to an area each week. 

The Chairman duly obliged (after being volunteered by the committee, I tried to share the fame but there we are).

If you want to ‘listen again’ catch it on BBC Sounds at around 47 minutes into the recording.

Don’t forget Registration Night on 11th March and forms are online. If you can encourage another team at your venue or a new venue to join us please do!


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