Summer 2015 Week 6 Scores – 1/3 done and all to play for!

SECRETARIES – please cross check your scores especially when teams have dropped out of your section.
If you have players with mis-spelt names – these will go on the plaques as is! Please email the webmaster and I’ll change them! Next year make your registration forms legible !

NEW! – Hall of Fame –  the over 12’s ! Thought this’ll be fun to see and encourage those who don’t always get that elusive 6 !

D Bowler 4-6-5 (Red Lion A)
A Bell 6-3-5 (Fox Steventon)
A Pocock 4-5-5 (College Oak B)
B Moody 4-5-5 (Steventon Sports A)
J Simmons 6-2-6 (Spread Eagle)
M Phillips 3-5-5 (Spread Eagle)
N Weston 4-6-3 (Fox Steventon)
C Gibbard 5-3-4 (Stanford in the Vale FC)
P Leach 4-4-4 (Hart Harwell A)
R Dixon 4-4-4 (Bowyers Arms)

Sixers: – A Bell (Fox Steventon), D Bowler (Red Lion A), D Rusher (Fox Steventon), J Simmons (2) (Spread Eagle), N Weston (Fox Steventon)
: – C Herbert (Packhorse Milton), D Arnott (Old Anchor B Abingdon), M Mace (The Bell Grove), P Koster (Plum Pudding), R Selby (Red Lion A), R Wilsdon (Bear & Ragged Staff), S Dixon (Bowyers Arms), T Shepherd (Hinds Head)

Section Section Home Points Away Points
Premier Premier Berinsfield SC A 0 Fox Steventon 6
Premier Premier Steventon Sports A 4 Spread Eagle 2
A A Abingdon UTD D 4 Plum Pudding 2
A A Spread Eagle B 0 Hart Harwell A 6
A Premier Tandem 1 Abingdon UTD B 5
B B Abingdon RBL A 1 Berinsfield SC B 5
B B Plough East Hendred 4 Abingdon Con Club 2
B B Stanford in the Vale FC 2 Red Lion A 4
C C Abingdon UTD C 3 Hatchett Childrey 3
C C Chequers 5 Royal Oak 1
C C College Oak B 4 Fox Denchworth A 2
C C Fox Denchworth B 4 Bowyers Arms 2
D D Hinds Head 6 Wheatsheaf B 0
D D Plum Pudding B 6 Grapes A 0
D D Red Lion B 5 Fleur de Lys 1
E E Boundary House A Abingdon 2 Bear & Ragged Staff 4
E E FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 4 Black Swan A 2
E E Harwell RBL A 2 Wheatsheaf Drayton 4
F F Abingdon Arms Wantage 5 Abingdon RBL B 1
F F Brewery Tap A 4 Old Anchor A 2
F F Spread Eagle C 4 Harwell RBL B 2
G G Old Anchor B Abingdon 0 Red Lion Drayton C 6
G G Plough Appleton 4 Packhorse Milton 2
G G Waggon & Horses B Southmoor 6 Steventon Sports B 0
H H The Bell Grove 5 Berinsfield SC C 1
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