The History Section – Have you got any?

Trophies believed to be from the 2000 season. Note the wooden spoons and the plate which is probably the Sam New Memorial Plate*. (click to enlarge)

As you know, if you don’t please explore the menus, the website has quite a few historic photos, news clippings etc and having just got some of the old programmes (thanks to our President John Simmons and Brian ‘1988’ Clapton* -the covers are available for browsing) plus a couple of handfuls of new clippings (from Graham Brown). One clip includes a photo of the young Mr Martin Sheridan who was top dolls that year (year unknown!). 

Roger Nichols and I are also compiling our Roll of Honour which will list all the winners/runners up over the years – see Roll of Honour but bear with us as it’s a labour of love and currently incomplete.

Also with Graham’s items were some balance sheets from decades past.

I’m sure our older members like to relive memories and past victories even if playing is out of the question. Plus there are always those who are now overseas who can’t play or watch, until we get our Sky Sports channel of course. 🙂 

If you have any programmes before 1984 do get in touch (we are also missing 1998).

If you have old clippings, photos or other info you’d like to get rid of pass onto the League for scanning please get in touch.


*Brian Clapton, singles winner 1988.  Sam New Memorial Plate

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