Week 10 highlights and Sixers are back!

Well, after a couple of weeks without any 6’s being recorded, last week’s fine weather did the trick for some. Headlines this week go to an Abingdon United player, no not Dave Dix, but more about him later this week it is Michael (Moffy) James of Abingdon United C who recorded a magnificent first leg 6 in thie C section clash with The Grapes, a tremendous achievement Moffy!

So I guess it’s back to Dave Dix and yes, he did hit a 6 in his 15 dolls against Plum Pudding in the top clash in the Premier which United won 4-2. Dixie was ably supported by 13 dolls from Alex Chamberlain and 12 dolls from Scott Humphries.

For Plum Pudding 5 players hit double figures topping including Ken Fisher who scored the other 6 hit on the night in his 11.

To cap Abingdon United’s successful  night they then went on to secure their semi final place in the 8’s competition by defeating the Plum 2-0  in their second round clash. They will now play The Vine next month in the semi final of this competition.

Elsewhere in the Premier Section Croft Nomads had 3 players in double figures including Titch Bell with 14 his best of the season to date as they defeated Berinsfield 4-2 in a repeat of the result between the 2 sides on the first day of the season.

Week 10 also saw the first 3 players to pass 100 dolls for the season led inevitably by Dave Dix who has hit an incredible 119 dolls in only 8 appearances, Phil Adams has hit 102 and his Plum Pudding team mate Paul Longford  has hit 101 in pursuit of Dave.  They and all of the other hopefuls chasing the top doll score  will have to hope that he gets tickets for another one or two Wednesday night concerts before the end of the season!

The commentator’s curse obviously affected Harwellian B last week because they lost their first game of the season in the D section  against Abingdon Arms B. That’s the last of the unbeaten records gone at the halfway stage.

Finally an apology from me for last week’s cock up with the match scores that affected some of you. Entirely my fault as I didn’t update the week number before Wednesday evening which mean that the early scores recorded by the most on the ball teams wnt in as week 9 scores overriding the correct week 9 scores. All good now with a bit of rework and the help of a valuable and competent friend, Paul Stone! Thanks to Dave Davies for the alert which prevented it being  a bigger problem even if it meant me logging in after a few beers at 11.45pm. No problems this week as week 11 scores are ready to load!

We  have received no further entries for Competitions so watch this space for further news over the next week or so and remember entries will continue to be accepted until the end of this week for all comps and the forms are still available on line.

Enjoy tonight and hopefully we won’t have any weather postponements which might have been a risk had we been playing on Monday or Tuesday this week!


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