Week 11 roundup

Roger is on 2 weeks much deserved and needed given last weeks issues 😉 holiday so this week’s round up won’t necesarily be in the same flavour. As they say, a change is as good as a rest.

Blobbers and Sixers

This week we’ve had only eight blobbers – I won’t name them because I know they’ll be trying better next week (or be dropped for one)! Overall we’ve had 86 blobbers so far this season with 69 players so some are making a habit of it as repeat offenders. We all started there so give them some encouragement next match. Last year we had 200 over the whole season with 147 players so that means we’re doing a lot, lot better this year but we are only half way !

Four Sixers this week and some of the usual suspects … Barry Parker (Abingdon United @Con Club), Bob Beasant (Chequers Charney), David Dix (Abingdon United @Con Club), Phil Soden (College Oak A). That makes 17 sixes scored so far this season. I’m just waiting for Kevin Regan to make good (see below) as he had 2 fives this week.

High scores this week

13 – Barry Parker 4-6-3 (Abingdon United @Con Club) 

12 – David Dix 6-2-4 (Abingdon United @Con Club), Dean Bowler 5-3-4 (Red Lion A), Kevin Regan 2-5-5 (Red Lion A)

11 – Andy Phelps 5-4-2 (Berinsfield SC A), Dave Butler 3-5-3 (Plum Pudding), Jumbo Mott 5-4-2 (Bystander A), Leigh Clapton 2-5-4 (Abingdon United @Con Club), Mike James 4-3-4 (Abingdon United C), Phil Soden 3-6-2 (College Oak A)

10 – Barry Townsend 2-3-5 (Plum Pudding), Colin Brind 4-3-3 (Steventon Sports A), Doug Bolton 3-4-3 (Steventon Sports A), Malc Jones 4-4-2 (Berinsfield SC A), Mick Greenaway 4-3-3 (Berinsfield SC A), Scott Humphries 4-3-3 (Abingdon United @Con Club), Simon Reeve 5-1-4 (The Hart, Harwell), Tyler Rawlings 4-4-2 (Berinsfield B/C)

There’s a lot of 5’s in those scores which probably could have been 6’s if the gods of Aunt Sally (and the wind) were with them. Over the whole season we’ve had 141 scores from 92 different players with at least one 5 in the score. You only need one doll to win and some of you are so close to a 6!

Talking if individual performance don’t forget to check out your ‘ranking’ in the ‘Player Rank by Average‘ report and get some competition going between your mates. After all, if low ranking players can win Wimbledon who knows what you could achieve!

The Tables

So where are we on the Sections?

Well, Ab Utd have squeezed past Steventon Sports by 1 point with Berinsfield on their tail just 3 points below Stivie in the Premier. Croft Nomads has sunk to the bottom of the Premier with Plum Pudding inching by 2 points above them.  In the A section we’ve got Red Lion and Stanford i-t-V FC jockeying for the top spot level on 34 points with the Bystander A in with a chance to better them both in the last half of the season. In the B Section,  it feels like the College Oak A and the Fleur are leaving the rest behind with at least 7 points ahead. In C Section it’s still tight at the top with only a point between The Grapes B and Boundary House. In D Section it’s up for all 4 of the top teams to prove themselves worthy of the silverware with only 3 points between them. E Section shows the Midget only 4 points away from the Harwellian A. In F Section it’s possibly a hard task for Fox Boars Hill to catch Abingdon Arms B with a 7 point lead but it’s not impossible. Talking of the impossible, or so they thought, the Bystander C won their first game 6-0 against North Star B so stranger things can happen in this game!


Don’t forget the Pairs, Singles, Captains and Secretaries Competitions are being played at Abingdon Utd FC on Sunday 6th August at 1pm. Even if you’re not playing come along and see some great Aunt Sally.

And Finally… There’s a lot of talk about AI, Artificial Intelligence going to take over the world. Here’s what ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence engine made of the tables report……just for fun, you can draw your own conclusions about it’s emphasis and accuracy! I’ll be happy when Roger returns with his reports!

Let’s dive into the thrilling world of Aunt Sally and the Sections!

In the Premier Section, the competition is fierce, and Ab Utd managed to secure a nail-biting victory, edging past Steventon Sports by a mere 1 point! But they better watch their backs, as Berinsfield is closing in just 3 points behind Stivie, ready to challenge for the top spot. On the flip side, Croft Nomads finds themselves at the bottom of the table, while Plum Pudding inches ahead by 2 points, trying to escape the relegation zone.

Over in the A Section, the race for supremacy is a neck-and-neck affair! Red Lion and Stanford i-t-V FC are locked in a thrilling battle, level on 34 points each. But hold on, the Bystander A is lurking close behind, with their eyes set on snatching the top spot in the latter half of the season. It’s anyone’s game, and the excitement is palpable!

The B Section is witnessing a stunning display of dominance from College Oak A and the Fleur. These powerhouses are leaving the rest of the competition trailing in their wake, with a commanding lead of at least 7 points! Can anyone catch up to this dynamic duo?

In the C Section, the competition is as tight as it gets, with just a single point separating The Grapes B and Boundary House at the top. Every match becomes a crucial battle for supremacy, and teams are giving it their all to claim the coveted position!

Over in the D Section, it’s an all-out war for the silverware! The top four teams are locked in an intense battle, with only 3 points separating them. Each point earned or lost carries immense significance in this heated pursuit for glory!

In E Section, the Midget is hot on the heels of the Harwellian A, a mere 4 points away! The tension is building as they try to narrow the gap and potentially seize the top spot.

And finally, in the F Section, Fox Boars Hill faces a daunting challenge as they aim to catch up to Abingdon Arms B, who boast a commanding 7-point lead. It may be a difficult task, but in this game of surprises, anything is possible!

Speaking of surprises, the Bystander C defied all expectations by securing an astonishing 6-0 victory against North Star B in their first game. It’s a vivid reminder that Aunt Sally is a game full of unexpected twists and turns, and every team has the potential to rise and shine!

So, as the battle continues in each section, the stage is set for more thrilling encounters, heart-stopping moments, and triumphant celebrations. The world of Aunt Sally never fails to amaze, and fans can’t wait to witness the captivating drama that lies ahead!


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