Winter 2015-16 Friendlies & Fees


I trust everyone had an enjoyable summer and now looking forward to what will be the 35th season of the Winter League.  Just like to welcome any new players who might be joining us this season.  We will have a full complement of teams again although Spread Eagle ‘A’ may have an unfamiliar look to it.

  • We will have a night of friendly matches on 30th of September but there will be no rolls on sale on this night.
  • Would each team name their players on the sheet provided and return to me on friendly night or 7th of October.  Anyone wishing to sign on after this will be discretionary.
  • Please return competition forms with fees to me no later than 21st of October.  All teams will automatically be entered for the Fives Knockout.  Remember its £1 per person per competition. So that’s £5 f-o-r  t-h-e  f-i-v-e-s, £3 f-o-r  t-h-e  t-h-r-e-e-s,  £2  f-o-r  t-h-e  p-a-i-r-s and you should be able to work out the Singles.
  • Captains, if your team is on at 7-45 please ensure they arrive in good time.


7-45          Ab. Utd. ‘A’          v          Penlon

8-15          The Heathens        v          Ab. Utd ‘C’

8-45          Old Masters           v          Ab. Utd. ‘B’

9-15          Ab.Con. Club        v           Ab. Legion

9-45          Spread Eagle ‘A’   v         Spread Eagle ‘B’


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