Winter League 2021/2022 update

A.D.W.A.S.L.  2021-22 UPDATE

Hi all,

      With Ab. Utd. ‘B’ withdrawing from the winter league and despite my best efforts to find a replacement team we will have only 9 teams this season but at least we will be getting to play some competitive games again.  This means there will be a team getting a bye each week.

      We will have the following friendlies on the 29th of September.

7-45      Ab. Legion                 v      Ab. Utd. ‘A’

8-15      Croft Nomads            v      Spread Eagle

8-45      Penlon                        v      The Vine

9-15      Ab. Utd. ‘C’               v      Ab. Con Club  


      The Heathens have decided to let the other teams have a game but would ask if we could have say 10 mins practice to ourselves instead.  No rolls on sale this night but Sue will be doing the honours thereafter.  There will be further notes along the way but lets get playing again for now.


      Looking forward to seeing you all again.





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