SUMMER 2022

It has, for obvious reasons been very quiet on the website for several months now. Our 61st and 62nd years since the formation of the Association were memorable for all the wrong reasons, no formal matches or competitions, no leagues, for the first time since our founders created  the Association and in that 2 year period we have lost several friends many of whom were stalwarts of our game

optimistic and hopeful that this Summer we will have the opportunity to get out, play and enjoy our much loved game. So at the very least we have to prepare for the season ahead so that if we do have a “green light”, our pubs and clubs remain open, we are prepared and ready to go come May!

There are lots of things to do to get ready starting for many, many years. It also looks like we have lost for good some of the pubs and clubs who have graced our league because they have had to modify to maintain their livelihood and, we know that in some cases, that has meant the loss of space that previously was occupied by Aunt Sally pitches. As I write this we are in the midst of another variant causing mayhem throughout the country which still threatens further restrictions beyond Plan B!


Despite all of the continuing uncertainty we have to remain with holding our Annual General Meeting, provisionally arranged for February 21st (more details to follow in a few days),  hold our registration night, format our leagues , competition dates and entries etc etc and all of that takes time  It’s weeks not days of preparation required!

So, what we need to at this stage, is to organise our AGM, set an agenda, review and revise our  rules where necessary, and seek feedback from our member clubs as to what they want from us or ideas they want raised and considered at the AGM.  Most importantly, we want a season of Aunt Sally in 2022 if at all possible with as many teams and as many players new and old competing in the game we all enjoy.. In 2020 we had 60 teams and over 800 players registered,  unfortunately it wasn’t to happen because of Covid!  Clearly we think there will, be fewer teams and players if we do get off the ground this Summer, but we also will try to enlist new teams, new venues and teams and players including those who have previously played in the league and try to attract new pubs and clubs who have never thought of the benefits  opportunity to host Aunt Sally on a Wednesday evening, our game, which typically attracts a captive audience of 20 to 30 people spending money in the bar drinking and having fun for 20 weeks or so through the summer come rain or shine!

So let us have your views, talk to your mates, let’s make it happen this year, let’s not miss the opportunity of getting our game back by “waiting to see” if it can happen because if we do that we probably won’t be ready for a May start. If your pitch has gone there are lots of other venues who will be glad to offer you  their facilities as they have a spare pitch every other Wednesday or a spare “pitch” that isn’t being used at all. We can help to “find you a home”!

Finally, we really do desperately need some help on the Committee.

For the past 3 years there has been only 5 of us and that’s not enough! We need new (even old) blood to help us, bringing new ideas and energy to the Association, we will need new players, and most of all we need your commitment and ideas so we ask that you don’t just ignore this e mail, give us a response preferably via e mail or verbally however brief, throw us your ideas as to how we can build back after 2 years of near inactivity.

We will get our game back, but we need your support and we need people to offer to help, our Committee of 5 is likely to become 4 after the AGM and whilst all help will be appreciated what we are desperately short of is computer literacy so maintaining individual and team scores, league tables, website is a real challenge and although it makes life easier to do things “online” that’s only true if you know what you are doing! So expertise in this area is critical……otherwise we will have to enlist a couple of our grandkids and they will want paying!!

The winter league has been operating since October successfully and that is indoors, remember we, in the Summer,  are outside where the Covid risks are, according to the Science, much less transmissible.

Many of us did play last Summer all friendlies with about 10 to 12 teams taking part and whist we all were grateful there is nothing, even in Aunt Sally, like a bit of cut and thrust competitiveness, but what tells us is that people want to play Aunt Sally so



Feedback, ideas and thoughts please any way you want to give it and then we can give those an airing at our AGM next month!


Your 2020 Aunt Sally Committee

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