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End of the Season & AGM

Friday night saw the culmination of the 2018 Summer Season and as we move into the winter break I want to update you on the AGM date and give you some important news.

As usual the AGM will be on the last Monday of January which this year is the 28th starting at 8pm.

Those of you who were there last year know that long serving member Paul Stone will not be standing for re-election for the 2019 season.

I want to take this opportunity to inform you that I also will not be standing for Chairman either. I will continue to do some of the more mundane admin work but the Chairman should be more involved with the league than routine admin work. The league is in a good shape and sponsorship has been confirmed for the 2019 season by Dyno Plumbing and Heating.

The Competition Secretary is also standing down this year and will also need to be replaced. Please understand that they do need to be replaced. If you wish to continue playing Aunt Sally in this the 60th year then volunteers do need to be found. Understand that just assuming someone will volunteer is a sure way of ensuring that nobody will.

I hope that if you can spare the time you will contact a member of the Committee before the AGM to pledge support.

Many thanks

Your Chairman


Scores on the Doors

So, that’s it then end of the season.

Make sure you get the cards in by Saturday Morning.  Any card not entered online by midday Saturday will forfeit the points for both teams, potentially missing out winning the league.  DONT BE THAT TEAM.

If you can’t get online contact someone who can.

8’s Knockout teams will be contacted personally and playoffs if there are any will be Wednesday the 12th September.


Founder Members

An amazing amount of players turned up for the annual Founder Members competition, quite possibly the best turn out in many years with 23 making trip up to Steventon Sports Social Club.

On what was undoubtedly one of the nicest evenings with the warm and pleasant atmosphere matching the weather, almost every leg going from 3 sticks and 1 stick and then back to 6, play didn’t finish until 22:00!

The semi finals saw Dave Davies vs Tosh Wooloff and Jim Hamilton vs Brian ‘Laddie’ Moodie face off for a place in the final.

The final will see Laddie and Dave fight it out for the trophy



User logon and Submit a Match Card

Its that time of year when I ask you to make sure you are able to logon to the website and submit a match card.

– Its everyone’s responsibility to ensure the card is online by Saturday afternoon following the match
– If the card isn’t submitted BOTH TEAMS forfeit the points
– If you can’t logon or have issues email any member of the committee or log a call on the helpdesk

If you contact us early we can sort it we have ZERO tolerance for no submission and contacting us after Saturday afternoon.

Good luck, I hope the calling goes your way and the 6’s are plentiful.

James Barguss


8s Knockout 2nd round Matches

Congratulations to all the teams that move through to the next round.

The matches listed below are all to be played on Wednesday May 2nd

1 – Abingdon UTD D V North Star (Venue – Abingdon UTD)
2 – Plum Pudding V Conservative Club (Venue – Plum Pudding)
3 – Fox A V Abingdon UTD B (Venue – Fox)
4 – Bell at Grove V Abingdon UTD C (Venue – Bell)


Same game, different take

I’ve recently written a couple of pieces for the website. Mainly to generate some new content for the site but also because I was recently given some feedback over pieces I wrote a couple of years ago which made me think that it wasn’t just a couple of people reading them. Also one of the hardest parts of writing isn’t the writing but having things to write about.

Back in October 2015 I moved from Abingdon to Banbury. I’m not sure if you are aware but Aunt Sally is alive and thriving in Banbury, Bicester, Bampton, Wychwood, Chipping Norton as well as Oxford and Abingdon.

A new set of kit

A new set of kit

I’ve played Aunt Sally for over 25 years but never played outside of Abingdon except for a few inter-league games and the odd competition. So I decided it would be a good idea to sign for a local team and see what it was like playing for another pub. I chose The Easington on the Bloxham Road, Banbury because it’s walking distance!

After what seems like my worst season start (in 25 years!!!!) for both leagues I seem to have found my feet. Both leagues have an enormous amount in common apart from the game itself. Aunt Sally attracts characters, I’m not sure why that is but I can confirm it is the same in Abingdon as it is in Banbury. I suppose really it’s because you have 16+ men and women gathering on a weeknight invariably in the pouring rain to play what is honestly a pretty niche game with very little spectator appeal.

So what are the differences then? I should note that all of my following observations are anecdotal in nature. I haven’t spent any time researching the data nor am I about to. Take everything I say with a pinch of salt. So, in Banbury of the pubs and clubs I’ve played at only one had a hocking. Let’s take a minute to think about that. In Banbury they do not have a physical barrier to put your foot against or step up too. They do have a slab or a line clearly marking where you should stand but there is no physical barrier. I find that interesting. It means that in Banbury the cry of, Foot Fault presumably falls on deaf ears since you have no way of telling if they have or not. I don’t know if foot faults are specifically mentioned in the Banbury Aunt Sally rules but its interesting none the less.

One of the biggest differences between the two leagues is the calling sticking up relationship. In Abingdon the Home side call and stick up for both the home and away teams for the entire game. In Banbury it’s slightly different. Basically a member of the opposing team will call for the other team for one leg but the sticking up is done by a member of your own team. This means the calling is always done by the other team and you only call for one leg so reducing the time spent calling allowing you much longer for a beer and chat. Sticking up works by Anchorman sticking up for the first man on then once the first man has thrown the he follows the sticks down and takes the place of the Anchorman and so on. I really like the way this plays out mainly because it means you’re not in the shed for ages in the evening. This means more time for a beer which everyone can get behind!!

Another difference is the pitch length ! In Abingdon we measure from hocking to iron as the 30ft – in some others it’s 30ft to the base of the doll – an extra six inches that could make all the difference!  I didn’t realise this until about halfway through my first season. I believe this is a Banbury only peculiarity, though I would welcome anyone letting me know if I’m wrong.


2014 Summer League Silverware

2014 Summer League Silverware