SUMMER 2022 – Aunt Sally is back!

The Summer 2022 League is upon us and the Committee have been working hard to get ready for a new season…

WE START THIS WEEK on 11th May. 

Competition Entries close 30th May. 

8s Competitions will be played on THURSDAYS in June/July (TBC)

Founders & Legends (Over 50s Only) is on 14th Sept – turn up and play.

FINALS NIGHT 21st September

PRESENTATION NIGHT – 4th November 2022

Website Logins!

You may have a login on this site so that

  1. we can keep in touch with newsletters and/or
  2. to enter match cards if you are a Captain or Secretary

Please try your login NOW – especially those of you who enter match cards – you don’t want to get stuck when you win your first game on Wednesday!

If you don’t have a valid email address on your login you won’t get newsletters nor will you be able to reset your own password should you have lost it! So check your own account as soon as so we can make any necessary updates soonest. Login and check the profile in the top right hand corner where it says Hi!

You CAN register a new account but the email address has to be unique (and not used before) and as we have to vet these (you wouldn’t believe how many email addresses from abroad we get asking to register so they can try to hack our site) please make it obvious you are a genuine person or venue – or just drop a second email to Team Support so we can join you and the team up.

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