Winter League special bulletin


Sadly we were unable to complete the 2019-20 season but I’m hoping to at some point in the not to distant future and hopefully we can all get through this difficult time to do so.  Having had quite some time on my hands I’ve decided to come up with some stats to cover the 12 full seasons I have taken charge and kept records for.  These stats are from 2007-08 season til 2018-19 season.  If  lockdown goes on for much longer I may well add to it and if anyone actually reads it you are as sad as I am.  Until we meet up again , stay safe .

Total number of players involved


Total amount of games played


Amount of doll’s scored


Total number of 6’s recorded


Total number of blobs recorded


Most doll’s in total

    B.Parker     2,203

Most doll’s in  ‘A’ Section season

    D.Dix   222   2014-15

Most doll’s in ‘B’ Section season

    P.Barrett   177   2012-13

Most 6’s in total

    B.Parker   32

Most 6’s in season by an individual

    7   D.Dix   P.Adams

Most 6’s in season by a team

    12   Ab. Utd. ‘A’   2017-18   2018-19

Most blobs in season by an individual

    22   M.Ashmall   2011-12

Most blobs in a season by a team

    52   Ab. Utd. ‘C’   2017-18

Most appearances

    217   S.Martin

Most consecutive games

    157   S.Martin

People who have recorded the dreaded XXX

R.Holmes (3)   V.Smith (2)   J.Carter (2)   M.Putt   T.Lach


A.White   P.Stone   M.Ashmall   F.Tracey   N.Green   R.Burkett




If you have actually read down this far I hope you enjoyed it and in no way did I intend to embarrass anyone, you know I wouldn’t do that lol




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    Paul Stone 9th May 2020 at 12:09 #

    Fame at last! Well done Tosh.

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