Summer League 2020

Abingdon & District Aunt Sally Season 2020


It is looking increasingly unlikely well, actually impossible, in the current and ongoing  pandemic crisis that we are going to be in a position to stage our Aunt Sally season this year, our 61st as an Association and the first time that the league will not be contested. Our thoughts earlier in the lockdown were that we might be able to resume playing in July  and at least play half of our planned fixtures, but with the continuing extension of the lockdown and, in particular, the restrictions affecting both social  gatherings and the opening of pubs and clubs we now have to be realistic and cancel the 2020 season. Hopefully we will come back as strong as an Association and with renewed enthusiasm for our game in 2021! 

That leaves us with a dilemma as we have already collected entry and registration fees for 2020 and these were banked in the Association’s account back in February.


As a Committee we have agreed to give all teams a say on what we do with the monies collected and we have come up with 3 options.

  • We can arrange re-imbursement to each team of the monies paid by them. This would have to be in the form of a cheque.
  • We can waive 2021 league entry and registration fees for all teams next year  and  possibly reduce the 2022 fees by 50% £20 per team of 14 players to encourage teams back playing when life returns to something like normality.
  • We can make a donation of all of the fees collected to the NHS Oxford Charities in recognition of all of the efforts, stresses and commitment those working in the NHS have, and are still going through.

We are asking each team to have one vote each on their preference via their nominated Captain or Secretary and will abide with the majority decision from the 60 teams who entered the league this season.  

Each of these options are not ideal, the first depends on getting the fees back to the right people. It could be an individual, the pub/club landlord or steward, or everyone registered with that team. We have no way of knowing who actually parted with the money!

The second assumes all teams who entered this year will be up and running again in 2021 to take advantage of the no registration fee.

The third option is the easiest to administer, but may not be a majority choice as it only goes to one source.

We do want your views. We should have 60 votes to register and we do ask that you don’t just make the decision yourself ask your teammates and your landlord/steward if you possibly can, but please reply either to me or to Vic Pratt ideally by no later than May 31s, preferably by e mail. Our e mail addresses are

In the event that the restrictions ease and pubs and clubs re-open at some stage before our normal end of season (mid September) we encourage teams to start playing again via inter team competitions or friendlies and should it be possible we will even try  to arrange some of our team and individual Competitions perhaps over a couple of weekends late in the Summer.

Remember as well as we want to be playing again our pubs and clubs even more will need our support and our money!

Stay safe!

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