Summer league 2020 Update

Unfortunately and after quite a lot of soul searching regrettably the Committee have decided that like the league all of our planned competitions will be also cancelled for 2020. The reasons for this are quite simple,the Covid virus is despite all of our hopes clearly still with us.Despite the easing of the lockdown several of our pubs and clubs have still to reopen and of those that have it will difficult to maintain the guidelines particularly social distancing. there is also a genuine reluctance of many individuals to return to normality particularly time spent in pubs.That is not surprising as many of our players are classified simply because of their age and known health conditions in the vulnerable category.

We have not taken this decision lightly and we did consider several options, but on balance it was felt the right decision was to cancel this years league and competitions entirely. The only exception may possibly be The Founder members trophy where no pre – entry is required you just turn up and play at a single suitable location.We will look at the possibility of holding that perhaps on a Sunday in the latter part of August and will let you know.

Competition entry fees already paid will either held over,donated to an NHS charity or repaid to the entrants.Please could secretaries/Captains let The Treasurer know your preference by the end of July who  will be arranging repayments including to those  teams who have already asked for their entry fees to be repaid.Please also indicate to whom cheques should be made payable to as we have no record of who made payments back in February !

On a slightly brighter note we know that a few teams have or are arranging friendlies which is great and we are sure your venue is also delighted.In doing so can we please ask you to follow all the relevant guidelines relating to social distancing,sanitizing hands, equipment (dolls and sticks) regularly,ensuring track and trace is in place at the venues.You might also want to consider using a lazy doll, picking up your own sticks and giving food a miss !

Sod’s law that much of the summer so far has been really good weatherwise and cruelly it seems especially so on Wednesdays !!

Stay Safe,take care and lets look forward to all getting back playing together again safely in 2021

Your 2020 Abingdon Aunt Sally Committee


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