Summer 2015 Week 1 Scores

Final match scores from the online scoring system for week 1 (still missing some H section)

Note: if you disagree with the score please double check your card (you might have added up wrong, strange things happen with added beer) or there may be other discrepancies on entry of the scorecard.  Get in touch with us soonest if there are other issues !

Week 2 We’d like it quicker than this as we can only sensibly submit the scores for the papers if everyone puts them in on time ! We would normally email the papers on the Sunday to be in before the Monday publishing deadline……

Section Section Home Points Away Points
Premier Premier Fox Steventon 2 Spread Eagle 4
A Premier Abingdon UTD D 2 Berinsfield SC A 4
A Premier Hart Harwell A 2 Abingdon UTD B 4
A Premier Plum Pudding 4 Steventon Sports A 2
A A Spread Eagle B 6 Tandem 0
B B Abingdon Con Club 2 Red Lion A 4
B B Berinsfield SC B 4 Waggon and Horses A 2
B B College Oak A 0 Stanford in the Vale FC 6
B B North Star A 2 Plough East Hendred 4
C C Abingdon UTD C 6 Chequers 0
C C Bowyers Arms 6 Black Horse A 0
C C Hatchett Childrey 3 College Oak B 3
C C Royal Oak 2 Fox Denchworth A 4
D D Fleur de Lys 6 Abingdon UTD E 0
D D Hinds Head 2 Vine Cumnor 4
D D Wheatsheaf B 0 Plum Pudding B 6
E E Bear & Ragged Staff 6 FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 0
E E Boundary House A Abingdon 4 Harwell RBL A 2
E E Vine B Cumnor 4 Boundary House Abingdon 2
E E Wheatsheaf Drayton 2 Black Swan A 4
F F Harwell RBL B 3 North Star Steventon C 3
F F Old Anchor A 6 Abingdon Arms Wantage 0
F F Plough Long Wittenham 6 Abingdon RBL B 0
G G Crown Marcham 2 Brewery Tab B Abingdon 4
G G Packhorse Milton 2 Red Lion Drayton C 4
G G Steventon Sports B 6 Old Anchor B Abingdon 0
G G Waggon & Horses B Southmoor 4 Plough Appleton 2
H H Black Horse Hanney B 3 Black Horse Gozzards Ford 3
H H RAL RecSoc Rutherford 3 Wheatsheaf Didcot A 3

Sixers – D Dix, J Simmons

Blobbers –  A Norris,B Baker,B Pert,C Houghton,C Perry,D Arnott,D Stanley,D Wood,I Carnell,J Holt,J Jaggard,J Moxon,J Vaughan Snr,K McConnell,K Newbold,L Bennett,L Howard,L James,M Allen,M Banks,M Hadaway,M Whild,P Dryer,P Phillips,R Lambert,S Vaughan,T Taylor


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