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Summer 2015 Week 2 Scores

Didn’t we do well ! Most results are in! Must have been the weather !

Sunday lastest

Sixers: – P Ealey, P Barrett

Blobbers: – A Fudge,A Kerswill, C Aplin, C Smith, D Arnott, D De Silva, D Mcardle, D Moran, D Tunnah, G Noble, G Thomson, J Cummings, K McConnell, K Tyrrell, L Chapman, L Dallimore, L Dewar, M Gordon, P Ryman, S Hunt


Section Section Home Points Away Points
A Premier Abingdon UTD D 2 Abingdon UTD B 4
A Premier Hart Harwell A 2 Fox Steventon 4
A Premier Plum Pudding 4 Spread Eagle 2
A Premier Spread Eagle B 2 Steventon Sports A 4
A Premier Tandem 2 Berinsfield SC A 4
B B Abingdon RBL A 4 Stanford in the Vale FC 2
B B Berinsfield SC B 2 Abingdon Con Club 4
B B College Oak A 0 Red Lion A 6
B B North Star A 2 Waggon and Horses A 4
C C Abingdon UTD C 3 Black Horse A 3
C C Bowyers Arms 2 Royal Oak 4
C C Fox Denchworth B 2 College Oak B 4
C C Hatchett Childrey 2 Fox Denchworth A 4
D D Hinds Head 4 Abingdon UTD E 2
D D Red Lion B 0 Plum Pudding B 6
D D Wheatsheaf B 4 Grapes A 2
E E Bear & Ragged Staff 2 Black Swan A 4
E E Boundary House A Abingdon 2 Boundary House Abingdon 4
E E Grapes B Abingdon 2 FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 4
E E Vine B Cumnor 4 Wheatsheaf Drayton 2
F F Brewery Tap A 5 North Star Steventon C 1
F F Harwell RBL B 0 Plough Long Wittenham 6
F F Old Anchor A 3 Abingdon RBL B 3
F F Spread Eagle C 6 Abingdon Arms Wantage 0
G G Black Swan B Abingdon 6 Old Anchor B Abingdon 0
G G Crown Marcham 5 Packhorse Milton 1
G G Waggon & Horses B Southmoor 6 Brewery Tab B Abingdon 0
H H RAL RecSoc Rutherford 4 Grapes C Abingdon 2

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