2023 8s Handicap Knockout Competition

We had 12 teams entered into the Team 8s competition this year so there are 4 preliminary matches….

Don’t forget there is a handicap in place 2 dolls for each section difference so A playing Prem would have 2 dolls up to a max of 10 dolls for Premier vs Section F for instance.

Prelims will be played on 3rd May and the 1st Round matches on a mutually agreed night during June.

Handicaps, where appropriate,  will be determined by the Section position of competing clubs and will be confirmed once league sections have been published (late April)

Preliminary Home Away
1 Abingdon British Legion Fox Denchworth
2 Berinsfield A Steventon Sports A
3 Abindon Utd C Bell @ Grove
4 Plum Pudding Steventon Sports B

1st Round Matches

Match Home Away
A Bystander A Winner of Prelim 4
B Winner of Prelim 2 Winner of Prelim 3
C Ab Utd @ Con Club Winner of Prelim 1
D Croft Nomads Abingdon Con Club


2 Responses to 2023 8s Handicap Knockout Competition

  1. The Fox Boars Hill 6th May 2023 at 19:26 #

    What’s happened to the league fixtures?
    It would be nice to know who we are playing next week!

    • Avatar photo
      Paul Stone 12th May 2023 at 19:20 #

      Fixtures are now online but the packs have been at the venue the last week.

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