Captains/Secretaries – POINTS TO NOTE THIS YEAR

  1. Get your cards online asap. Whether you won or lost – see new rules. 
  2. Both sides take a photo of your completed card. Note that the idea of the card is for players/Captains to verify by signature that the scores are correct after the game.
  3. Put the Match ID on the scorecard which is given on screen when entered online, take a snap and post the card (with a stamp).
  4. If you lost/drew – check the match scores online with your photo and send an email in with ciorrection details (and your card photo for proof).
  5. If you have to Cancel a match do it 24 hours before so your host doesn’t waste food. It’s only polite.
  6. Enjoy your games!

You know it’s good when you hear the wood !




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