Chairman’s bits and bobs and Results should now be correct……

After Roger’s hiccup in week 5 I believe we now have the scores sorted so please check and email team support if you spot any mistakes remaining. I’ve slapped his wrists and he promises he won’t do it again. HOWEVER when you put the card it the week number is at the top right so let us know if you think its wrong. (Next year I’ll make sure the week numbers are on the fixture list).

We’ve also caught up with previous forfeits for teams not turning up on the night. We’ve always said that it’s courteous, because the home team provides food, to give AT LEAST 24hours notice to the home team if you are going to forfeit a game (and hence lose 6 points).  There is of course the option to play on another night (in effect rule 14 although strictly for rained off games)  – contact team support if this is an option for you – we’d rather you play a game than miss it. 

We have also removed the Black Swan from the F Section – there was only one ‘game’ which was a forfeit anyway. It’s shame because the Black Swan was where the league started in 1960 – see Basil Collins The First 30 Years

On another note we have had a couple of enquiries to see if we have a portable pitch to hire out for fetes, weddings etc. If anyone has any ideas of where or how to get one built please get in touch.  For information we did look at having a ‘stand’ at the Abingdon event in the Abbey grounds but they said we couldn’t play the game without our own public liability insurance. Having a portable pitch would probably absolve us from that liability (TBC).

Some old players will know we used to name (and put them in the Oxford Mail etc) the blobbers – those with X-X-X or zero, zilch, nada dolls. Just to let you know over the weeks so far we have 49 blobbers some are repeat offenders and one in the A section so a bad week can affect anyone! Just keep playing and the accuracy and consistency will come, that’s what I tell myself anyway.

For information here are the Sixers so far this season

Darren Holmes 2-6-2 (Abingdon United @Con Club) - Week 3
Dave Harris 1-6-4 (Prince Of Wales Shippon) - Week 1
Garry Gibbard 2-6-3 (Stanford in the Vale FC) - Week 2
Geoffrey Lee 4-6-4 (Berinsfield SC A) - Week 6
Jumbo Mott 6-3-5 (Bystander A) - Week 6
Matty Cook 6-3-2 (Boundary House) - Week 6
Scott Humphries 5-2-6 (Abingdon United @Con Club) - Week 1

Don’t forget if you want a bit of friendly player to player competition take a look at the Player Rank by Average score sheet. See if you’re in the top 10, 50, 100, 300….!

Talking of Competitions if you want to have a late entry GET IN TOUCH AS SOON AS because the comps are on Sunday 25th June. 

AND FINALLY… we have a new Facebook page so check out 

We are one third of the way through the season so lets hope for good throwing weather and higher scores.


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