Chances of Getting 18

Due to the fact the Wednesday night was a complete wash out, not just for me but team wise the performance was pretty lacklustre. I got to thinking the other day about the chances of getting 18. I suppose you can call it the holy grail of the Aunt Sally world.

Lets face it hitting all 18 sticks is not something I think I’m ever going to have to worry about, it’s completely out of my league. It’s certainly not something you can think “I might get lucky” it’s just not going to happen.

There are literally a handful of players that can claim to have done it and had it confirmed by a 3rd party. All except one are from Oxford, one of whom has done it twice. I’m not one for researching however I’ve tried to get some clarification on this.

There is a possibility that I’ve missed someone so please I’d love to add more to this list.


Doug Califano


Phil Adams

Kevin Giles (Twice)

Den Sellers (youngest when he did it)

We all know someone who has had 17 in league or competition, or even 18 in practice. But to have done it during a game, it’s epic to think of. You know they didn’t do it on pure luck or by accident, though certainly that may have had a part to play. That score was achieved by skill without a doubt.

Considering my abysmal throwing on Wednesday night what would I happy with?

What would you be happy with? When you get home and your significant other says, “How did you get on”? What number is it that changes your mind from “I was crap” or “I did alright” or even “I threw well” Does that number go up or down depending on the circumstances of the throw or how well you are playing?

Personally I always think I want a minimum of 3 a leg, I’m happy with that. In fact if I could end up with 9 per game for 18 games (162) I’d be very happy but I’m sure that maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself.

Perhaps what I need to do is look at what I got total for the last year and work out what my actual total is and aim to beat that. Easy to do as the results are online. So my average is 7.5 dolls a game. Not my best year again if I’m honest. So looking at this winter season anything above 136 for the season and I’ll be happy. I’m never happy with a throw I don’t know if that’s because I’m competitive in all that I do. Sure if I get a 6 I’m over the moon no doubt. You’ll often hear me muttering I could’ve got one more or that should have been 4 or 5. It’s like some sort of compulsion I always want one more. Quite often during a game I think I wish I could have that throw again, or if I just had one more throw I know I could do better.

As someone wiser than me said “you’re only as good as your last throw” but then with equal measure “no one cares about that last throw, it’s this one that counts”


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