Competition Sunday – 3s/4s/5s Results

The scorching hot and breezy Sunday afternoon saw the 3’s, 4’s, 5’s Competitions take place at Abingdon United Football Club.

The Chairman proudly announced that with the Honorary President role agreed at the AGM in January Mr John Simmons accepted the appointment. John’s deep-rooted connection to Aunt Sally, much like his father Tom Simmons before him, added a touch of legacy to the event.  The Tom Simmons trophy for the 5’s competition is the one that we were playing for today.

With four teams bringing 18 sides to the competitions we kicked off with the 3’s.

3’s Competition

With 8 sides in the 3’s a straight 4 games got us to the semifinalists. Kicking off with a luck of the draw Plum Pudding A vs Plum Pudding B the A side won 9-6, 7-6.

Next Abingdon United B saw off a hard fighting Berinsfield A to 3 legs and a 3 stick decider with scores 6-5, 4-6, 7-7 and 4-3 in 3 sticks.

Croft Nomads also got themselves to play with and the A side winning 7-3, 3-2.

Abingdon Utd A side also took out Berinsfield B with straight 7-1, 2-1.

On to the semifinals and Plum A took Ab Utd B a straight 2 legs with 8-7, 9-2.

Ab Utd A then took the Croft A to 3 legs to win 7-9, 5-4, 7-6.

The Summer Breeze, unlike the song, provided an unexpected challenge for players. The gusts played tricks on even the most precise sticks, sometimes veering a whole foot or more to the left during doll approach. It added an extra dimension of excitement to the proceedings you could say.

4’s Competition

On to the 4’s and 6 teams meant 2 preliminary games first of which was Croft vs Plum B which Croft won 4-3, 8-5. Second prelim saw Ab Utd A beat Plum A 12-10, 8-7.

Croft Nomads then went on to secure their final place beating Ab Utd B over 3 legs 6-5,9-10,12-10. Utd were not out to though with their A side seeing off Berinsfield A with a 2 leg 3 stick decider of 7-6,12-12, and 6-5 in 3 sticks.

5’s Competition

With a short break to refuel with scrumptous pizza (thanks Roger) the 5’s had 4 teams to go straight into semi finals.

First off Plum Pudding beat the Croft 11-3, 18-11 and just when we thought we only have a couple of fives as the highest individual score, like buses, two 6’s arrived by Plum’s Phil Adams and Barry Townsend in the second leg leaving the crowd in awe and delight.

Ab Utd then saw off Berinsfield 14-13, 11-10 to get their place in the final.


So the next competitions are the Captains, Secretaries, Singles and Pairs which are on the Sunday 6th August.

Finals Night on the Wednesday 13th Sept will therefore have the following teams.

3’s – Plum Pudding A vs Abingdon Utd A

4’s – Croft Nomads vs Abingdon Utd A

5’s – Plum Pudding vs Abingdon Utd A

8’s – still all to play for.

And the finalists from the Captains and Secretaries being played this month.

The pairs and singles semis/final will be played on Presentation Night in November promising an unforgettable evening of sporting excellence.

And finally, Thank You…

In the world of Aunt Sally, where remarkable shots and near-impossible feats unfold, we encountered today dolls lying flat on the swivel and even one that seemed to defy gravity, standing on its head! Not to mention the dolls that teased us, tantalizingly wobbling, evading our efforts despite being kissed, caressed, and scraped. It truly is a funny old game!

A special thanks goes to Brian Clapton for meticulously preparing the dolls, ensuring they were “match fit.” We also extend our appreciation to the unsung heroes who willingly stepped in to call and stick up without being asked. The committee deserves a round of applause, particularly Roger Nichols, the Treasurer and Doll Secretary, for flawlessly organizing the competitions (and pizzas), and Claire Foster (along with her husband Alan) for lending her PA system, saving precious vocal cords and providing invaluable assistance with scoring and note-taking for this update. Also a heartfelt thank you to Roy Taylor for his unwavering presence—because you can never have too many committee members, as one might be needed at any moment! Last but not least to the bar staff and Abingdon United FC club for hosting us.

Lastly, we extend our gratitude to the players and teams whose spirited participation made these competitions a true joy. Throughout the fierce battles, not a single cross word was heard, a testament to the camaraderie and sportsmanship on display.

Now, let’s keep the excitement alive! Let’s discuss ways to encourage even more participation in these captivating competitions. Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with the Committee during the upcoming AGM in January or at your earliest convenience!

Thank you once again, and we eagerly anticipate seeing you on August 6th!


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