Late News-Tonight’s Founders & Legends Competition and Captains Final

Despite the appalling weather today. the likes that we haven’t seen since week 12 the Committee has agreed that tonight’s Competitions taking place at Abingdon Conservative Club will go ahead. 

other options have been considered in the last couple of hours including switching the Competition indoors, postponing, cancelling and holding over the 2023 Founders & Legends Trophy until early 2024.

For one reason or another none of these options were either possible or considered feasible so in the best of Aunt Sally traditions we have decided to “grin and bear it” so bring along your waterproofs and umbrellas and make the most of the final Competition of the season!

We appreciate that today’s weather will affect entries, but we are a hardy lot and maybe there will be enough entries to make tonight’s Competition, as always, a really competitive evening.

Timescales will be as already stated with the re-arranged Captains Final first on at 7.15pm after the draw has been made for the Founders.

Where necessary (and assuming possible) we will take a break between games if the rain is too heavy, but come what may we will get the Competition completed tonight!




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