Founder and Legends Trophy – 20th Sept @ Abingdon Con Club

The Founders and Legends Trophy is a knockout non-handicap competition for registered players over 50.

VENUE: Abingdon Conservative Club

START: 7 pm for Registrations – Practice from 6.45pm

Practice from 6.45pm to 7.15pm when the Captains final will be played before this competition.


Previously we had the Founder Members Trophy Sheild and in 1990’s Finals Programme we had this picture below of most of the participants of that year. 

This competition was revamped in 2022 to recognize that as work of the original founders of the Abingdon Aunt Sally League back in 1960
a considerable number of players have made a significant contribution and impact both on the Association and the legacy they have left to the game over the past decades. 

It is right to recognize all of those whose performances and memories are still recalled and spoken of fondly by those who played with and against them.

This shield was replaced* with new trophies kindly donated by our previous Chairman Reg Couch and entrance updated in 2022 to involve more players (under 50’s instead of 55!)

Click on the image to enlarge. 

* it was very large and would be too heavy with another layer of wood to expand it’s capacity.

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